David Pugh defeated in Isle of Wight local election

Beaten by ten votes by Richard Priest.

Pugh and Priest:

Isle of Wight council leader and councillor for Shanklin South, David Pugh (pictured left), was defeated today (Friday 3rd May) in the 2013 local elections.

It was a two-horse race in Shanklin South, with the Conservative councillor up against an Independent candidate, Richard Priest (pictured right) who has strong ties to the local community.

Keeping the field clear
Both UKIP and the Labour Party told OnTheWight they’d purposely held back from fielding candidates in the ward to avoid splitting the vote, such was the desire to see David Pugh out of County Hall.

The stats
Shanklin residents voted in their droves and Richard Priest attracted 629 votes, with a majority of 10 over David Pugh who achieved 619.

Listen to our pre-election interview with Richard Priest, where he sets out his goals if elected.

Update 4.May.13 08:37: Changed summary, featuring Priest.

Friday, 3rd May, 2013 1:02pm


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Hubris sucks…


Congratulations Richard, the dictator is gone, hopefully into the dustbin of history.


No Hussar, down the drain as I predicted!


In this moment of victory we should not forget the candidates that pulled out of this election. Had they not done so the vote could have been split and the outcome very different.


Be careful for what you wish for. There may be little change!


The Michael Portillo moment!! Hurray Hurrah!!!!!
Well done Everyone in Shanklin, Congratulations Richard!!!!


OMG, a majority of 10! Gulp…


619 people voted for David Pugh! Jeez!


Clearly there are a few people left who still don’t read OTW…


Perhaps he wishes he’d attended the hustings now! (Or maybe the more people saw of him, they less likely they were to vote for him…)


Yippee, well he can think again if he thinks I’m ever buying paper-clips from him again


Yes, I’m boycotting all forms of stationery, myself…


There’ll be tears before bedtime for some young man!


Mind you, could be the Tories have been done a favour by the electorate getting rid of DP.


Looks like we might be having another new Chair of the Conservative Association then Pughey. Poor old Alan Wells could be demoted to Tory toilet cleaner as surely even he cant mess that up.


Sorry, no toilets!


What was that earlier story about the former convalescence wing at Osborne House being available again.
As at 13.21 the CP have the results for Shanklin South but no news story based on the results.

Lady at the back

The sun is out ,the sky is blue -think I may leave my planned cake-making for this afternoon,and sit in the garden with a glass of Pimms. Congratulations Councillor Priest…


Now Pughie can make his confession to the Priest, (if Richard has the time to go through it all, that is….)


Will Pugh be issuing a collective apology before he leaves the Island or does he intend to apologise to each of us individually?


I think I’m going to be out, I don’t want to meet him ‘face to face’, thank you. Yes, a collective goodbye, at a huge, very happy, very well-attended party…

Lady at the back

Who was the clever commentator who came up with the slogan Punish Pugh, Sink Soccia and Jilt Giles? Would they like to predict some lottery numbers for me?
It’s particularly satisfying that Mr Pugh lost by ten seats; bet he will wonder forever if taking part in the hustings might have meant a different outcome.

Lady at the Back

Oops, sorry, that should have been Scoccia, of course, not Soccia. Perhaps the County Press could run the Shanklin defeat story with the headline Taxi for Mr Pugh…

I do not believe it

er………………….that was me!

If you win can we go on a luxury cruise?

Mind you P,G and S may be working on board as bottom cleaners (er.. I mean bottom of the boat cleaners – er. Oh! I don’t know though!)

Barney McGrew

I’ve never been so happy since mother caught her boobs in the mangle!

Open debate, clarity, integrity, good manners and a will to see Shanklin residents are heard returns to county hall.

congratulations and well done to the Priest Gilbey phenomenon!

Perhaps Priesty will finally give up playing football!


Yuck to your opening remark. Perhaps balance the violent image (if such we must have) with a description of what your father caught in it, so at least it doesn’t sound completely misogynist….. Otherwise, I’m in full agreement.

