Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (Robsten) Back On The Isle of Wight?

Are the love birds back on the Island?

This time last year VentnorBlog were the first to report the story that then went worldwide, when Hollywood stars, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, were spotted holidaying in Ventnor.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (Robsten) Back On The Isle of Wight?Well, according to reports on Facebook, it appears that the love-birds might just be back on the Isle of Wight once again.

Earlier this evening ‘Robsten’ as they’re more lovingly known by fans, were apparently spotted on the Isle of Wight Hovercraft travelling across the Solent.

Upon arrival, it’s reported they ran across the footbridge and popped into the Hong Kong Express on the Esplanade. We gave HKE a call, but they had no idea who the couple were so weren’t able to deny or confirm the rumour.

Fans across the globe are already picking up on the news and going into excitement overdrive.

If they’re looking for something to do on New Year’s Eve, there’s plenty to choose from.

Hopefully Robert and Kristen will be left alone to enjoy the delights of the Island, without being hounded by paparazzi desperate for a cheap shot.

Happy New Year!

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Thursday, 30th December, 2010 11:18pm



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  1. Bright Wight Images

    30.Dec.2010 11:49pm

    Great to see them returning to the Island. Shows the Island does have some attraction in this time of cuts and closures.

    • David Slack

      31.Dec.2010 12:18am

      Who the cares.Who are they? Have they found a cure for cancer or anything else useful?

      • They are a huge Hollywood couple, who could earn me alot of money this weekend ;)

        I believe they have a huge fan following and are part of the Twilight films.

        • Is good news that they are over for new years, hopefully they have fun!

          Have been busy today and spent my evening sending my nice clear result to my contacts – will hopefully make an appearance in the papers tomorrow :)

          Happy New Year to All!

  2. the good fairy

    31.Dec.2010 12:48am

    knew exactly where they were lasy new yrs, the same as a load of us ventnorites were, and thats probalby where they will be this year too… and no cameras or paps, thats why they keep coming back,…sorry BWI, i could have snapped for hours, but respected that it was there new yrs too. :)

  3. saw them too GF, and all of the ventor posse. we are just keeping mum….so what they are huge in holywood, here they just fit in, no papz required indeed… is not everything, and the only people out to make money off them is low life photographers that have no idea of privacy or respect for an individuals free time.

  4. I know where they were last year too, so hopefully they will be there again Friday night.

    As for photographs, for some people it is a living. One photograph won’t ruin their evening, but could mean a new car for a photographer.

    Without journalists, news wouldn’t be told, and no one would know anything.

    • J.H Photo

      31.Dec.2010 1:07am

      Exactly DT, I expect that if any of my photographs make it into tomorrows paper I will have enough spare cash to be able to purchase a new car…. considering the quality of the images I would say they are guaranteed to be somewhere tomorrow.

      • TO j.h did you got pics of rob and kristen arriving today?or you are hoping you will get some?

      • Gabriella

        31.Dec.2010 1:16am

        Im glad they loved it enough last year to get come back again. I remember Kristen was asked about it in an interview last year about New Years here and simply said they had a wonderful time. Pretty cool that out of all the ritzy places they once again chose here.

        Im sure photos of them will pop up within the next couple days, hopefully they are non-intrusive ones. Did you already get one of Kristen and Rob here, J.H. Photo? Can we expect it in the paper tomorrow?

      • Could J.H Photo or anyone who has any actual evidence that RK are on the Island please contact Euan Stretch – former Isle of Wight boy – now staff reporter for the Daily Mirror. 07712 775 971

  5. I’m sure we will soon see in the morning if this happens or not.

  6. J.H Photo

    31.Dec.2010 1:21am

    Indeed we will, if not tomorrow I will be out again taking more photographs anyway.

    My contacts seem sure these photographs will be seen so any extras from tomorrow will be a bonus.

    DT, if you manage to get any snaps, how do you plan on getting them seen? I’ve been told my contact has no other professional photographer leads on the Island and knows of no others for this kind of work, do you just email your snaps to the editor and hope for the best?

  7. Polka Dot

    31.Dec.2010 1:22am

    Anna, last yr, and i doubt very much if both young DT OR JH were even remotely close,in fact, im sure of it lol, they were NOT at the venue in question.
    We in ventnor know how to keep quiet, they could do with taking a leaf out of GF’s book, if nothing else, it will eventually open doors out of respecting other people.

  8. J.H Photo

    31.Dec.2010 1:24am

    Just to add I took a series of non-intrusive but clear photographs today, I made sure not to bother them at all and they looked as if they were enjoying their day. I always make sure I do not bother anyone when taking photographs and would always leave if asked to although never in 8 years of taking photographs has this happened.

