PughTube: David Pugh Reported To Standards for England

Three Island Councillors allege eight breaches of the Code of Conduct for Councillors after Cllr Pugh actions at the recent Valentine’s ball.

David Pugh, Leader of the Isle of Wight Council (IWC), is the subject of a formal complaint being reported directly to Standards for England by three IWC councillors. It details eight alleged breaches of the Code of Conduct for Councillors.

PughTube: David Pugh Reported To Standards for EnglandIt centres on Cllr Pugh’s behaviour at the Valentine’s Ball at Cowes Yacht Haven last month, arranged by the Chairman of the IWC, some of which was captured on video.

Of note is that the councillors haven’t sent it to the IW Council’s own Ethical Standards Committee, choosing to report it directly to the national body, due to what they describe as “local sensitivities.”

The three councillors – Jonathan Bacon, Chris Welsford and Geoff Lumley – have already asked Cllr Pugh to refer his behaviour to the Standards Board for investigation to clarify the situation. Cllr Pugh has declined, saying that it was a private matter.

Morton’s Fork
The councillors have presented a Morton’s Fork – either Cllr Pugh was acting in an official capacity at the time of the incident and therefore his behaviour should be considered by Standards for England, or if the matter was private, he shouldn’t have used IW council resources, particularly the Council Communications Department, to attempt to prevent any publicity of the incident, as this would constitute a misuse of public resources.

Commenting on it, Cllr Bacon said “We feel that, particularly given the many recent statements made by the Leader of the Council about the importance of the Code of Conduct and the need to make sure that any any potential breaches are investigated, it is only right that this matter is subject to a full independent investigation.”

Video viewed 6,600+ in a week
The YouTube video of Cllr Pugh swearing at the Island’s MP, Andrew Turner’s partner, Carole Dennett is referenced. At the time of publishing, the video has been watched over 6,600 times in just seven days.

The letter that the councillors have written to the Isle of Wight Council Monitoring Officer, Davina Fiore detailing their complaint is replicated below.

Dear Davina

Further to the various media stories and the large amount of public disquiet that is evident we, the undersigned, request that Standards for England investigate whether Councillor David Pugh has breached the Code of Conduct for Elected Members in respect of his behaviour at an incident which took place at the Charity Valentine Ball held by the Chairman of the Isle of Wight Council at Cowes Yacht Haven on the evening of Friday 12th February 2010.

The specific grounds for this complaint are that we believe there are potential breaches of the following parts of the Code of Conduct as follows:

· Paragraph 3(1) – Failure to treat others with respect.

· Paragraph 3(2)(b) – Bullying of another person

· Paragraph 3(2)(c) – Bullying of a potential complainant and/or witness

· Paragraph 3(2)(d) – Compromising the impartiality of a Council employee

· Paragraph 4(b) – Seeking to prevent another person from gaining access to information.

· Paragraph 5 – Bringing the office of Leader of the Council and the Isle of Wight County Council into disrepute.

· Paragraph 6(a) – Using the position of member of the authority to improperly secure an advantage

· Paragraph 6(b)(ii) – Using authority resources (namely the Communications Department) for political purposes

In addition there is evidence that Councillor Pugh committed a criminal offence contrary to section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986 which is relevant to consideration of the potential breaches outlined above.

In making this complaint we note that there has been a lot of media and public interest about this matter including a great number of ‘blog’ comments on various websites. The event was recorded on video and this video has been widely circulated, including on the You Tube site and has even been turned into a ‘music video’. This seriously affects the reputation and perception of not just Councillor Pugh but also the role of leader of the Council and the Council itself. The fact that the issue of bullying is very much ‘in the news’ at the moment as an issue of concern, with high profile campaigns being run by bodies such as the NSPCC, is also relevant in this regard.

While we recognize that there is an argument that the incident occurred when Councillor Pugh was not in his ‘official capacity’ we note that this case can be distinguished from the ‘Livingstone’ case as the ‘victim’ in that matter was a journalist engaged in ‘doorstepping’ the Member concerned whereas here the victim was another guest at the function concerned (namely the partner of the local MP). Further, the comments in the Livingstone case were part of a conversation and not shouted in a violent manner. It is also evident in this case that the matters recorded on video were merely the tail end of an incident which began within the Yacht Haven, the parties moving out to the car park as the incident progressed. We also note the dicta in the case of Mullaney -v- The Adjudication Panel for England [2009] EWHC 72 which we believe supports an argument that Councillor Pugh was acting in his ‘official capacity’ at all times.

