Plans for 16 new properties on derelict former farmland

A ‘modest financial contribution’ would be made towards off-site affordable housing and a strip of land available for the West Wight Greenway (cycle track)

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Part of a former dairy farm on the edge of Thorley and Wellow could host 16 new properties and provide land for the much-talked-about cycle path from Newport to the West Wight.

The site for the homes at Lee Farm on Wellow’s Main Road would see a number of barns and storage building would be demolished.

Submitted by current Yarmouth mayor Steve Cowley and his company, Cowley and Cowley, the development would have six two-bed, nine three-bed and one four-bed houses built to reflect a farmhouse and its surrounding buildings, according to planning documents.

Derelict site
Agent, Andrew White Planning Consultancy, says the farmyard site has been derelict and the barns and buildings are in various states of repair.

Lee farm planning application

Despite some of the proposed area being farmland, all of the site is technically previously developed, or brownfield, land as determined by the Planning Inspectorate.

Mr White said,

“Although Wellow is not a particularly sustainable location for new housing, there is a clear requirement for local community housing in this area and delivering this on land that has been developed would be of benefit to the local area.”

Land for the cycle track
Sitting on the edge of Wellow and Thorley, the applicants say they would  make a 1.75km strip of land available for the West Wight Greenway (cycle track) while also proposing to undertake the work associated with delivering surfacing, fencing and gates.

Aerial view of Lee Farm from Google Maps
Aerial view of Lee Farm from Google Maps

Housing developments on the Island, which provide more than ten houses, either have to provide a proportion of properties as affordable or contribute payment to put affordable housing elsewhere.

A ‘modest financial contribution’ towards off-site affordable housing
Mr White says, through the findings of a viability report, the development should be able to make a ‘modest financial contribution’ towards off-site affordable housing.

A bungalow already built at the site is included in the plans, changing the use from a holiday dwelling into a permanent home.

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You can view proposals, 21/00684/FUL, on the council’s planning register. Comments will be accepted until 17th May.

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Rhos yr Alarch

I wonder why this land is characterised as “derelict” rather than “fallow” or “re-wilded”….?

Sally Perry

It’s the language used by the planning agent I believe.


Apparantly the owners (Cowley and Cowley) will give the old railway track through the land to the IW Council for the cycle way if they get the planning permission.

Walter Sobchak

In the words of modern parlance, ‘a realistic deliverable quota for a rural setting’. Hopefully it will focus the minds of other local developers to stick to promoting sustainable farming practices and tending herds of furry animals.