Mason Watch
O M G!!!! Never mind the Boy Blunder losing – what about Arthur “old faithful” Taylor aka “Me? Lose…It wil never happen”, the electorates loss is the Lodges gain. Lest we forget David Williams is also out on his ear. WOW – the sun is shining, the sky is Blue and a forlorn figure is trudging towards Beardsalls to resume his high powered career in copier paper.… Read more »

Beyond our wildest dreams. I was fearing a horrible coming down to earth….then this happens!

Me too! I refused to get excited and think of our Independents winning, as the disappointment would have been too great to bear. I just said to myself, well we gave it a go and scared the cons. Now the celebrations begin, no longer a closed council that doesn’t give a toss about me, a Council that will consult, listen and do what’s best for the Isle… Read more »

And I so urge the Indies to continue to participate in OTW, keeping their feet on the ground so that if they should start, little by little getting dragged into the freakish behaviour of the Tories, we can gently point that out! And their continued participation here will continue the respect for them that they have engendered here so far.

Steve Goodman

It did for me; it’s my birthday and I’ve just been sharing drinks in the sun with some of our new councillors and other pleasant people.

Ventnor Vintner

Happy Birthday Steve!!! I hope you were drinking some decent wine!!!!!

Steve Goodman

Thank you. I am also happy to confirm that some of the excellent sunshine in glasses was bought at Ventnor’s Island Wines, so thanks again if that’s you!

Mason Watch

I suspect Susan “Shut it peasants” Scoccia is regretting her recent activity including the public meeting and Coastal Centre malarkey……..
Tee hee!!

Random anomaly

thanks for ruining our education system mr. pugh (sarcasm)
thank gosh hes gone…

random anomaly

whoops didn’t mean to put sarcasm





Hunter, I’d ask you what ‘mattress’ refers to, but I suspect we might run into more comment-deletion fun….


The nasty party defeated ! Wooohoooo

The sense of relief needs street parties to celebrate
I know I will be tonight ,


Hunter, at last, we agree on something

Island Monkey

The nasty party is no more. Certainly what many of us thought to be the worst council we have ever endured on the Island has gone. Good riddance.

Whatever follows has to be better than what went before. I want to see an open, honest and transparent council. I want a council that remembers who is in charge – us, not them.

Calder Jon

Always baffles me that people think a change of party or leadership means anything.

There will just be a whole new set of things to complain about.

That is all.


Well let’s hope so, what are we here for?


Thank goodnes it WILL be a whole new set of things…


Oh Mr Pugh, you said you answered to no one as Council leader!! Well now you know the truth you are accountable to the people and they have passed judgement on your reign as a self imposed dictator. oh the joy I have experienced today is wonderful, and to see you go proves the Island has a far better future


Has the MP given any public comments yet?


OMG, Pugh said that?!


I was sat outside Medina L/C this morning listening to IW Radio and waiting for results to be declared.I knew an upset was on the cards when Boy Blunder paced up and down outside my car “Having a Malcolm Tucker ” moment on his mobile.Obviously Con Central Office were not pleased with the pending results!!!Oh what a joyus day I’m having.The Pughreich has Fallen.Yesssssssssssssssss.


Crouchie, was he on the receiving end or giving the MT moment ? (Facinating, either way…)

this is an alias

Just need Alan Wells to resign as Chair of Governors at Cowes Enterprise College and my joy will be complete

I do not believe it
I firmly believe in a divine providence because my prayers have been answered:- Pugh – PUNISHED! Giles – JILTED! Scoccia – SUNK! Let this be a lesson to all smug Tories. When it becomes abundantly clear to the electorate that you are arrogant, ignorant, downright stupid and wholly detached from common sense and all reasonableness, you will be PUNISHED, JILTED and SUNK by the people you thought… Read more »

Tonight we party, tomorrow we accompany Pugh to the ferry


That’s when he’ll regret not having taken the Wightlink issues seriously: no expense account now, Deepee! And let’s hope you aren’t trying to leave the Island early or late in the day, let alone after a commiseratory drink yesterday evening, cos those ferries aint running any more…

Steve Draper

At last……some good news!!!!!!!!!!!!

Highway to Hell
Dear Island Residents, Please be aware that Island Roads PFI have been asked to carry out controlled burning in the car park behind County Hall later today. Residents should not be concerned if the air is filled with charred bits of paper with the odd word from emails, letters on IWC headed Paper or other such material. We can assure residents that is in no way connected… Read more »

This is great news! At last OTW can stop using that dreadful photo of Pugh grinning next to the beach!