We would also submit that the incident in question raises an issue which should be considered, in effect, as a ‘test case’ as to the ambit of the Code of Conduct following these judgments and that it requires formal consideration in order to assist in clarifying the law in this area.

In any event, the fact that the Communications Department of the Isle of Wight Council made efforts to prevent the publication of the story supports the contention that the incident occurred while Councillor Pugh was in his ‘official capacity’. Conversely if he was not in his ‘official capacity’ then the use of the Communications Department gives rise to the alleged breaches under Part 4(b) and Part 6 of the Code as detailed above.

We believe that the matters required by the ‘Complaint Form’ that appears on the Isle of Wight Council website are covered in this letter but if you require that a form is filled in or require any further information please let us know. In making this complaint we believe the basic facts of the incident concerned are adequately known due to their presence in the public arena. There are, of course, some disputes about what occurred but these are matters that require investigation in the process of dealing with this complaint properly and consideration of the evidence of the various witnesses to the incident

Lastly we would note that, as this matter concerns the Leader of the Council, in order for it to be considered properly and in a fair and neutral manner, it should not be dealt with by the local Ethical Standards Committee but should be passed on to Standards for England.

Yours sincerely

Councillors Jonathan Bacon, Geoff Lumley, Chris Welsford

cc. Mark Southwell, Steve Beynon, Elected Members of Ethical Standards Committee, Councillor David Pugh.

Monday, 1st March, 2010 12:53am


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Email updates?

“It is only fair Dave”

Everything comes to he who waits

Councillors Jonathan Bacon, Geoff Lumley, Chris Welsford – THANK YOU. You have done what the whole IOW has been waiting for. Still laughing Dave….

Come on Dave, its game over now. It may take the Standards Board a month or so to acknowledge the three Councillors concerns, and may be many more months of fudging and handwringing before a ruling, but they have you on this one sir, good and proper, notwithstanding the general revulsion most decent Islanders feel towards you. You just don’t get it do you? You must now… Read more »

Well done Guys – rightly reported

hazel wyld
it is hard to ignore the incident which has been so widely reported and commented on. Sadly the fact that a man was arrested and charged with similar behaviour as reported in the local press leads people to believe there is one law for “Them” and another law for “US” in a democracy this is clearly an affront to all. Hopefully the matter will now be resolved… Read more »

Superb! :)


A big THANK YOU, you 3 brave men.

Gruntled of Bembridge

I must say it is rather “elegant”. Done up like a kipper, David! What an unusual alliance, as well – this newly found Labour/Independent joint working seems a good thing.

The beauty of this complaint is the simplicity of the factual content. If Pugh states he was not acting in an official capacity then the communications dept attempting to cover it up, the “bed rest” week off work for the lady in question clearly show missuse of public funds. If he blubs that he was on council business then he has, without doubt, brought the office which… Read more »

In the style of Curly McLain: –

Oh, what a beautiful Mornin’
Oh, what a beautiful day.
I’ve got a beautiful feelin’
Everything’s goin’ my way.

Lets see if Malcolm get’s that out on Friday night eh Dave?


John. Paul, George and Ringo

All his troubles seemed so far away
Now it looks as though he’ll have to pay
I bet he wishes it was yesterday

Ooooooo made my day :-)



James P

Well done, chaps. The “cheating bastard” hoist by his own petard at last.

(Quotation from the Conservative Party conference in 2003)

What amazed me was the news that he has (or possibly had) a girlfriend…

Davey Jones
Excellent, fair play to them and some neat side stepping of any “Get Dave out of Gaol free cards”. If this clown had drawn his own reigns in some time back, then he may have saved face and to a degree inched his slimy way forward in his chosen arena. Too late now David. You’ve masterfully performed the political equivalent of what our esteemed military would refer… Read more »
Island Shocker

Well done all, this is long overdue. I’m sure that wiped the inappropriate smile off his face and of those who have supported him, sadly this includes certain persons in the communications office. Now we must hope Cllr Pugh suspends himself until the matter is fully resolved. I wouldn’t hold my breath thou.

James P

“there is an argument that the incident occurred when Councillor Pugh was not in his official capacity”

Not really. No one would have invited him if he wasn’t.

Island Shocker

How do you know? Maybe he’d have been invited as a cornet player, or a leading island Christian!

James P

“invited as a cornet player”

And played The Last Post, perhaps.

Can we have our Middle Schools back now, please?

Two Falls or a Submission

Followed by “the great pretender”, “who’s sorry now” and “show me the way to go home”

Jesus wept

He’s no mate of mine….

inside eyes

how much is this ivestigation going to set us back?