  9. Polka Dot

    31.Dec.2010 1:25am

    JH….please, anybody can take a snap and send it away to a papz, its not rocket science, even the cp would give there eye teeth for an exclusive random happy snap….come of it mate. There are plenty of talented photographer here on the island, and plenty of agencies in the phonebooks.

    The thing is, you will need to be invited to the do, and as the saying goes, if your names not down, your not coming in……

    • J.H Photo

      31.Dec.2010 1:32am

      Polka Dot I don’t think I have mentioned being at any party tomorrow night, sorry if it came across this way – I did not planning to attend any party for a photograph. If they turn up to where I will be doing Photography work tomorrow night then they may well be photographed, but the chance is very slim!

      Have a good new years eve :)

  10. The grammar from Polka Dot is just obscene. Please, were you taught anything at school?
    Your, you’re. Their, there, they’re…
    Honestly… Ignorance isn’t bliss.

  11. Polka Dot

    31.Dec.2010 1:36am

    Ive had a few rum toddies tonight, so apologies for the gramma. My fingers arent what they used to be, and these new keyboards are slippery.

  12. @JH were they with friends when you saw them or alone?

  13. A pic would be nice. Does no one own a camera ? Lol really?! Is she there with Garrett Heflund from Tron, I heard they are now dating.

  14. I’m not kiko, damn. It was an honest mistake all I know is that she dates hot guys. Sheesh you people !

  15. Someone said they were heading to ventnor (sp)

  16. We are all freakin out about the news saying Robsten are “sick of each other”, that they are “breaking- up” and Kristen spent her Christmas Eve with that ugly skunk Garrette Hedlund at the Soho Haus! We are all disgusted and beginning to send hate mails to that actor Hedlund! If Robsten are indeed in Isle of Wight, owwwwww…. thank you! thank you so much! Now we can really start celebrating the spirit of Christmas and New Year! ow! Christmas is over! Well, Happy Happy New Year ROBSTENS!!! Hope we get to see pictures of our beloved couple tomorrow!

    • allthesingleladies

      31.Dec.2010 7:27am


      Didn’t a bunch of ya’ll freak out because some people apparently didn’t want K at the WfE premiere and they were going to write emails to the studio?

      Weren’t ya’ll attacking random people online for doing such things calling them ‘*****’, ‘psychos’ and other choice synonyms?

      But ya’ll are turning around sending Garret hate emails because he’s friends with his co-star?

      Ya’ll are 110 percent certifiably nuts and total hypocrite

      And…excuse me. You guys believe ROBSTEN is the reason for the season?

      • sane rk fan

        31.Dec.2010 8:25am

        As a sane RK fan, I want to say sorry to the people of IoW for the crazies that will bombard your lovely blogs,websites ect ect. We all are not nutjobs. ie. above posters.

  17. Vicky Pollard

    31.Dec.2010 8:51am

    Gosh VB. For a minute then I thought I was in the middle of an episode of Little Britain! Great laughs you give us guys, looking forward to more spurious stories and unfounded rumour in 2011. P.S are you doing a look back at 2010? If so, I think the number one slot should go to that great photo of the ‘big cat’! Great bit of work that one!

  18. winterborn

    31.Dec.2010 10:38am

    looks like J.H photo lied,still there are not any photos

  19. Ofcourse he was lying. I’ve have a number of newspapers and agencies on the phone wanting photos… no one has any.

    Going to head over to Ventnor later and crawl the town looking.

  20. I hope we get some pics! I remember last year where no1 got their pic except a little girl! Where is she btw.. Sure she can deliver the pic!

  21. romeantique

    31.Dec.2010 11:23am

    Have I stumbled into an episode of Home and Away?

    As for not being hounded by the paparazzi, fat chance, I bet Jay Kaycappa (or whatever name he is using at the moment) will be in going into a feeding frenzy.

    You know what they say about men with big camera lenses, or was that big cars?

  22. Time to go to Ventnor and see if I can find them. Got a few businesses looking out for me.

  23. None.

    Starting to think it was a rumour that has got out of hand.

    Come on people – You must know where they are or are going tonight?

    Might go plonk myself down on the seafront now.

  24. Maybe they really not here this year…. they can’t be invisible :)

  25. I dont know if anyone cares but they’ve just been spotted in Sandown.

    Having a drink with Elvis.

    And Jesus.

  26. what you saying?with Elvis? lucky they!!! :)

  27. I can’t believe they got on the Hovercraft and came over to Ryde Esplanade and no one recognised them or took a photo.

    Unless someone posts some clear evidence, this looks like a wind-up!

