Reminder to Isle of Wight landowers about how to keep roads safe this winter

Island Roads are reminding landowners and residents about what they can do to help keep the road networks safe this winter

Island Roads winter team standing in front of their gritting lorries

Landowners are being reminded of two ongoing Island Roads information campaigns that aim to keep the road network safe during the coming winter months.

Ditch it! and Inspect and Protect
Ditch it! gives advice on what landowners should do to help prevent highway flooding while Inspect and Protect gives information on the safe management of trees that are on private land yet which could affect the highway.

Both campaigns enjoy the backing of the Country Landowners’ Association and the NFU.

Ashman: Reminding the public of what they can do
Steve Ashman, Island Roads service director, said,

“While we are once again stepping up our highway maintenance activity, we are also reminding the public of what they can and should do to help keep the network safe.

“For example, landowners do have responsibilities to ensure watercourses on their land are well maintained to try to avoid highway flooding. Similarly, trees on private land should be well managed to – as far as possible – reduce the risk of trees or branches falling onto the road network.”

Find out more
You can find out more on the Ditch It! And Inspect and Protect campaigns on the Island Roads Website.

Steve said:

“We are always keen to work with landowners to help them understand their responsibilities and if anyone has any questions or concerns we are more than happy to answer any questions whether by email on [email protected] or by phone 822440.”

Island Roads is keen to raise awareness of highway issues as it gears up its own operations for the winter months.

Annual ‘autumn parade’
Last weekend the company held its annual ‘autumn parade’ when winter maintenance staff familiarised themselves with this year’s gritting routes.

In addition, Island Roads has hired in two additional vehicles to boost efforts to clear leaves from the network. Not only can an accumulation of fallen leaves make the highway surface slippery, they can also clog drains and gullies.

Enhanced winter gulley cleansing
Island Roads has also begun the enhanced winter gulley cleansing regime. Between now and March this additional gulley cleansing, targeting areas of the network most prone to flooding, will help reduce the risk of water accumulating on the highway during wet winter weather.

And before temperatures start to head towards freezing, Island Roads is also reminding residents of the revised gritting routes which, again, can be viewed on the Island Roads Website.

Map of revised gritting routes

Tuesday, 29th October, 2019 4:29pm



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The Island is still a farming community and tractors are an everyday part of life, as are the livestock you still occasionally find crossing the roads, and due care and tolerance needs to be taken but, even so, the road through Arreton is a major island route and the persistent thick frozen mud left over the road for weeks especially during the winter needs to be seriously… Read more »
Benny C
Landowners and residents can best help as follows. Dinosaur Dave Stewart is trading islanders Road safety whilst prioritising his own personal projects. Maintenance and, specifically, gritting budget cuts have been materially reduced , adding significant road safety risks for islanders, while funding has been approved for yet more Undercliff Drive surveys (to help businesses he says he wants to benefit). His Council , following his own agenda,… Read more »

Totally agree his agenda is purely self interest he needs to go ASAP. He’s got pals, really? they must have white sticks and golden retrievers.