Whatever it costs – it’ll be money very well spent! Huge smile.

Black Dog

The cost of an investigation by Standards for England does not have an impact on local finances. As with the Anne Bishop case the cost was covered by Standards for England. Nevertheless it is a cost and I guess we all pay for it in time.


I Couldn’t agree more…

They have wasted so much money but this will be money well spent!

Are you still here Pugh? Take ya money, Find a bird (of your own) and get messy messy messy!


Shobba reveal yourself, do you vote labour?


Shobba – look into my eyes, deep in my eyes; one, two, three and you’re under. Now listen. David is a lovely table companion and would never hurt a fly let alone a Council employee/erm…girlfriend…..

No, sorry Den – it seems that Shobba still doesn’t like David Pugh. Which doesn’t necessarily equate with voting Labour as Andrew Turner and many other Conservatives can testify.


Er, no Den. I’m as likely to vote Labour as I am to let some old bloke hypnotise me for a fat fee.


If he is dispatched from his position lets hope he does not come back as a private consultant earning and costing US more!!!!!

Mr. Pughniverse

What else can he do – Town Crier perhaps?

According to a Freedom Of Information Act request on the whatdothey know.com website there are zero employees with public relations qualifications working in the Communications Department of the Isle of Wight council. Which doesn’t really come as a major surprise. Q:(6) The proportion of staff members employed in communications, marketing, advertising, promotions and public relation holding a) journalistic qualifications b) public relations qualifications c) marketing qualifications A:The… Read more »

Ahh that makes sense..no wonder there was no ‘vision.’

Black Dog
Well done Councillors. It is important to follow up on this complaint to Standards for England with a request to review the findings of the Ethical Standards Committee (Allegedly sat after receiving a complaint – see other Pugh Story on Ventnor Blog) Members selected to make up the Sub committee – who were they and why were they selected? If we do not question the local committee… Read more »
Gruntled of Bembridge

Heretofore said members:

•Mr Charles Anthony Brindle (Independent)
•Mr Richard Day (Town/Parish Council Rep)
•Mr Keith Fagan (Independent)
•Mr George Hibberd (Independent)
•Mr John Frederick Howe
•Miss Heather Humby
•Mrs Liz Mackenzie (Independent)
•Mr Ron Mew (Town/Parish Council Rep)
•Mr Denis Russell (Town/Parish Council Rep)
•Mrs Susan Jane Scoccia
•Mr Ray Smith (Independent)
•Mr Mark Southwell (Independent) (Chairman)
•Mr Peter Tautz (Independent)
•Mr David G Williams

Mark Southwell is Chairman.
Messrs. Howe, Humby, Scoccia and Williams are the only county councillors.


Copy of message to Hawthorn:

I have discovered this interesting link to “fire service modernisation”. I believe it may be relevant to our target.

[Admin: Be aware that the video this links to contains strong language]



Their has been an interesting comment added to the video in the above link relating to naughtymoney1, the person you posted the original video

Well done you brave three, but be prepared for the night of the long knives.!!! with his few staunch supporters!!!!!!!Always thought he was a scheeming slime ball. He and his supporters have their own agenda. “The Young Pretender” I would not want this jumped up school boy to represent me as an Elected Member of Parliment, as I am lead to understand as that is where his… Read more »
Two Falls or a Submission

The sun is out, the sky is blue and I just can’t stop grinning from ear to ear for that young boy Pugh !


About time


Well Pugh has three out of the top four “Most Commented Stories This Year” on VB
So lets see if we can make it 4 out of 4 with this one, as that will send a clear message of the Islands peoples views to the Standards Board

will it? really? i find it doubtful that the national standards board reads a local blog. They will be looking at the complaint and seeing if there is evidence to back the claims made in it. If there isnt, they will discount it. They wont base anything on the Island peoples views, only on hard firm evidence and quite rightly so. Hopefully a copy of the video… Read more »
James P
“I find it doubtful that the national standards board reads a local blog” I’m not so sure – if you put ‘pugh’ and ‘wight’ into Google, this article is the second item (above the County Press’s) and the term ‘pughtube’ has already been lifted by Private Eye. Personally, I’d be prepared to cut DP more slack if he hadn’t been so ruthless to everyone else. As it… Read more »

Well part of the complaint is that the comments made on blogs,such as VB, and the videos seriously affects the reputation and perception of not just Councillor Pugh but also the role of leader of the Council and the Council itself.
So that is part of the evidence.
Thought that would have fitted in nicely with your anti-anythingTory agenda


I dont think its part of the complaint, its simply noted in the letter that it affects the reputation of the council. I read that as something additional the standards board may want to keep in mind, but not something that actually breaks the rules and therefore not part of the complaint.