  28. I'm Blue If I Were Green I Would Die

    31.Dec.2010 6:11pm

    Or maybe people were making up sightings because of wishful thinking/they like making fun of the insane R/K fans who believe Robsten rules the world (which it does not. Robsten has not cured cancer and did not cure the gentleman in Germany who was HIV positive).

    I’m going to create a twitter account.

    “Rob and Kristen spotted in mars. Having tea with the Queen and Head Martian in Charge.”

    You crazies would be believe it.

  29. From @BethHaaarper on twitter :

    robert pattinson and kristen stewart have just bought a house in the isle of wight, which is like 10 minutes from me LOL

  30. Still no photographs of them. The story continues though…

  31. Perhaps they’re here for media training?

    Certain people on the Island seem to have become quite adept at gaining and using contacts in the media to limit the damage of unfortunate events…

  32. What do you mean Chris?

  33. Media training? LOL. It’s pretty simple if you have followed Rob and Kristen at all. Rob has come to the Isle for at least 3 years straight with a whole bunch of his friends. It is a tradition, and since Kristen is his girlfriend, she has accompanied him for the last two years. There is photo evidence that he was there last year with Kristen (and his friends) and the year before with his friends only. It is not at all unusual for these 2 to not be photographed. They are quite good at not being seen.

  34. HBActress

    1.Jan.2011 12:50am

    Yep they’re over here alright. Got a picture with them both. He was lovely and very chilled…she was different. However I’m very happy that i got the opportunity to meet them both.

  35. Anonymous

    1.Jan.2011 1:15am

    They were hanging in Cowes. I hope they had a fabulous New Year’s day.

  36. nowimabeliever

    1.Jan.2011 3:00am

    Got a pic too. He’s super nice. She’s…well he’s super nice.


    1.Jan.2011 3:15am

    Post the pictures, pleaseeeee!
    POST THEM. POST THEM. We all want to see them.
    If you post the picture it is evidence of your words so you can’t be accused to be a liar…
    We will be very happy R/K fans <3

  38. queen of the hill

    1.Jan.2011 3:17am

    I think you ppl that say you have pics just want to feel important probably live in idaho and never heard of isle of wight until rob and kris why boast about having a pic if your not gonna post it couldve just kept the fact that you have a pic to yourself but no you come here and say you have one just so ppl can talk about you shame

  39. HBActress

    1.Jan.2011 3:24am

    I’ve just said to look at my facebook. I don’t know how to upload them on here

  40. HBActress

    1.Jan.2011 3:27am

    Oh and i’m not sad enough to lie about a photograph LOL Whats the point. I personally didn’t see it as a big deal but if you can’t be arsed to click on my facebook link that i posted to check if i’m telling the truth (Like i care about your opinions anyway) then don’t slag people off. It was only a photo!

  41. HBActress

    1.Jan.2011 3:30am

    Okay search ********* on facebook coz my link isn’t showing. Feel free to add or gander i honestly do not mind.

  42. robkrisfan

    1.Jan.2011 3:31am

    i would like to see your pic on fb. could u post your fb link so we can look?

  43. robkrisfan

    1.Jan.2011 3:32am

    oh nevermind u posted as i was posting my coment

  44. HBActress

    1.Jan.2011 3:33am

    ‘HBActress says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Today at 3:27 am (4 minutes ago)’

    It keeps saying that when i try and post my link. Basically I’m *********, search under portsmouth coz i’m from the Isle of wight but it doesn’t give my that option on fb lol

  45. robkrisfan

    1.Jan.2011 3:39am

    i found it. thanks for posting.if u post it somewhere else let us know please. its hard to see cause its small

  46. HBActress

    1.Jan.2011 3:43am

    Thats okay robkrisfan I honestly wasn’t trying to screw anyone over by lying. I didn’t know how to post it on this page.
    I dunno really. Some people say she’s rude but i mean it was New Years eve so it was pretty intrusive of me to ask for a photo. I just didn’t want to let a moment like that go if you know what i mean. I’m never going to see them again so asked and luckily they agreed to have a photo with me.

  47. “different” is a polite way of saying rude. god you’re all dumb.

  48. robkrisfan

    1.Jan.2011 3:50am

    can u tell us anything? like what were they doing when u spotted them?

