Plans for Modernist houses on site of Harcourt Sands

Outline planning permission was granted to build 128 houses and a hotel on the site, but with a new developer involved plans have now changed

Modernist plans for Harcourt Sands

Work could finally start soon at Ryde’s blighted Harcourt Sands as new applicants apply for a change in plans.

The project is now being taken forward by K-Haus Limited which is seeking permission from the Isle of Wight Council to vary the road and plot layout, to ‘provide a more deliverable proposal’.

In planning documents, agents Pegasus Group, said an alternative model for development of the site is being pursued which would see prefabricated houses built, following the designs of a German system to be sustainable.

‘Modernist seaside approach
The new-look of 14 flat-roofed houses has been described as a ‘modernist seaside approach’ by architects Chassay and Last which will provide views across the Solent towards Portsmouth from balconies and rooms designed to ‘enjoy the landscape and the benefits of sea air’.

Modernist plans for Harcourt Sands

It is intended the first phase of development, which would be on the edge of the estate which meets Puckpool beach, would be ‘the exemplar’ and three of the 14 houses would be used as show homes.

Modernist plans for Harcourt Sands

Demolition has begun
In the past few weeks, work on the site has seen the demolition of the swimming pool.

If the application is approved, the developers have said it will commence works as early as possible this year.

RTC: Calls for new application
Ryde Town Council has said while it appreciates the need to develop the site, the proposed design of the building may not be appropriate and may affect the seascape.

Site of former Harcourt Sands

It also suggests a new application should be submitted as the proposals deviate so much from the approved plans.

Nettlestone and Seaview Parish Council has also objected to the plans saying it will lack economic development in the local area.

Outline planning permission was granted in April 2016 to build 128 houses on the former Ryde holiday park, in a mix of one, two, three and for bed properties, as well as a 63-bed hotel or 15-holiday units.

Modernist plans for Harcourt Sands

The first phase of the plan, to build 35 of the houses, gained further approval in October the same year, with physical work to clear the site starting in 2018.

By the time work started on the site, the original applicants ZeroC had ‘withdrawn its interest’ in developing the site.

Have your say
To view the application, 20/02180/RVC, you can view the council’s planning portal. Comments on the proposals will be accepted until 26th February.

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I think the houses look great. We need more kit houses that don’t take forever to build and are highly insulated .

Ryde Town Council are right – this is a very large change from the accepted plans and should be resubmitted. I understand that the hotel was a stumbling block for a lot of developers, but this is too far the other way. 14 families with a bit of money, but that won’t really make much improvement to Ryde or Seaview. It gets rid of Harcourt Sands, but… Read more »
Mark L Francis

There is a series of youtube videos called “Abandoned Wight”. At least “abandoned holiday camp” can come off this depressing list. It also features abandoned castle, prison, hotels, village, fort, giant boot etc etc. was beginning to thib=nk the whole place was going to be on it

Rhos yr Alarch

They look fine on paper, but not sure they will still do so after a few years of being pounded by the weather? Also, is there any news on any repairs to the old lodge cottage in the corner next to the Dell cafe…?


They look like holiday homes, they’ll be bought as holiday homes, they’ll be used as holiday homes. Perhaps we should rename the whole stretch of coast between Seaview and Ryde ‘Holdayhomeville’. Just to avoid any confusion with a real, viable, living community.


Why persist in designing houses in this country with flat roofs?


oh dear. Almost as attractive as those houses at the Wishing Well site then. Stick some ugly square blocks of lump in a prime stretch of coast


Bet these eyesores have equally eye-watering prices. I know many rich people have notoriously bad taste but I think these monstrosities might be pushing things a bit too far.

Benny C
Try living in one for a week. I rented Chert, the listed National Trust modernist house (listed grade 2) in St Lawrence a while back, after a long wait ( there was quite a considerable waiting list) . I wanted to see if they were any good – at the time I thought exactly like you. After a week I was converted. As a home they are… Read more »