David Pugh (per CP) “Goodness knows what the Isle of Wight Council will look like now.”

Democratic? :-))


this is pughs punishment, the people have at last had their say, this is what you get for not listening , arrogant to the last,
i will never forgive him for trying to close our libraries, the door has now closed on him . good riddance and good bye.

Janet Scott

Oh Dalek, if only I could give you 50 upward arrows I would !


Oh yes, that’s a huge bonus!

phil jordan
Just got in from this morning….we had a celebratory drink at the Hare & Hounds on our way home(s)…. Let’s not get carried away or glorify in what success we have…there have been serious casualties and things are not crystal clear. However, Richard, Jon and David Pugh were early on in the count and I stood transfixed at the table. I was lost in concentration and couldn’t… Read more »
Once I got the results I had to go out, but prayed there would be someone who could describe ‘the Portillo’ moment for us – and you have done that in spades, Phil. I pretty much feel I was there. We clearly have a different class of councillor in yourself, no doubt reflected amongst other Indies, in that you are emotionally as well as intellectually intelligent, (often,… Read more »
Downwind Resident

Have a look at the Parish Election results.

D.Pugh,M Webster and S.Hendrey have all secured continued visibility representing islanders at a more detailed level than they expected!

Black Dog

“Got you”


No need to turn the lights out when you leave the Island Pugh as we’re all staying, its our Island and will be a far better place without you. The Tory war machine pulled out all the stops, with no expense spared, and you were still rejected. Get the message now? Good riddance.


Yes, if this is what the Indies can do without years of fundraising and organisation behind them….


Read Phil Jordan on ‘David Pugh Defeated…’ everyone! His account of the fall of Pugh….

Black Dog

Alan Wells you are next. It might take a while but I have added you to my list.

Island Conservatives take note Alan Wells promoted and supported David Pugh. Wells is a liability to the party on the Island. The sooner you ditch him the sooner the party can start the healing process with the Island and the Conservative Island MP

Davy Jones
Wells doesn’t want to heal any divisions. He hates Turner and wants rid. He has been telling Bob Seely (sorry – Cllr. Seely) that he can have a pop at being the next MP. The Tories really don’t understand how unpopular Wells is – and Wells didn’t understand how much Pughtin was/is despised by so many people. Priest may have only won by 10 votes – but… Read more »

First Seely will have to fight Whitehouse for the position of official Tory Group spin-doctor.


The silent commiserations from Andrew Turner are deafening…!!


Is that sobbing or (perish the thought), laughter that I see racking his frame?

Robert Jones
Congratulations, first and obviously, to Richard Priest; sorry about Chris Welsford, who is a loss; and congratulations too to my old mates Geoff Lumley and Alan Hollands. Now who’s going to be Leader of the Council? Looking forward to seeing island schools on the road to recovery and out of special measures; an end to the cabinet system which marginalized those councillors who weren’t part of the… Read more »
Patrick Mckay

Well,Pugh did say he would let his track record speak for him,which it did in spades! He called Shanklin ” His patch” ,like some small- time mafia don .To be a councillor should be all about Public service not inflating ones ego ,

Ventnor Vintner

I LOVE living in a democracy!!!!!!

phil jordan

Thanks allan… just to say this was a few minutes after we all realised he had lost (DP) and he had regained some colour to his upper cheeks..!!
This was davina announcing the result and he had regained some composure…..great picture of the moment. Richard remained like that throughout…calm and measured, humble yet strong. what a great moment.


He still don’t look too happy though!


(DP, I mean)


Love the one of Simon and Sally: a study in concentration!

Mark L Francis

A Nation Mourns.

So. Farewell then David Pugh.
Though your interpersonal skills were few,
You always gave us something to chew
On The Wight. We look forward to your new
Role as a shop assistant in Beardsalls.
And a great deal few
er appearances in Private Eye.
In fact your are more likely to be selling it.
Than in it. Innit?

by EJ Thribb

Lady at the back

Brilliant ,Mark, just brilliant.Saves me having to buy Private Eye…and cheers me up as I set about making the rotten cakes that I should have made yesterday afternoon.