  49. HBActress

    1.Jan.2011 3:58am

    Yeh sure, sorry i’m rubbish at stuff like this.
    They were outside on the sea front with a group of friends. It was nice coz everyone was really chilled. Me and my friend spotted him. He was just chatting to his friends and Kristen went somewhere and when she came back she went to him and they were both chatting with a guy whilst having some drinks. They sparked up so i waited until afterwards to i could ask them for a photo. My friend went up and spoke to Kristen who seemed shocked. Probably because they seem to have grabbed no attention what-so-ever so a couple of overly grinning fans wasn’t the first wish she had for New Year :S I took the photo and then asked if i could have one. Wished them a Happy New Year then went away very quickly, didn’t want to annoy them any more than i had already :S

    • HBsocalledActress: Kristen is known to have a good bullsh*t detector. She knows when people aren’t on the up and up. Clearly she scensed something with your approach. She was skeptical about you. Something in your actions told her you weren’t really a fan but she took the picture anyway which she knows it was going to be put up on the internet.

      You’re an idiot. Kristen knew what you were about and you proved her right. She’s a good person and really sweet to her REAL fans even her haters which apparently she was because you got the pic of her in it.

      It’s a shame people like you will mess it up for the rest of us because you’re a fool and until you learn how to respect people, stay locked up in your cage.

  50. Thank you for posting your pic. It’s not that people doubt you it’s just Kristen gets a lot of unwarranted hate from some Rob fans so many fans of her worry when she’s portrayed as bring rude ( which is usually just shyness on her part) because haters will be sure to add that to their long list of reasons to hate her. When the fact of the matter is it’s Rob’s choice to decide who he wants date.
    Great pic!

  51. just wondering, because i’m honestly curious, are all you “robsten” fans 12? they’re cute together sure, but they’re gonna break up after BD is done. bet my money on it.

    • keep telling yourself that

      1.Jan.2011 4:19am

      No Jessica we’re not 12 but you obviously are…lol
      Thanks for the recap HBActress but really if it’s true about your facebook bashing can you wonder WHY Kristen is so hesitant to have a pic taken. Something tells me she had already sussed you out as the Rob fan girl that you were and didn’t really want her pic anyway. Your the one who’s rude!

      • you’re ridiculous and i’m 20. if you guys are over the age of 20 then you all need help. being THIS invested in a “couple” is unhealthy, especially if you don’t know the two. I hope YOU meet your “idol” kristen one day and she’s as rude to you as she is to everyone else. Maybe then you’ll get over this ridiculous fascination with them. I think they’re cute together because E/B are cute. But they aren’t E/B and you guys need to get over it. When they break up, what will you all do? Cry yourself to sleep for weeks? You aren’t a part of this relationship. Maybe you should find your own.

        • keep telling yourself that

          1.Jan.2011 4:26am

          Sweetie your the one who’s too invested…lol. Enjoy your own delusions…LMFAO!!!

          • how is visiting a blog “invested”

            lol @ you and your pathetic life. i’m sure your bedroom is filled with twilight posters and rob and kristen trinkets. have fun hacking facebooks to get proof of this epic couple.

        • Love please

          1.Jan.2011 4:40am

          Really jessica just let it go. You think what you want. It’s OK. Thinking whatever you think will not stop Rob from being with Kristen. With Acceptance comes peace :)

  52. hbactress thats a good name

    1.Jan.2011 4:16am

    Hbactress you act all nice on this blog but on facebook kristen is a ungrateful cow because she was hesitant about taking a pic no. Wow you really are sad people just can’t be happy about anything like you said above you will never have a chance to meet them again so you take your facebook and bash kristen with your friends wow you are pathetic

    • not as pathetic as you, who friends strangers because you’re so obsessed with two people’s sex lives and by the way, those two people, rob and kristen, don’t care about you and think you’re all ******* creepy.

  53. HBActress

    1.Jan.2011 4:22am

    Looking back i think i was wrong to be so offended. After all she gave me the pic i wanted which was good of her. I’m honestly way too sensitive. She honestly looked worried when we approached. I suppose they had nobody there to protect them (i’m not sure how they live their lives body guard wise :S)
    I’m actually not that bigger Rob P fan. I used to be when the films first came out but haven’t kept up to date.
    All i know is that i saw this page and after meeting them both i wanted to confirm that they were on the Isle of Wight. I didn’t realise i would get so many facebooks adds etc So i’m just trying to show the picture and carry on.

    • don’t even try with these people. If you don’t worship robsten or kristen then you are enemy number one. it’s stupid. they’re probably mad because you don’t have any stories of them groping each other in a public place.

    • The only reason you’re taking back your comment now is because you were called out for calling Kristen “an ungrateful cow” on your facebook page. I’ve met Kristen and Rob more than once and I can assure you they are very nice people. It’s amazing they continue to be nice to fans despite people like you who say hateful and cruel crap about them. They took a pic with you and in return you post hateful comments about them?! Perhaps the name you called Kristen applies more to you, sweetie.

