Revised plans for former football ground smaller and include second drive-through restaurant

South Coast Leisure say all but one of the units have confirmed tenants and the new plans are smaller than before

Plans for St George's Way

A revised planning application for a retail park on the site of the former Newport Football Club ground at St George’s Way has been submitted by Island-based developers South Coast Leisure.

The proposal seeks approval for a slightly smaller development to that approved in February 2020 with nearly 20% less retail floorspace, together with a second drive-through restaurant.

Nearly all tenants confirmed
All but one of the retail units have confirmed tenants, although, as with the original application, these are not being named for commercial reasons. They include, however, a DIY/homeware and garden centre use and a discounted food retailer.

It is estimated that the project will create upwards of 250 jobs.

No significant adverse impact on Newport
An updated retail impact assessment by retail specialists Savills has concluded the plan would have no significant adverse impact on Newport town centre or on other towns on the Island.

Plans for second drive-through at St George's Way

The plan provides parking for 275 cars and nearly 100 cycles and also includes landscaping features.

Planning agent Paul Airey said,

“While commercial interest in the scheme has remained strong, this new application reduces the amount of speculative floorspace proposed to ensure the scheme is operational from the start. There is significant interest in the remaining unit and we are confident that a confirmed let will be secured at an early stage. 

“The scheme will not directly compete with retail uses in the town centre but will provide a valuable and complementary addition to the retail offer in the town as a whole.

“As we emerge from the pandemic, this development will offer the public new retail outlets and very significant new job opportunities as well as ensuring the funding to deliver the already approved new football stadium for Newport FC and the wider community.”

News shared by Gavin on behalf of South Coast Leisure. Ed

Friday, 16th April, 2021 8:51am



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Quote from article “An updated retail impact assessment by retail specialists Savills has concluded the plan would have no significant adverse impact on Newport town centre or on other towns on the Island.” Why is it I don’t believe that? Whilst Wickes would be a welcome addition, of course it will impact on existing businesses. A discount food retailer? Of course it will impact on existing businesses.… Read more »

oopsy. That of course is “no” legal reason not to. Sorry.

Of course it will have an adverse effect. Its very very likely that one of those driv thrus will be MaccyDs. If that happens and they reloacate it means two things that are beyond any doubt for the centre of Newport. Another large empty unit in the centre of Newport. Second major effect is a massive reduction in footfall in USJ St. I am not for one… Read more »
Benny C
A property agent writing a report which stops a property development isn’t a natural choice. An independent research house might carry more weight. Who paid Savills? The fact they’ve reduced the floor space tells a story. All this space could have been accommodated within the site IOWC are promoting east of Newport centre. It would have linked to the existing edge of centre retail (cinema, etc), facilitated… Read more »
@Benny C. The IW council have little to do with this development which is a private proposition by a well known businessman aka SCL who saw an opportunity to acquire the land. Had the council not sold land to Asda to grab the millions on offer then Asda would have been built here. Having Asda as a precedent next door means that there is no reason to… Read more »
Benny C
This Council needs to learn about strategy and long term thinking. The consequences of its actions seem repeatedly to come back and bite the folk who elected them. This development has severe negative long term implications for Newport. Gradually, over the next decade, the enduring economic loss in terms of jobs, tax take and other community benefits is going to be very damaging. When retail space is… Read more »
Benny C

And they want to be re elected. If it were me I would be hanging my head in shame.


sadly, no they didn’t – it was the previous lot.
The esteemed J Bacon & Co who then bailed out and took the shilling from the AONB, after bequeathing us the hidious light polluting and town centre destroying ASDA

the auditor

I wonder who paid Savills to prepare the retail assessment. Could it be South Coast Leisure? I don’t believe a word of it. Motorists will flock to this development due to free parking and the IWC will suffer a reduction in car parking fees.


They’ll certainly suffer a reduction in their income from car parking . . .

Benny C

OUR income…..