Police charge teenager for multiple offences following Sandown and Newport incidents

The 14 year-old has been charged with a number of offences including assault by beating, common assault, criminal damage, using threatening, abusive, or insulting words or behaviour to cause harassment, alarm, or distress.


Police share this latest news. Ed

Officers investigating two separate incidents in Sandown and Newport have charged a 14 year-old boy.

Sandown Pier
On Wednesday 26 December between 6pm and 7pm a number of young people were reported to be causing problems on Sandown Pier, a staff member was assaulted and a glass door was smashed.

Newport Co-op
On Friday 28 December between 9 and 10pm a group of young people were reported to be throwing around signage and baskets at the Co-Op on Pyle Street in Newport. Staff were also verbally abused.

Officers have now charged a 14 year-old boy from Sandown in connection with both incidents. He has been charged with:

  • Two offences of assault by beating
  • Common assault
  • Criminal damage
  • Using threatening, abusive, or insulting words or behaviour to cause harassment, alarm, or distress
  • Possession of an offensive weapon in a public place

He has been remanded to appear at Isle of Wight Magistrates Court today (Wednesday 16 January).

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Wednesday, 16th January, 2019 2:14pm


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11 Comments on "Police charge teenager for multiple offences following Sandown and Newport incidents"

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Hope they don’t punish him too harshly…not


The government needs to bring back the ” Short Sharp Shock” Those who had it will know what I mean. I had it in my teens and it straightened me out.


No chance in this bl**dy Nanny State… Let’s start at the beginning… corporal punishment in schools… then maybe National Service… I pity the young generations and the families that have to bring them into this world :(

Mark L Francis
I was caned at Grove Road Junior School for such offences as being late in changing from games, not finding my exercise book in time etc. by a Miss Wheeler. She was about my age now and I was 8 and she evidently hated me for knowing more than she did. Obviously she is dead now. If she was not I would prosecute her even now. In… Read more »

Let the punishment fit the crime

the auditor

Good case for name and shame and a day in the stocks in Newport and in Sandown


How’s about parental culpability..?

If the parents were held responsible for this ‘minor’ and faced criminal charges as a result of the child’s actions or were required to compensate / reimburse for the damages done, then perhaps we would see a step change in the behaviours of children such as this one..!


Not sure about that… Good idea, but often the parents are just as bad as their offspring… just saying…

Mark L Francis
Get a grip. This kid isn’t a serial killer, nor are these offences indicative of becoming a serial killer. What concerns me more is that when little tow-rags like this accuse adults of assaulting them (as happened to my neighbour’s son who is a teacher) everyone believes the aggrieved kiddie-winkie and my neighbours son was arrested & thrown in the cells until CCTV proved the “child” made… Read more »
Germany seems to have a good approach – Juvenile offenders are tried for the same criminal offences as adults, albeit with different consequences. Prison time is kept to a minimum by not imposing prison sentences of less than six months and by making ten years in prison the maximum penalty that can be meted out. Juvenile offenders are never imprisoned together with adults, and the youth prisons… Read more »
This nanny state is not capable of any form of sensible approaches/remedies. Seems Germany and the USA have got it in hand, as you say. As Germany is bound by EU law, then we could have the same. Oops, we won’t be in the EU soon, or will we ? How about forcing those parents of convicted delinquents to attend ‘good parenting’ classes ? Bit like the… Read more »