    • You insulted Kristen on your FB and now your jab all over the web… Haters picking it up… Nice job… It was very easy to spew garbage, wasn’t it?

    • You’re unbelievable! Really? Do you expect us to bow to you for having posted a pic with R and K? After what you implied about K? You had ill intensions and there’s nothing you can say to make me think otherwise. Honestly with “fans” like you R and K could live without.

  54. lol my “precious” rob? umm rob’s FACE is concave. he’s disgusting. I think they’re quite fine together. two ugos with each other is perfect in my opinion.

    i’m on a blog. it doesn’t necessarily make me a fan of either of them. You know, I did like twilight, before all of you psychos ruined it. So, i like to pop my two cents in just to piss all you guys off since it’s so easy to do.

    while you guys commit felonies to get pictures of rob and kristen i laugh my ass off

    • Love please

      1.Jan.2011 4:44am

      Oh Ash…You try so hard to convince us you don’t care. I don’t care about all kinds of things too. Usually i don’t spend time on blogs about things I don’t care about but Ok maybe your just here passing the time on NYE since there’s nothing else you’d rather be doing. I get it. Really I do. With acceptence comes peace. Embrace love not hate in the new year. Please people. Just let it go already.

  55. So you sayin you troll boards about rob and kristen just so you can something that pisses ppl off? Hmmm wow how sad your life must be and the first thing you do is call him ugly that must have hurt your soul because you know you be at home fantasizing about him let me call rob ugly first to make sure ppl won’t think I’m in love with him wow

  56. Seriously?

    1.Jan.2011 4:43am

    Why don’t you all stop and act like adults and go live your own lives?

  57. robkrisfan

    1.Jan.2011 4:46am

    HBActress thanks for responding. Kristen, from what i have heard, is really nice.I mean she is willing to give fans a pic on her holiday so I think thats cool of her. Glad her and rob got to enjoy their NYE:)

  58. People, don’t argue! No one is going to change anyone else’s opinion. Chill. This arguing makes everyone look stupid!

  59. Wow you people attacking the lady who kind enough to let you look at her facebook page to see the picture of Kristen and Rob on the IOW, after people were begging her and even calling a liar, need help. So her comments about Kristen were less than flattering. Grow up the picture looks pretty good to me. You Robsten fanatics fight over nothing. No wonder lainey thinks your dangerous.

    • First of all LAWDAC, if you read and believe anything Lainey says makes you the crazy one. No one is threatening to kill the girl. But people have the right to express their opinions. It just so happens that Kristen is loved by millions so she’s going to get millions of opinions stating that she’s the one who’s the ungreatful cow and not Kristen.

      We’re not going to kiss her a*s just because she wanted her 15 minutes of fame by posting a picture of Rob and Kristen on the Isle of Wight which any REAL fan knew that they were going to be there.

      HBActress admitted that she’s not a fan of neither Rob or Kristen and is not up on any of their latest projects. So why in the f*ck is she bothering them on their vacation when they’re trying to celebrate the holiday for then?!! WHY?!!

      WHY? SHE WANTED HER 15 MINUTES OF FAME THAT’S WHY! Now she got her wish. We all know what she looks like and where she’s from and her name. So there, how does she like her 15 minutes now?!

      Oh, did she think what she did was going to endear her to the fans just because she got a picture of the obvious? Only haters and nonstens believe they weren’t together for the holidays and maybe even that stupid Lainey.

      Again, every fan knows that they left Baton Rouge after filming and left for London. The crappy false reports of Kristen being in LA were just that – CRAP! They left BR and haven’t been seen since now and that’s the way they love it. You don’t see them coming or going. Rob was caught early on in a pic at a pub Christmas Eve and hadn’t been seen since.

      So there is no suprises that they were together for Christmas and New Years. For HBActress to get a picture just to post it to this blog then proceed to berate Kristen on her facebook page is disgraceful. She’s not a FAN!

      Any fan knows that Kristen is shy but she has a keen sense of people who want to hurt her. Evidently she felt something was wrong but being with Rob and around friends she felt safe to take the picture. Also, she was probably hesitant because she knew the picture would be posted on the internet and didn’t want to be harassed by paparazzi coming to the Isle chasing after them.

      HBActress has no idea the implications of posting this picture has done to them. She could have waited until after she knew that they were back in BR to post that picture. Lainey don’t like Twilight fans because we’re crazy, she doesn’t like us because we call her and the other nuts out on their BS when they post crazy stuff about the cast and the movie. They want to be able to say what they want without retribution.