· Paragraph 5 – Bringing the office of Leader of the Council and the Isle of Wight County Council into disrepute.


Thats general disrepute, not specifically aimed at a blog or website. Im sure it applies, but i think its more than that. I suppose comments on here could form part of the supporting evidence for it, but i think they would need more than that too. Disrepute would consist of more than just the blogs and the video.

Now the laughing stock of the coucil, Isle of Wight and the Conservative party. He needs to go!!!!!! Now. I WILL NOT VOTE CONSERVATIVE WHILST PUGH IS THE LEADER OF THE COUNCIL. WHAT CHOICE HAVE I GOT, ? ANDREW TURNER! JUST AS BAD AS PUGH. Lead by example. I do not want this baffon (PUGH) to make any more mistakes whilst leader of the coucil, and waste… Read more »

Choices are Labour or Lib Dem… Just a shame Peter Brand wont stand again…


Peter Brand?!! There was a reason why he lost about 9000 votes between 1997 and 2001 elections – he was a completely useless MP and was arrogant and rude into the bargain. At at time when his Party were gaining and holding on to seats he lost – and it was entirely his own fault.


and andrew turner is better?

peter brand at least had some decent policies and wasnt part of the tory party. Andrew Turner cant even follow up on the OFT wightlink thing. Thats pretty much all hes done. Peter brand at least finished what he started.

The big drawback to Andrew Turner is that he’s a Tory. However, he does at least answer letters, turns up at events and even if he couldn’t get very far with the OFT he did at least try – Brand did none of these things. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter what I think – I didn’t vote for either of them – but Brand lost nine thousand… Read more »
inside eyes

I think Billy Connelly said it best “the desire to be a politician should bar you for life from ever being one” and “dont vote! it encourages them”

hungry eyes, hungry ears
Well, if he hasn’t done anything wrong, he doesn’t have anything to worry about, does he? Now let’s see, all he has to do now is wait for, what, two and a half years? As for resigning while it’s under investigation, will he do an Andy Sutton (step down as a matter of personal integrity) or a Gordon Brown (hold on by the bitten down fingernails like… Read more »

The lad doesn’t do humble pie, which should make the fall from grace all the more spectacular. I hope justice prevails.

I Love My Cat

The longer this goes on, the more damage done to the IOW Conservative Party. It’s not going to go away now, so how about putting the interests of your Party before your own David?

The Tory party grandees must even now be huddled together considering his position – the boy himself clearly isn’t planning on going unless pushed hard. I wonder if they, or those already proven to be spineless councillor colleagues of Pugh’s have the stomach to actually do it? I do hope so. Cllr Pugh is surely finished as a credible leader, particularly as there are more facts to… Read more »
Those three councillors are such stirrers and only doing it for political gain. What a fuss VB readers are making over this outburst. People seem to dislike Pugh because he is young, up to now he has always acting dignified and rather gentlemanly, and also making some very brave moves in trying to bring our schools in line with mainland ones when they are failing over here.… Read more »
Begin transmission: Over the years my station has been monitoring the activities of David Pugh. Known aliases do not include “Starlite” or any other name including the word “star”. His aliases are frequently less complimentary. Although starlite is not known to us, the views expressed are probably genuinely held. However I would add that political gain is a legitimate objective and one often if not exhaustively practiced… Read more »

How about Star Chamber?


Transmission begins: Thank you Youpughbe. This is a valid point and highlights a significant problem in trying to run a team of spies from Havana during the 1950’s. We are somewhat removed from events and living in the past. I will raise this issue with Hawthorne. Ends.


Poor old stella by starlight just doesnt get it
What political gains do they make?
Its not because he is young its because he is arrogant
You clearly havnt met him to often
Brave to bring schools in line with mainland, no this was purely political
To date standards carry on falling, no money for buildings so our children will be stuffed in portacabins long term prospects grim

the portable classrooms many schools (most?) use are far from portacabins. They are semi-permanent structures in most cases that cost less to put up and cause less disruption with building works than a permanent building would. They are just as good as permanent buildings and are easier to replace at the end of their life, although fair one, that life is shorter. As for them being a… Read more »

funny u should say that.. 4 planning apps have gone in for ‘portable classrooms’ and the one in wroxall has been renewed.

Arnt there a lot of problems with overcrowding in mainland schools?

Hows that going to help our grades?


