PTEC announce partnership with two tidal turbine manufacturers

The Isle of Wight tidal energy generation project announces their first partnerships with two global tidal turbine manufacturers.

Triton tidal energy

Rachel shares this latest news on behalf of Perpetuus Tidal Energy Centre (PTEC). Ed

Perpetuus Tidal Energy Centre (PTEC) today announced its major partnerships with global tidal turbine manufacturers, Schottel Hydro GmbH and Tocardo Tidal Turbines.

Operations to commence from 2020
The transformational tidal energy generation project, having achieved all key project consents earlier this year and with a signed grid connection offer, is now a step further towards delivery with full operations to commence from 2020.

The 30MW project, to be created off the Isle of Wight, will allow long-term operation of Schottel Hydro and Tocardo turbine arrays, simultaneously optimising their performance and delivering reliable electricity to the grid.

Create and safeguard hundreds of jobs
PTEC is also expected to create and safeguard hundreds of jobs and attract significant investment into the local economy, building on the success of the existing British marine and offshore wind sectors.

Project Director, Mark Francis said:

“We are very pleased to announce that Tocardo and Schottel Hydro are partnering with us to deliver 30MW of predictable electricity generated from the tidal currents to the south of the Isle of Wight.

“This is a major milestone for the project, which is of strategic importance to the UK’s tidal industry and will accelerate the growth of the sector as well as enable a continued cost reduction path for future tidal stream projects. Working with world leading and state-of-the-art turbine manufacturers under our unique project structure will be the key to our success.

“We are currently working with Schottel Hydro and Tocardo to identify the optimal site layout and designs, taking into consideration the outputs of our Environmental Impact Assessment and consented envelope. These decisions will be finalised in due course, with onshore construction scheduled to begin next year.”

Spearheading the development
Niels A. Lange, MD from Schottel Hydro said:

“It is a privilege to be part of the largest consented tidal stream energy project in England and Wales. We are excited to join such a ground-breaking development and world-class team and look forward to seeing PTEC drive the development of tidal power both in the Solent area and, indeed, worldwide.

“We will be spearheading this development through our UK subsidiary TidalStream Ltd., which has been active in this industry for over five years. One of the benefits of our Triton platform technology is the maximising of local manufactured content. For our demonstrator in the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia – due to be installed next year – the local content will be in the order of 75%, bringing manufacturing jobs and benefits to the local community.

“We are constantly seeking ways to advance our technology and ensure it is fully commercialised for worldwide production. PTEC is the perfect opportunity for us to achieve this.”

Torcado: “Proud to have been selected”
Hans van Breugel, CEO of Torcado, said

“Engaging with PTEC is a significant step in the commercialisation process of Tocardo’s standard offshore tidal solution, the UFS.

“After having deployed our turbines at various sites in the Netherlands and operating these projects successfully, we feel confident to jointly realise this world leading multi-MW tidal energy farm at the Isle of Wight.

“PTEC follow a thorough step-by-step process towards successful project deployment, just like Tocardo does in product development, and we are proud to have been selected.”


Tuesday, 15th November, 2016 7:30am



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Philip Hawkins

And what happens during the first big storm?


You seem to be the expert. Why don’t you tell us?

Philip Hawkins

Let’s wait and see, shall we?


Here’s a project in the north of Scotland that is about to go on stream. Worth a read, and might answer a few quwestions readers may have.


It is also worth noting that the Scottish government has contributed £23 million to the project so far.

Let’s hope the IWC isn’t expected to cough up more than the £1 million already committed.

Steephill Jack

Wonderful ! We must use sun, wind and tidal power and stop the dependence on fossil fuel and its pollution.

Sign up for Frack Free Isle of Wight at:

Steve Goodman
People may also wish to sign a related urgent Avaaz petition to protect the Paris climate agreement (link to follow). “In 67 days, President Trump could go to war with climate action. But governments are at their annual climate summit right now. If we act fast,​ we could get them to lock in progress before he can destroy everything we worked for. Germany, China, India, Brazil, the… Read more »
Firstly, it is really disappointing that Rachel Wild has not been identified as the representative of the company doing the PR for PTEC. Rachel was very happy not reply to requests during consultation, nor was the management team lead by Mark Francis. Curious she is writing now, will she reply to the hundreds of people she has ignored? Quite simply this is a dumb project for the… Read more »

Isn’t Rachel Wild the PR agent for PTEC? Shouldn’t that be clearly identified? This project is a bad idea opposed by whole communities…. Can OTW get other views …. this feels a little slavish ….

Black Dog

Seems to have gone quiet here. Does anyone at the council know how our investment is doing?