Protect your loved ones – Get your free ‘In Case Of Emergency’ card next week

This simple idea could save vital time for a relative or friend, in case of an accident. They’re available, for free, next week

in case of emergency cards

If you or a friend or relative have an accident and are found unconscious, there’s no way for doctors and paramedics to quickly find out info from you – who to contact, any medication you might be taking, or allergies.

This dilemma has sparked an Isle of Wight local Patients’ Participation Group (PPG) into action.

From this week a simple but effective solution is being introduced that will give the information that doctors and paramedics need when attending an unconscious patient.

In Case of Emergency Card
The cardboard credit card-sized ‘In Case of Emergency’ card is the brainchild of a member of the local Patients’ Participation Group (PPG) from two, soon to be merged Ventnor doctor’s surgeries.

They told OnTheWight,

“One of my ‘wish to do things’ was to design an ‘In Case Of Emergency’ medical and ID card that can be carried in the credit card section of a wallet or purse.”

Instant info for doctors and paramedics
The PPG member went on to explain,  

“Doctors and paramedics say that the most difficult scenario they have to contend with is an unconscious patient and not knowing what medical conditions they may have, the medication that is taken and any allergies to drugs etc.

“This seemed to be the right time to go ahead and design a no frills simple card that could provide all the details that would be required in that scenario.”

What to expect
The card is a bifold so that there are four sides that carry information.

You just fill out your name, address and phone number and similar details of your next of kin, or who you’d want to be contacted should you be unable to communicate those details verbally in the event of an accident.    

In case of emergency cards

On the inside of the card there is room for your NHS number and blood group, if known, together with details of your surgery and doctor together with any medical conditions.

You can also list all the medication that has been prescribed together with any medication you are allergic to, or any other allergies that you might have.

Grab yours today
This simple, cost-effective idea could help save someone’s life.

Pick up your card from Ventnor Medical Centre or Grove House Surgery. There are also copies available at Ventnor Library

Sunday, 1st December, 2019 3:35pm



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Very good and worthwhile. Is it available Island-wide?
If not, any chance of putting the template on here so we could “make our own”?