Starlite, if you don’t understand what the fuss is about I suggest you speak to one of the Support Services that deal with the aftermath that abusive behaviour causes. You better be quick though as come 31st June many of them will cease to exist!

star bright
I don’t see what political gain the three councillors who have raised this complaint can get, except acting appropriately on the will of their electorate. That’s there job. The Tory party could have done the same thing and kept its own house in order and gain kudos by doing so. Some like the boy (see the scone loving granny in this weeks CP) so age is not… Read more »
Raising an issue isn’t ‘stirring’ Mr Pugh appears to have been representing the Council and if so his behaviour is questionable . If the two tier system had been implemented with integrity and consistency then possibly the community would have more faith in the leadership. Also I have observed Mr Pugh on many occasions during the course of my work role and the description ‘dignified and rather… Read more »
Whilst I do not agree about the three councillors in Starlights post I fully agree with her sentiments on the schools. Our schools have been failing for years and it took bravery and vision to carry through the changes. The Island does need to take its head out of the sand sometimes. I do not however condone the loutish behaviour we have seen from Mr Pugh at… Read more »
James P

“it took bravery and vision to carry through the changes”

Mot to mention portacabins. Watch the standards plummet now that the promised funds evaporate and disenfranchised teachers vote with their feet.

James P

“Mot to mention..” I’m sure that was an ‘n’ when I typed it!


I don’t think he is young anymore, unless you are very very old.


Hi starlite, a breath of fresh air

Yeah, what keeps me amused is the fact that all of this occurred as a result of him not getting his own way or the girl of his choice on the night in question. Cue one stroppy hissy immature fit thereafter and he’s fallen on his sword, he just doesn’t realise it yet. The scone loving granny cracked me up too. Were the CP “avin a larf”… Read more »
Don Smith

He reminds me of another Tory aspirant.

I can’t believe the viciousness on here, trying to guess who I am is bullying behaviour just because I hold a different opinion to you. You could guess until you are blue in the face but I am happy to say I probably don’t know any of you, I am just a member of the public who enjoys reading the blog and plucked up courage to write… Read more »
dont give up, its nice to see a different opinion to the usual on here. Unfortunately, it does seem that if you go against the grain people often accuse you of being a supporter or employee or sometimes even the person themselves using an alias. Thats why i choose to remain annonymous instead of making up some silly name which keeps me anon but makes a statement… Read more »
Surely if somebody is supporting a person behaving like this in a public place then they can only be a Pughite. I am all for debate and even if you are a Pughite fan (and there must be some out there)surely you must see that this kind of behaviour is unacceptable. Or do you think that if a person is Leader of any Council then that gives… Read more »

and an £80 fine to help fund the police force. That’s what I was given for swearing outside a kebab house.


Pugh is going to hang on in there with grit determination, because if he does the right thing and resigns, he is finished, he will wait and sees if the standards board accept the complaint, hoping they won’t, then he can preen himself even more, knowing he has got away with it.

A face only a mother could love
There is room for all here and you should put your case what ever it is. That’s the joy of blogging – free speech. Perhaps those blogging are about to lose their job due to Pugh’s council, or their respite care or their school or feel aggrieved that we are £11.5 million over drawn. You can’t blame people for lol when the purveyor of so much unhappiness… Read more »

Dave’s Mum?

@ Starlite and anyone else who thinks David is nice. Don’t go or get upset when people disagree with you. We need loads of argument and debate from all sides. Sometimes ridicule and infantile humour through a forum is the only way to bring the actions of these persons into the public domain and to account, as conventional methods through regulatory bodies and trying to do the… Read more »

I think its more about how people choose to express their disagreement. I dont agree totally with starlight, but i do think his/her opinion deserves proper consideration and a proper answer. If you think someone is wrong on here, how about trying to prove them wrong by research and considered debate. Just saying “Your wrong, Pugh is scum” doesnt cut it.

steve s

“Those three councillors are such stirrers and only doing it for political gain”
Watch the windows in that glass house of yours, Stella. ;-)

Councillor Pugh may not have been on Council duty when he swore at the Parliamentary Secretary for the Isle of Wight,but he is in a high Public Office,where this sort of behaviour should be above him.To swear at someone anywhere(especially in public) is a breach of the peace and a case for the Police I would say-he should be investigated and punished accordingly-if not by the Police(if… Read more »
Tea and Biscuits

Don’t bail out on us yet Starlite. Stay with Ventnor Blog – it’s a fantastic forum. I hardly ever join in, but love reading all the comments. Also their coverage of local events and stories is brilliant .

