Refuse Collections Disruption: Check Table For Dates

Rubbish collection dates are still disrupted

Walking down our road yesterday, we were surprised to see that many neighbours had put their rubbish out for collection.

Uncollected RubbishWe normally have our rubbish collected on a Tuesday, so we guess most people expected it would be collected the next day, given the disruption caused by the Christmas and New Year holidays.

However, due to the refuse team catching up with backlog from the four bank holidays, our rubbish won’t be collected until Friday this week.

With the risk of rubbish being strewn across the streets after being opened by wildlife, do check the table below for your collection dates over the next couple of weeks.

If you have limited access to the Internet and forget the dates, you can see a list of refuse collection/recycling dates and locations in your local Library.

Normally collected Revised collection
Mon 3 Jan 11 Thu 6 Jan 11
Tue 4 Jan 11 Fri 7 Jan 11
Wed 5 Jan 11 Sat 8 Jan 11
Thu 6 Jan 11 Mon 10 Jan 11
Fri 7 Jan 11 Tue 11 Jan 11

Mon 10 Jan 11 Wed 12 Jan 11
Tue 11 Jan 11 Thu 13 Jan 11
Wed 12 Jan 11 Fri 14 Jan 11
Thu 13 Jan 11 Sat 15 Jan 11
Fri 14 Jan 11 Mon 17 Jan 11

Mon 17 Jan 11 Tue 18 Jan 11
Tue 18 Jan 11 Wed 19 Jan 11
Wed 19 Jan 11 Thu 20 Jan 11
Thu 20 Jan 11 Fri 21 Jan 11
Fri 21 Jan 11 Sat 22 Jan 11

Image: ChiaraMarra under CC BY 2.0

Thursday, 6th January, 2011 8:33am



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11 Comments on "Refuse Collections Disruption: Check Table For Dates"

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Debby Robinson
Very many thanks for that Sal. The town was looking like a tip yesterday – took me back to the council worker strikes of the 80’s in London! I go for regular meetings with Island Waste and they do try hard to get their message across but this year’s long holiday has exacerbated the situation. I’ll bring it up at the next meeting. It would help (on… Read more »
Steephill Jack
The collection dates have been known and published for those who care to find out: it’s not that difficult and it does happen as planned. I admire the guys who shift it. Can I offer a suggestion regarding animal intruders into rubbish bags ? Spray the outside of your rubbish bags with a deordorant spray: you probably have one in the toilet. I find this works, while… Read more »
Old Knobby
Ours is normally collected on a Wednesday so some neighbours left there’s out yesterday and more have today. The foxes and cats will have a field day by Saturday. Whilst not everyone has internet access, surely most people will at least have read the County Press or various (free) Beacon’s which also had the dates? It’s not like the collection dates don’t change when ever there’s a… Read more »
Paul Miller
By not working Sat 1st (technically not a Bank Holiday because the Monday 3rd was) they have allowed a 3 day accumulated delay (over a two week period) which will now take 3 weekends (Sat 8, Sat 15 and Sat 22) to clear. I wrongly assumed they would have worked the Saturday between ‘Xmas’ and ‘New Year’ so was 1 day early – as was the majority… Read more »

Ours was collected today..and it needed it. Unfortunately nobody knew as the next collection was due Friday, so the rubbish has already started re-appearing

hazel wyld
I have nothing but admiration for our refuse collectors, having lived in London, Dorset, Berkshire to name but few I think we are fortunate indeed in the service we get. Obviously on any bank holiday there are going to be alterations to the service but a quick look on line or in the CP will let you know when your next collection is due…in the country it… Read more »
Don Smith

Our was removed without any fuss on the dates that were given to us. These chaps do a bloody good job, and if you lived in some towns on the mainland you would have something to moan about.

Dusty Bin

err.. What Saturday between Xmas & New Year?

Are you suggesting the binmen should have eased off their New Year’s Eve celebrating and got up early New Year’s Day to do some overtime?

Remember they do not normally work Saturday, so how much would you be prepared to work for… 8 hours on New Year’s Day starting at 7am?


Quite right too, mine are perfect. as they have been everywhere I’ve lived. Like postmmen, they are underpaid local heroes.

are people really that angry over a few uncollected bin bags? appart from anything else, the amended dates were published mid december. there was plenty of notice, people know that christmas time the dates are always jiggled about, and frankly theres far more important things to worry about. Those who are moaning about this have only themselves to blame. Next year, check your facts in december. Then… Read more »
Don Smith

A touch of the Caulkhead Syndrome mi thinks:-)
Watch for the dates of the next bank holidays!