Are they being made to celebrate the loss of the rotten borough we had ’till yesterday?
BTW, good contribution Mark!

Lady at the back

Ventnor East has put in an order for several hundred fruitcakes…

Debby Robinson

Individually wrapped in union jacks & half price for pensioners.


So farewell then David Pugh.
You came to politics from stationery,
But now you are just – stationary.

Davy Jones

A foul-mouthed young lad from the coast,
‘Shanklin’s my patch’ was Pugh’s boast.
He was beat by the Priest
And moaned he was fleeced.
But the voters were glad he was toast.

Lady at the back

Hahaha. Lovely stuff, Davy Jones.Take it you’re not one of DeePee’s fans….

Island Monkey

We must remember the nasty party leader did not ‘lose by ten votes’ he shed a (previous) majority of hundreds.


Excellent point, Island Monnkey. My own concern about the 10 votes was that we might have had to put up with a re-count request from Deepee, with the scope for mishaps that this might have entailed. (I didn’t spell that out at the time in case it put ideas into his head: mind you, plenty of space for them there…)


Don’t give up Simon Haytack it would never be easy in your ward but I admire your commitment. Its good to see a young person who cares
from a much older person

kevin Barcla-Jay
Chin up Simon..remember Peter Coleman would have polled over 100 votes in Shanklin if we hadn’t stood aside and Pugh would still be Councillor if not for Labour. And Alan did away with another Tory in Lake We both gave Labour voters a chance to vote Labour where they have never had the option before. Labour has never stood in Sandown North before , now we have… Read more »
Stewart Blackmore

Well said, Kevin. It was the same in the two Ventnor wards with myself and Ed.

Simon is a great example to any young person who wants better things for the communities they live in. He’s got it all in front of him and is a great asset to Labour.

Victor Meldrew

Well well well, the boy plunder is no more.

This despite some dubious practices. What or who, for instance, was behind the allegation that Shanklin Firemen were handing out flyers for Conservative candidates.

That must be one for the Head of Paid Service and Chief Fire Officer if not for the Returning Officer


same a the chap with a conservative rosette with his name emblazoned across it whilst standing outside the polling station on Thursday and all day yesterday ,thought this was against the rules

kevin Barcla-Jay

only if it carried an instruction, names and party are allowed…the word vote is not

Barney McGrew

Sources very close to the Con Club in Shanklin tell me that shenanigans are expected tonight as the “Committee” and its Chairman take their revenge.

Already admission has been refused to a lady who was anti Pugh/Williams but a Conservstive supporter.

Tonight, I’m told, this will be repeated!

Sour grapes? Bad losers?

Davy Jones

Very bad losers. Pugh will take his revenge on anyone he holds responsible for his downfall.

But he won’t turn on Wells who royally mucked up the whole Tory campaign (like he did our school system and Cowes Enterprise College). He needs him to do his bidding at the Conservative Association.


with their team of counter sat outside every polling station they will have a pretty good idea which of their members did NOT vote, as a protest against the way the island was run but still not able to vote for anyone else


Day two,
Without Pugh,
Oh such luck.
To be rid of the arrogant…paperclip salesman


Love the way your comment comes up on ‘What Readers Say’…!


Such foolish people, thinking that a ragtag of independents, each with their own agenda, will be able to produce anything like the force and agreement of the previous administration . You will all be sorry – and I am sure that it will only take a few weeks before we start to see you complaining!


I guarantee we will have our complaints!

But if the new administration is unable “to produce anything like the force and agreement of the previous administration” we will be more than happy, as you have neatly defined what the problem has been. The ‘force” of cabinet decrees, which has led to ‘agreement’ only in name, now comes to an end.


@needlesmaster “force and agreement of the previous administration”

Sore loser already missing the power exerted by Tory sheep directed how to vote by Central Office clones? :-))


It’s precisely the thinking of anyone outside the (toy) cabinet as “Such foolish people” that has got you into this pickle, NM.