I can’t believe the fuss being made of this – to my knowledge, even the person who was swore at hasn’t made a complaint? All these comments are basically a backlash against Pugh due to the budget decisions – why else would this receive such attention when I’ve not seen anyone so much as raise an eyebrow over the fact a Ryde Councillor spat in a Policemans… Read more »
Oh yeah, the innocent victim of Pugh’s yobbish foul mouthed outburst is hardly able to complain eh? All she was trying to do was save the girl from Dave’s ardent attention. You don’t think the same weak Tories so desperate to hold on to Pugh as leader are not the same people begging Dennett to stay silent? It’s now 5.30pm – no sign of the resignation yet.… Read more »
The Liberal councillor- who it is alleged spat in a policeman’s face is not the Council Leader. However I am sure he to faces a complaint once the criminal charges are dealt with. I note he and his father, who I believe are both still on police bail on various matters still attend council meetings and we must assume, collect their money? Councillors are only barred if… Read more »

It’s no longer alleged, as he admitted it last week:-


I’m more appalled by that than Pugh swearing, but maybe because he’s my councillor!

I guess people are making a big deal of Pugh swearing by using the Elliot Ness method – he couldn’t get Al Capone on the more serious crimes, so went for plan B to get him!

A means to an end?


I guess we have confidence in the police handling. Pugh is still on the loose.


I stick by my guns and think it all pointless and demeening to carry out this witchhunt.

I want the man lambasted and replaced for his political ineptness…not some overhyped piece of nonsense

Well said. Although i do think if theres going to be a witch hunt it should be done properly. [comment removed by moderator] His political ineptness isnt really a concern either i think. I couldnt care less what party he is a member of (although he has picked one i would never vote for… Probably). I think what should really be addressed is simply how he does… Read more »
James P

“witch hunt”

As I recall, the test was a severe ducking. If the subject floated and survived, she was a witch, but if she sank and drowned, she was innocent. Another version of Morton’s Fork, really… :-)

Davey Jones

Disagree Mr 5,

not after all the personal undermining, incompetence, moral self righteousness and sheer arrogance repeatedly displayed by this individual.

No, as soon as this one broke cover he became fair game.

Island Shocker
He set himself up when he rushed to condemn those who’ve gone before him to the standards board. Since then he kept putting the boot in. Young Mr Pugh made a lot of enemies on the way up to the top floor. This fall was inevitable. My guess is he’s yet to resign because those around him still believe his strange version of events. I’d guess Friday’s… Read more »

so the game is to beat him at his own game….right

Playground tactics

Davey Jones


When high profile miscreants with a back pocket full of walking get out of gaol cards carry on offending,
then sadly it can be one of the few ways to drag it out into the public domain. Particularly when alternative routes of approach have already had the friendly neighbourhood pacman munching his way down them.

Live by the sword….

Daft Old Duffer

Don’t give up Starlite.I don’t happen to agree with your points but you put them well.And that’s what Ventnor Blog is supposed to be all about – discussion.
Unfortunately it’s also open to a sort of hysterical mob whose idea of argument is to hurl mindless abuse at anyone who disagrees with them

Gruntled of Bembridge

Problem is the same as it was with that Thatcher woman. TINA. Who’d be the next one up for the pop gun. Dear Dawn? Bruiser Brown? Basher Bingham? – not unakin to beig asked whether you want to be hanged or shot innit?


Well done Geoff, Jonathon and Chris. This is what we want from our councillors…….representation.


I read that in the case of the case of the Lib. Councillor (who spat bloody vomit in the face of a policeman)that he is likely to be thrown out of the Liberal Party for his actions.Hope he also has a criminal record now and is never again allowed to be a Councillor.If banned from office aftet that, they should change the rules!

Shocked though I was by Pugh’s aggressive manner, I was appalled to see a woman sobbing and sobbing and sobbing like that…..to wonder what had been said to her, what had happened to her. No laughing matter that, it’s maybe about verbal or physical violence towards a woman…. She couldn’t stop….very upsetting to see…Good on Carole that she was trying to help her, (as far as we… Read more »
Island Shocker

Wouldn’t you get upset at the thought of spending time alone with Dave?


Thanks for your comments in support x yes it is the way things are said that is rude

Well done to the three councillors who had the guts to report Pugh.You would think that his fellow Tories would have seen the light by now and instigated proceedings to remove him! His budget was a disaster, the schools reorganisation is a shambles, which I am sure most parents do not want. The sooner he goes the better, although the other tories seem incapable of thinking for… Read more »
Gruntled of Bembridge

Overheard conversation on the 4th. floor.
Beynon to Pugh: I think we should issue a press statement that sghows sympathy with the unemployed.

