Planning officers recommend approval of Red Funnel’s ‘Plan B’

Isle of Wight planning officers have recommended conditional permission for the development of Red Funnel’s East Cowes ferry terminal.

Demolition plans

Isle of Wight planning officers are recommending ‘conditional permission’ for Red Funnel’s planning application to develop their terminal in East Cowes.

Red Funnel revealed the ‘Plan B’ application after their proposed full scheme application was rejected by the Isle of Wight council planning committee in April 2016.

The Isle of Wight ferry company has said they will appeal the committee’s decision, but in the meantime planned to go ahead with a two-phased approach.

The paper
Full details, including the officer’s justification and proposed conditions, can be found in the paper below. Click on the full screen icon to see larger version.

Clicking on the blue text in the document will take you to the application details on the council’s planning site.

Tuesday, 17th January, 2017 12:08pm



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Steve Goodman

Planning officers recommending approval of a greedy damaging land grab rather than an improvement of RF’s existing eyesore site still doesn’t make it a good idea, does it?


The White Hart pub is an eyesore. I’m disappointed it’s not being knocked down….Maybe now it has a reprieve the owners will spruce it up a bit. Hope springs eternal.

Let RF get on with it, god knows we need the investment.

Steve Goodman

If god knows what we need, isn’t (s)he a bit too late delivering?

If investment is available, why can’t it be used to improve existing assets, like the pub and the ferry terminal vehicle areas, without needlessly threatening vital jobs, homes, and businesses?

Green Light

Hope for what? High quality jobs are already in place, the marine business which is established there should come first – not ruthless bulldozing of buildings and businesses which give the town its character – and income….

What investment?? People who believe that RF funnel are investing in the town are very mistaken. They have a great PR team I grant you … but the reality is that they are looking to invest in themselves and their business not EAST COWES. Figures that they have released with the latest planning application identify that they are forecasting little growth over the next 10 years ….… Read more »
Luisa Hillard

I am a fan of regeneration being completed in East Cowes but no one should be misled to believe that this application ticks that box, or that it brings any benefit to East Cowes, only loss of industrial buildings which currently provide local jobs.

Any ‘investment’ is in their own facilities, not community.

Even the government says that the future of the Island is in marine engineering.

Tracy Reardon
If this plan is allowed to go through it is by using lies from Red Funnel to sell a regeneration project that never existed. This plans objective is solely to provide for RF business requirements and this proposal does not seek to deliver the long term regeneration of East Cowes that was falsely promised. Bully boy tactics should never be allowed by one large business to the… Read more »

Did anyone take any notice of any people’s objections?


I cannot see any benefit to travellers from Red Funnel’s proposal. Ferries will not run more frequently so what will it achieve other than turning East Cowes into a giant car park. This just seems to be a “land grab”, presumably for financial gain in the future.


Dave, I agree. There does not appear to be any intention by Red Funnel to increase either the speed or frequency of their sailings as a result of this development


Did they ever say they would increase the frequency or speed of the crossings then? As someone who uses Red Funnel every day to commute for work I’d be interested to see such details.


No – that’s the point. S where is the benefit to IOW?