Residents invited to take part in Newport Shock Cash Mob

Local business-women come up with a plan to help boost business in Newport

Two local business-women have planned an event they hope will reintroduce shoppers to small independent businesses on the Island.

This Friday (30th November), they are hosting a ‘Shock Cash Mob’ in Newport.

Readers may have already heard about ‘Cash Mobs’ from the US, where they originated. The idea is to encourage people to head along to a local retailer en masse spending $10+ each in order to give the business owner a little bit of economic stimulus.

The difference with the ‘Shock Cash Mob’ is that the retailers do not know in advance that shoppers may be heading their way.

First of many
The event is being organised by Lyn Blackledge and Julie Jones-Evans and is the first of many planned for around the Island.

Lyn said, “We are setting up Shock Cash Mobs around the Island to help local businesses survive. We want to encourage people to shop local!

“Just come along with a fiver to the meeting place and then Julie and I will lead you to the chosen independent retailer. We then spend our fiver in the shop – helping the local trader.”

If you’d like to take part head to Newport on Friday and meet outside McDonald’s at 10am.

Don’t forget your fiver.

Image: David Shuttler under CC BY 2.0

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Wednesday, 28th November, 2012 2:22pm



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  1. There’s some irony here about the meet congregating outside of McDonalds, isn’t there?

    Or is that planned?

  2. I do not believe it

    29.Nov.2012 9:04am

    I am sure that many small independent traders in Newport would get more support without the necessity of a ‘Shock Cash Mob’ if Newport was:-

    * cheaper to park in
    * the streets and pavements were cleaned daily
    * there was a meaningful drop in the number of fast-food takeaways and charity shops
    * there was a corresponding increase in the number of quality shops

    Newport seems to be a magnet for only those seeking cheap clothes, stuffing their faces with junk food and officious and unbending traffic wardens. Oh the glee on their faces when they discover, as in my case, I had overstayed in a car park by six minutes! £25 fine! Cheaper and more pleasant to go to West Quay in S’ton.

  3. sheila ferguson

    1.Dec.2012 1:40pm

    The first Cash Mob invasion was to our shop TRADE WINDS GLOBAL GIFTS in Scarrots Lane, and very welcome it was too – although somewhat of a shock to Ian as I was elsewhere at the time! Thank you to Lyn and Julie for organising this, it was our best day this year!

  4. Lyn Blackledge

    7.Dec.2012 9:37am

    We met outside MacDonalds as it was a well known place and also many people would see us! The manager of MacDonalds also supported us and spent his money in Trade winds too. Going to West Quay wont help to encourage people to shop local. If we do nothing the situation will only get worse. Why not come and join us on Sunday 9th. meeting outside the Railway Medina corner of Sea street and Holyrood street 1.30 – We have sooooo many local traders with such beautiful items. Cant believe that spending on a ferry and supporting traders across the water works out better. We have a lot of support and are very grateful to On the Wight for spreading the word. We have many more events planned – do come and join us. We have some beautiful quirky shops. lets not loose them

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