      But like Lainey (in almost everything she writes and says), Ted at the AT (by posting pictures of their home), the nonstens and other haters (who Interpol is after now according to IMDB -for threatening Kristen) and now HBActress have learned is that Twilight fans will set you straight if you’re wrong. We are not going to let you attack them without slamming you for it. If Rob and Kristen and other cast members can’t speak for themselves or answer every false allegation, we have their back.

      So deal with it! It’s the risk you take when you’re an as*hole. Happy New Year!

  60. HBActress

    1.Jan.2011 5:19am

    Okay I’m off now. Honestly I had no idea i had offended so many people by my comments about Kristen. All i know is that i had my picture taken with her and Rob which was pretty crazy. I know they are both talented but honestly i’m not that bigger fan to know the in’s and outs of what they do or how they are treated by the press.
    Sorry if i’ve annoyed people but i’ve only just realised how much people love them both. Normally my account is pretty private so i don’t know how to handle so many people at the moment. Anyways i’m sorry if i upset anybody.

    • Well yeah, I guess I would be offended too if I intruded into the private time of complete strangers and ask them for a photo and then proceed to call one of them an ungrateful cow. Oh BTW, your photo made it to a tabloid site. Did you sell it to them before or after you called Kristen an ungrateful cow. And this is probably why she seemed uncomfortable about taking a pic

      • I cannot believe what I read you wrote after two people were kind enough to give you a picture after you interrupted their private time together while they are on VACATION or HOLIDAY AS YOU CALL IT!! HOW DARE YOU?!! The gaul, the nerve!!

        You walk up on a couple that are privately celebrating the holiday with friends and you have the nerve to complain that someone was hesitant? With all the crazy females out there who hate Kristen for being with Rob don’t you think that she was just a bit warey of you approaching her?! And who told you that celebrities were “on call” 24 hrs a day or supposed to be at your disposal at your beck and call when every you want something. YOU’RE RUDE AND OBNOXIOUS!!

        Just like you personally sought out Rob and Kristen, interrrupted their vacation then proceeded to slam the girl, you need to apologize the same way. BEG FOR FORGIVENESS!! I cannot believe you. Then you post the picture on the internet and then dis one of the people who was kind enough to let you take it.

        Just a rude evil person. You have to be idiot nonsten. Who would do that to Kristen. She’s accomodating to all her fans. Clearly she was accomodating to your rude behind. OMG, just ignorant!!

        Well everyone knows who you are and what you look like, don’t be suprised if you begin to get back what you just rudely dished out to Kristen. Because believe it or not, she has millions of fans who love her. And what you did was dead wrong.

        • OMG, Chill out. You sound psychotic. All you Robsten fans obsess over these two, hoping for pics for weeks, then when someone is nice enough to post hers, you attack and act like fools just because she didn’t post it according to your kiss a** specifications.

    • Thank you for the picture.



    • So ******? How much did you get for selling the pic to a tabloid? I guess Kristen wasn’t an ungrateful cow after all. Now that you can afford to buy something nicer for the holidays, I think you should personally thank Rob and Kristen for providing you with that opportunity.

      • You may not understand that once something is posted on the internet, anyone can use it for free. They don’t have to pay anything.

        • the good fairy

          1.Jan.2011 11:32am

          loath that i am to get involved with this coversation, i have to correct you on this point. NO they cannot use it for free, and if they do, its called theft. pure and simple. Im a photographer that posts photos all the time, even had some stolen….and returned….a Copyright and watermark take care of that little problem. Just thought i would point that out…….Do not think that Photos on the internet are free do do what you want with, Unless they are marked with a creative commons liscence, all rights, ALL RIGHTS, belong to the photographer.
          Copyright is there for a reason, i suggest you all remember this.

    • *****, earlier this year, Kristen made some comments that proved to be ill-advised. She took the high rode and apologized. You’ve done the same and I commend you for it. Ironically, Kristen’s reaction to your request for a pic foreshadowed what you’re experiencing now. She knows better than most that the internet breeds a response that often lacks a filter or sense of common decency.

  61. Thanks for the lovely picture. It was very nice of you to share. What does sparked up mean?

  62. The only reason you’re taking back your comment now is because you were called out for calling Kristen “an ungrateful cow” on your facebook page. I’ve met Kristen and Rob more than once and I can assure you they are very nice people. It’s amazing they continue to be nice to fans despite people like you who say hateful and cruel crap about them. They took a pic with you and in return you post hateful comments about them?! Perhaps the name you called Kristen applies more to you, sweetie.

  63. HBActress

    1.Jan.2011 6:25am

    Yep. Nothing i can do now so whats done is done. Didn’t expect hate mail. Didn’t expect people to like me. Just put up a picture of two famous people on my facebook like i have done with other people I have met. The only reason the picture got out is because people didn’t believe I had met them on here so I posted my facebook as proof. I’m not going to argue with any of you so best you all get it out of your system on here. I cannot apollogise anymore for being rude. I didn’t make any money from the pictures, they just copied them and put them on the websites.

