Post Office still seeking someone to take on Newport vacancy before branch closes next month

Until someone can be found to take on a Post Office in Newport, customers will have to visit alternative branches

The exterior of Newport Co-op

As the Co-operative supermarket on South Street, Newport is due to close on 6th February, it means the Post Office that is located within the store will also close.

A Post Office spokesperson said,

“The operator for Newport Post Office has resigned and the branch is due to close on Saturday 6th February at 1pm.

“The vacancy is advertised on our Website.  

“We are working hard to restore service to Newport as soon as possible as we know how important a Post Office is to a community.”

Will be a “big loss”
Mimi French, who outside of lockdown regularly uses the Post Office, told News OnTheWight,

“The closure of this well used resource will affect a lot of local businesses and residents and will be a big loss.  

“The hardworking, knowledgeable and helpful staff will be greatly missed.”

In the interim alternative branches in the area include Pan, Carisbrooke and Gunville:

  • Pan Post Office, 87 Royal Exchange, Newport, PO30 2HW
  • Carisbrooke Post Office, 52 Carisbrooke High Street, Carisbrooke, PO30 1NR
  • Gunville Post Office, 125 Gunville Road, Newport, PO30 5LE

Monday, 18th January, 2021 3:27pm



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This is what happens when you close a proper main post office in a large town and rely on a shop to take on the franchise. I will repeat my comment about this made over a week ago. In the town of Newport there are, I believe, about 40 empty shops sat there doing nothing and costing the owners money. Surely there is one owner of such… Read more »

Post offices have been closing all over the country. There is demand, but the complicated franchise is not appealing for people to take it on.
The Post Office corp are more interested in pushing advertising material through your letterbox, rather than offer a community asset.


Can you really expect anyone to take on a Post Office after the appalling way people were treated over the Horizon scandal?

Well lets face it there are plenty of empty shops in Newport, getting more like a ghost town every month and not all due to pandemic. The Council needs to contact owners of the empty property and put a massive surcharge on them for neglect if nothing else – perhaps they won’t be so greedy in the massive hike they put on rentals last year and the… Read more »