Oh such drivel from a distraught Tory! They were so much for agreement that he utterly thwarted any questioning of their policies, laughed in chambers as a non Tory tried to discuss the damning report on child services, leave office with half of the secondary schools in special measures, and the cowes academy in a total mess. Yet you think we will miss them…..you are very very… Read more »

Stick to your knitting needlesmaster

steve s

I’m affronted! ;-)

And while I’m here, may I thank all those good folk of Ventnor West who put their mark by my name.
I promise my best for our town.

Steve Stubbings. Elected member for Ventnor West.

sam salt

He’s (DP) taking it well. He has already changed his Facebook status to read “Former Leader of the Isle of Wight Council”.


Crikey, not still going to drag us around with him? Would be more accurate if he put ‘Fallen Leader…’, which doesn’t give the option for readers to assume he’s just ‘moved on’ to spend more time with his family/paperclips….

Robert Jones
Bound to be complaints, Needlemaster (not a dentist, are you? I need a dentist ….), as there always will be; and councils will always get things wrong. But one hopes they won’t get things wrong for purely ideological reasons = granted some of those elected on Thursday aren’t the brightest of the bright, and there’s a lot of inexperience there (which makes Chris Welsford’s loss all the… Read more »

I might have got this completely wrong but could we be saying that Wayne Whittle could effectively hold the balance of power on the council if UKIP falls in with the Tories?

kevin Barclay-Jay

2 UKIP 2 Labour..who do you think Labour more likely to fall in with :)


Ermm, the Tories?
Well if the situation with Labour-Lite in Parliament is anything to go by that is.

kevin Barclay-Jay

it isn’t anything like Westminster


we have real Labour members


I think you will find they are deserting the party due to the likes of Liam Byrne curtailing to IDS in order to cover his blunders and Miliband threatening his MP’s if they didn’t vote with the government on workfare sanctions retroactive legislation.

kevin Barclay-Jay

I think you’ll find that membership is on the rise…..and grass roots Labour gaining all the time


lol, try looking what your grassroots say on twitter and you might change your mind, lifelong support abandoning them in their droves

kevin Barclay-Jay

I do…and I also see droves joining

New blood is the way forward

Stewart Blackmore

Bystander, you seem quite deluded. Kevin is right, membership of the Labour Party , unlike the ConDems, is increasing. That is a fact. When a ward like Ventnor West gave me 161 votes when it didn’t have a choice of Labour before is quite something.

If you’re relying on IDS you really are in trouble!

Victor Meldrew

It’s not exactly farewell to the boy blunder. He was elected onto the town council.

Nice to know he will still be able to represent all those people who didn’t vote for him.

Mind you that is if he improves on his attendance record which, historically, leaves a bit to b desired.

Hey ho!

Black Dog

The people of Shanklin missed an opportunity to rid the area of this thoroughly unpleasant individual. I have always stated that he has ambitions that are way beyond his abilities.

Now he has more time on his hands he can perhaps do some library volunteer duties he so publicly boasted about but never actually achieved.

Do yourself a favour David step away now

kevin Barclay-Jay

hmm…David is still very popular in Shanklin and I know quite a few people who voted for him for Town Vouncil and against him for the IOW Council.

In fact in the witch hunt that followed at Shanklin Tory CLub a number of people were excluded for just that

Davy Jones
The real Tory infighting is just beginning. My mole at the count was following Roger Hollis (who was re-elected) out of the hall. The MP was standing there with Carol Dennett and Hollis’s partner started arguing with her. My mate didn’t hear all of it – but Hollis’s partner then completely lost it, screeched out ‘You’re dead’ and stormed off with Roger in tow. Turner chased after… Read more »
Man in Black

Oh do share the link once you have one. Can’t wait to see that!

Man in Black

Btw, I think it is Richard Hollis not Roger.


Pity, though, Davy Jones, that as you name the source of the filming, it makes it less likely it will be put on Youtube: the originating person may not want to put up with flack from their employer or the Tories! But perhaps someone else filmed it too…

You never know who’s reading OTW!


….and roll the opening theme tune of ‘Midsummer Murders’….


Brilliant, did he say whether they were drunk?


Sadly, I haven’t seen Island Life as a hotbed of Tory dissent so far….but hey, perhaps they will re-name as Island Strife!