    • I’ll take your apology as sincere. I think everyone is over reacting to this matter. First off, Kristen is very accommodating to her fans in certain situations and somewhat wary in others, especially when her and Rob are together during their private time. Everyone wants a piece of them and they are constantly hunted down and stalked. However, there were other fans who have come up to them in IOW and only asked for autographs which Kristen and Rob were more than gracious to give. But there have been occasions when they both have refused pics with fans, knowing that their faces may be in the tabloids the next day as already evidenced tonight. I think your reactions were a bit immature to her reaction because you took it personally. Kristen is a very private person and was just being cautious. It’s nothing against you. I’m sure you have learned from this little incident. Too bad it wasn’t all positive.

    • RK madness

      1.Jan.2011 8:41am

      Oh ******, before you call anyone a cow, maybe you should look in the mirror. If you consider Kristen to be a cow, then what would that make you? A wooly mammoth perhaps? Yeah, it isn’t nice to call people name is it?

    • Ungrateful cow? You idiot! [comment removed by moderator]

    • So on your FB you say Kristen shouldn’t be an actress if she doesn’t want her picture taken ON HER PRIVATE HOLIDAY WITH HER BOYFRIEND and proceed to call her an ungrateful cow because of that? Wow. Unbelievable. Since when does being an actor mean you have to sacrifice your private life and be interuppted during dinner,date nights, and NYE with your boyfriend/girlfriend? She and Rob owe us NOTHING more than their film performances and pics at premiers etc when they are working. Even Rob says she has a built in BS detector. Seems like he is right.

  64. Moving on from the photo dramz. It was kind of funny to read that HKE could not confirm that they were there, because they have no idea who the couple are!?

  65. I absolutely can not believe you called Kristen an ungrateful cow..[comment removed by moderator] ..for not appreciating she even let you take her picture in the first place..she is not obligated to you 24/7…she has a right to private.. personal time and if she was hisatant in you approaching her I understand why…the girl is repeatedly threatened by Robs more crazy fans…physically yes…she should be cautious..and I say again…[comment removed by moderator] …dont get me wrong..I am a fan of Rob and Kristen both but let me tell you..he has some LOONEY TOONEY fans that hate the thought of him with Kristen..are you one of sure made yourself sound that way..Kristen..ungarteful?..PFFT..leave her alone..shes taken enough crap of you psycho fans of Robs alone.

  66. This nice lady was good enough to post her pic along with her “opinion” and all you do is complain. Realize that not everyone has to worship or even like Kristen. Be happy and move on. You guys did the same thing to Emma Roberts, harassed her for having an opinion. You do this to everyone who doesn’t agree with you. I love Kristen, but do realize she’s not the friendliest celeb out there. She doesn’t have to be. She’s human

    • Emma Roberts was attacked by Rob fans who thought she dissed him by saying she was on Team Jacob. I think they would probably hunt the girl down if she insulted Rob by calling him a very nasty name like “ungrateful cow”. That was really uncalled for. And by the sound of it, ****** said Kristen didn’t seem comfortable taking a pic. Can you blame her? It’s already made it’s way on the tabloids. And that constitutes being an ungrateful cow? Wow, I hope you’re not teaching your kids to call others nasty names when they don’t get their way. Maybe *******’s mom needs to teach her some manners.

      • After reading your comments JT I (and Im sure the rk fans) wish you could have gotten this pic. Even though you admit you would only want this pic for monetary value, you would at least be gracious and thankful about it. Glad you seem to understand Kristen (and Rob) Hopefully if we get another picture of them its from you. Good luck :)

        • I think you misunderstood some of my comments. I’m being sarcastic at the fact that ***** called Kristen an ungrateful cow just because Kristen is not comfortable with taking personal pics. I would never sell a Kristen fan pic if ever given the opportunity. I actually have class and plenty of money already. Lol.

          • lol. My bad. I confused you with DT from above. Need sleep i guess


      • Oh please JT. You should have seen the reaction of Kristen fans when another actress tweeted an opinion of Kristens offensive rape comment. It was disgusting the way they went after her. Not to mention any fashion blog that doesn’t think that Kristen was the best dressed of the century or a critic who doesn’t think Kristen is the best actress ever born. Or even mags that dared to put a photo spread of Emilie de Ravin in the same issue as Kristen. How dare they. Kristen fans take the prize when it comes to witch hunts. But yet people always overlook that & blame everything on those “Rob fans”.