Pugh: Why?

Beynon: Because we might both be joining them shortly.

I cannot attest to the veracity of this conversation.


Very funny, has anyone from the 3rd floor been “let go of” in the last couple of weeks I wonder.

James P

It has the ring of truth, Gruntled!

The trouble with clambering over people on the way to the top is that one tends to meet them again on the way down…


It wasn’t David Pughs budget it was the tories budget, don’t forget that.

Close But No Cigar

Oh come on. His budget was a masterpiece.

Didn’t you know that he went to one of those places that buy gold and traded our Island reserves, plus his prefect badge from Sandown High School for just over £50.00?

Curious of Shanklin

You’re right Close but no cigar, we should be told where those reserves have gone. I thought it was Labour’s job to waste money but it seems that the Isle of Wight Tory Council has been taking lessons.

Reserves went putting right what the Lib Dems didn’t during years of neglect. Don’t forget the St Lawrence debacle, caused by the Libs and needed to be sorted out by the tories. If the Lib Dems had done even a tenth of what they should have done whilst in power the reserves would be much higher. All very well about shouting what was in the coffers when… Read more »
Tory or Lib Dems, they have both been pants with money. Libs didn’t spend and the tories spent it all on their wages and consultants. Add up this waste and all the things getting closed would probably be still running. If they fostered local talent and expertise rather than draft in all the time, a few more people on the island might have a decent job being… Read more »

And I must add that the Tories neglect of recent is shocking! Apathy has my vote.

national trust

National Trust Public Inquiry downland rare species can you work it out.

Got on the ferry this morning – and saw the crime reduction posters – sponsored by IW Council and the police. They proudly boast that they’ve reduced the number of antisocial behaviour arrests on the island. I wonder if that’s because they no longer arrest those emerging from pubs and clubs using foul and abusive language? You have to laugh eh. I thiink David Poo should get… Read more »
Gruntled of Bembridge
THE DIMINISHING TORY VIEW OF SOCIETY EDMUND BURKE – 18th. Century Tory politician Society is indeed a contract. It is a partnership in all science; a partnership in all art; a partnership in every virtue, and in all perfection. As the ends of such a partnership cannot be obtained in many generations, it becomes a partnership not only between those who are living, but between those who… Read more »
Curious of Shanklin

To be fair Gruntled, I think that the Thatcher quote needs to be read in context to know what she meant, as opposed to what it has been interpreted as meaning.

On the other hand there doesn’t seem to be any doubt as to the meaning of “f…ing well leave us alone”.

Gruntled of Bembridge

Yes, curious, you are right. What she said wasn’t too far from Burke in that it was around personal responsibility and then responsibility for our neighbours. But it didn’t scan too well and, anyway, who said anything about being fair!

Well i see the knives are really out now?? It is just a shame that everyone has jumped on the bandwagon against Mr Pughs ‘swearing’ without actually knowing the whole story of events…… Seems like just an excuse to hurl abuse! Oh and if you are waiting for the Gazette to tell all friday lets hope the very reputable and trust worthy editor, (who is on Police… Read more »

Mr Pugh?
Hurling abuse?
Know the truth?
And if the Ed is on bail at least that would prove HE doesn’t have immunity to the law

Island Shocker

The whole horrible truth is heading our way! It’ll be in Friday’s Gazette. I hope they’re printing a lot of extra copies.

The tooth is out there....
David is being given the same courtesy, consideration and respect that he is happy to dish out to others. So get off your high horse “TRUTH” boy. Whatever the events of the night it was far, far more than just “swearing” by the IW Council leader and Shanklin elected councillor who I, and indeed many, find neither reputable nor trust worthy Gazette Boy on bail? Seems to… Read more »
hazel wyld
What struck me today was the lack of respect…David is a member of the Conservative council, shouldn`t he then treat the Conservative MP for this constituency with respect or else get out of the party altogether, whether you like him or not Andrew Turner is our member of Parliament and that he should be treated with such lack of courtesy by another member of his party is… Read more »

But only until Friday. Presumably that’s why someone sympathetic to young Dave is now lowballing the gazette editor on here – getting his excuses in early methinks. As the council claim no-one reads the gazette I wonder what they are scared of? The truth perhaps.


If this is true elaborate!!!

