Petition launched to stop Isle of Wight ferry travel being used for Covid-19 tests

The new petition calls on the Government to stop sending people needing Coronavirus testing across the Solent – in either direction

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A petition has been launched calling on the Department for Health and Social Care to stop sending people from the mainland to the Isle of Wight for Coronavirus (Covid-19) testing.

As previously reported by News OnTheWight, the Department for Health and Social Care would not reveal how many people had travelled from the mainland to the Island for Covid-19 testing.

Despite there being a local testing centre, some Island residents are also reported to have been directed to the mainland for Covid-19 tests, although Red Funnel say they requested to remain in their vehicles.

Stop ferry travel for testing
The petition launched by Mark Jefferies has already attracted over 600 signatures. It reads:

This petition is to stop people from being able to use the Isle of Wight ferries in order to have Covid-19 tests.

People have already been sent to the Island and were not allowed to stay in their vehicles due to the ferry companies needing 48 hrs notice in order for this to be implemented.

This has the potential for the virus to be spread to other passengers and should be stopped.

People should have a right to stay in their own vehicle if they are at risk of spreading the virus. Or are in a high-risk group if they contracted the virus. It is not always possible for people to give 48 hrs notice.

The government’s advice is “Before boarding a ship all passengers and crew should be asked if they have symptoms of coronavirus and should be refused travel”. This is not happening and needs to be implemented.

The petition
If you wish to read the petition in full or add your signature, you can do so over on the Website.

Image: engin akyurt under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 30th September, 2020 1:32pm



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7 Comments on "Petition launched to stop Isle of Wight ferry travel being used for Covid-19 tests"

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Spot on Mark!

The question is, why does it take you to inform the ferry companies and authorities they are breaking the law, where is our IW Council? Oh, I forgot, they are useless, and don’t give a jot about the safety and well being of islanders.


IOW council are only interested in business and promoting tourism nothing else, Safety and well being they haven’t got a clue it’s scandalous.


This issue that’s been going on for days could have been easily sorted.

Personally I would have asked Bob Seely to write a letter.

Rhos yr Alarch

At least if ferry companies are doing this, they need to take names and addresses of all passngers to feed into test, track and isolate, in the event of a positive test of someone on one of their vessels. This will in almost all instances involve two sailings as it is likely to be a return trip…

Benny C
Bob, let’s hear your views. Don’t be a Seeley Sausage, get out of your comfort zone and do some representing of your voters. Who knows , It makes a change and you might enjoy it. Make sure you follow the rules though. Whatever they might be today. Now let’s see, no more than 6 sausages from any one barbecue should be on a plate together. It’s ok… Read more »
Mark L Francis

Priti Patel is considering imprisoning all asylum seekers on the Isle of Wight, so this will pale into insignificance. How will that work?

Well well. Some months ago the News included my emails to the CEO of Wightlink asking for at least one ferry a day allowing passengers to choose to stay in their cars. His emphatic answer was “No”. Perhaps he might now change his mind? Incidentally I copied my emails to the PM Boris, Grant Shapps, and of course Bob Sealy our MP. Answer was there none. They… Read more »