Is it any surprise that the Gazette ed is on bail – presumably this is a regular occurrance for him? But why is he on bail??? Rumour has it he is up for harrassment. With 132 dishonesty convictions another one isn’t really gonna matter, is it, hey JK? I’ve heard his banner headline last Friday was written late Thursday when he finally got outta the cop shop.… Read more »
Island Shocker

Hello Gavin – you need to try harder mate


Gavin who??? No idea Shocker mate. I’ve got a contact in the Gazette – they told me that JK is busy hacking a story together as we speak. Do you think he’ll have time to finish it off before his next court appearance? Or maybe we’ll get another sob story from him on here.

This all feels like trying to shoot the messenger before they deliver the unwanted message. It will also be interesting to see if Cllr Pugh goes down the route of legal action and/or complaints to Press Complaints Commission if and when further allegations are made in the Gazette. PCC may be useless but complaining to them at least shows you believe you have a case, libel litigation… Read more »
Wow, how it unfolds…. the thing in all this is it’s not wholely a witch-hunt or a baying mob. There’s so many deprived of normal opportunities by a short sighted, eye off the ball leader who could not even ascertain this certain media stitch-up situation, goodness knows who else pulls the wool over his eyes. Surely Mr. Pugh’s partner should have known better or did she not… Read more »

And Now Chris Welsford has been reported…the childrens games go on………….

Transmission begins: cllr welsford reported by directors of IW Jazz Festival Limited to ethical standards committee november 2009. referred for investigation 30th november in respect of his support for decision by isle of wight council to refuse to hire salisbury gardens to said jazz company. jazz diectors allege cllr welsford lied in his communications to isle of wight council and failed to properly convey decision of ventnor… Read more »

Its interesting that he was reported on 30/11/09
and nothing has happened until now it could it be pugh and county hall are having hissy fit


About time Mr Welsford had a taste of his own medicine. He’s had a good run!


Gosh M.Woods, what has Chris done now?


Dubois – It’s not over till the fat lady sings.

Chris will be with us for a great deal longer, I’m sure.


Time will tell!


On this day, when politics on the Island has sunken into a stupid mess..I remember a great man, a real politician..a man of honour…one of the last of a breed that considered they served the people

Michael Foot RIP


Michael Foot RIP – I do hope they bury him in that donkey jacket.

Deborah Gardiner

What a lovely comment No 5. I am very sad tonight. I saw him speak several times, met him once, and he was an astonishing orator and a lovely man.

Gruntled of Bembridge

Well said Shobba – the last (apart from Tony Benn) of a breed that had socialist passion combined with fine oratory yet always charming and honourable. He shouldn’t be sharing a site with this Tory maladministration.


I met him a few times in my youth..Usually in Trafalgar Square or outside an Embassy somewhere. He had an interest in my Grandfather who was one of friend of Bevans

Forget Pugh. Let’s just suppose I’m a boss who fancies a woman at work, she’s married but not presently with her husband, so I invite her to our annual dinner and dance. All the top directors and managers are there, it’s a black tie do. My date is reluctant and a bit short of cash, so I treat her to a new dress, pay for her ticket… Read more »

Has anybody got Issue 41 of the Gazette from the 13th November 2009?
I seem to remember it had some photos of the editor with a female in tow at the Balcony or someone similar, and I have my suspicions it might have been herself. I’ve been on their website but this is the only copy that isn’t available as it is password protected, very suspicious!

reply to YouPughbe

I’m getting that link password protected on firefox, google chrome, and IE8 on windows and also firefox on linux

Holy Moley!

If you go to the back issue before or after that one, then change the date in the link to 131109 it works


Yes thanks that worked, couldn’t find the picture I was after though must have seen it elsewhere, strange that that issue was protected. I notice that they all only go up to page 19 as the back pages are missing.

Holy Moley!
You can access the other pages, not the clearest menu – scroll through them all and click on the right arrow next to the right hand page – quicker way is to click on the right hand button at the bottom centre of screen. I think you want page 23. Let us know if you see anyone you recognise, I’m sure that’s the idea of these “features”… Read more »

Ahh right I found the picture I meant, it wasn’t her, just another victim…thanks for the hacking:)
Still wonder why it was password protected though.

Holy Moley!

No problem. It’s strange that it’s password “protected”. I’d better watch out I’m not on a harrassment charge next.

I’m intrigued that you remembered a specific issue of the paper though?…

Whilst I’m thinking about consipracy theories – I tried to post a direct link to the issue on here but it didn’t post – maybe VB block The Gazette?


I had already checked the other copies so I though it must be that one, I don’t think its her but they all look so Pi**ed its hard to tell. That would explain it being locked though


BTW bottom right on page 23 of issue 41