    • Completely agree. I’m a huge Kristen fan, but totally recognize that she’s definitely not the most friendly of celebs and not comfortable in a lot of fan situations. The girl saw that as well and she’s allowed to have her opinion. Rob is clearly better at handling his fame and puts up a better front than Kristen does. This girl was nice enough to share her photo, which everyone begged for and is now all over the internet. This crazy fandom should be grateful.

      • walk in my shoes

        1.Jan.2011 8:26am

        Well this is one time where I wished the photo was taken by a pap. At least we know what their true intentions would be. ****** claims she’s not a fan yet she pretty much stalked them and intruded their space and begged for a picture with Rob AND Kristen. Seems she wants her face with ROBSTEN all over the internet. And I’m sure the media will be contacting her soon. At least show some class next time Ms. *****. I’m sure your parents raised you better. It sure doesn’t feel great being in the line of fire does it? Even for a few hours. Well welcome to Kristen’s world 24/7.

      • To all of you saying HB Actress has the right to her are right…she does..but what she didnt have the right to do is refer to Kristen as an ‘ungrateful cow” was rude..uncalled for and that people is what you call ungrateful…

      • oh please Anon just shut up. You are everywhere and you are such an hypocrit. If Rob was bashed like that, you would kill everybody. But it’s OK for this time because it’s kristen? Give me a break

        PS: people like Natalie portman never take pics with fans during private time. So That girl was lucky to get a pic. Who is the ungrateful cow now ?

    • So, if Kris is shy and uncomfortable with taking her pics, she deserves to be called “ungrateful cow” on cyber blog? Okkkkkkkkk….

    • But anon, Kristen isn’t human. She’s in a class all by herself don’t you know that? If people don’t worship at her feet, they’re the haters.

  67. to HB actress..if you may allow me to say YOU are the Ungrateful Cow…shame on you to post that pic in your FB and how nice Rob and kris gave you the chance to have a pic with them yet you called her being ungrateful???..anyway you said so you are not a fan so why bother????Kristen is right for being adamant to have her picture taken and post it in the internet..see what happen?? [comment removed by moderator] ! …next time go and stalk ashley greene because shes more than willing to pose and smile with you…FAKERS!

  68. HB actress..i hope your mom teach you how to be polite..u know say thank you when somebody give you a favor..its either your mom forgot to install it to your pea brain or you are just such an UNGRATEFUL COW…your own words gonna eat you someday..

  69. Wow, a lot of trolling on here.

    With regards to a ‘pap’ picture, I’m still on the case. Hope to have something by the end of today.

    The above picture posted could have been taken anywhere, unfortunately. I’m hoping for something a little more concrete.

    • Gabriella

      1.Jan.2011 11:16am

      No disrespect because you seem like a nice, respectful pap, but i love that their first pic once again on our island was a fan pic in which they chose to pose for. The same thing happened last year, it was a fan who got a pic of them. But a bunch of sightings of them from last night so i wouldnt be suprised if more fan pics show up along with this one. And ******s pic has already made it on to big US gossip sites so the shot was good enough:)

      But I wish you luck on your endeavors! Im sure if you are respectful and respect their boundaries you might get a couple pics or two:) But i wonder how much longer they will stay here, i would imagine they would head back to London today. But, anyway, who knows. Glad the first pic of them on IOW was a fan pic once again, but wish you the best of luck finding them today! It’s nice to read about respectful paps which you truly seem to be

  70. Holy Crap!

    Sal, I doubt you’d have to work again if you could get this many hits for every news story haha!

  71. nice to remember the pic of rob and kristen with holly taken last year..such an innocent child very happy and grateful..unlike this [comment removed by moderator] ..hope karma will come to you!

  72. Ms ***** I hope Rob or Kris will never read what you have are such a shame…the way you smile in the pic..aww you look like an angel..[comment removed by moderator] .

  73. Kristen was right when she sometimes refused to have stranger take her photo..look what Ms.***** did..she graciously poses with her yet she disses her..youre such a class act Ms.*****..i hope your parents teach you the Good Manners 101..and I hope to God you will not teach your child [comment removed by moderator]

  74. the good fairy

    1.Jan.2011 11:43am

    LOL Doiley, This threads gone viral : )
    And all because we have Filmstars and superstars visiting our little town… it lol.
    Remember the uproar when Russle Brand was here…..must be something about ventnor eh ? ….
    But then, were not telling, are we ; )

  75. the good fairy

    1.Jan.2011 11:45am

    No.5, too too funny, but , oh so true :)

  76. Seriously?

    1.Jan.2011 11:57am


    Some of you people get seriously over excited about all this. I’m not going to pretend that I’m not interested that some Hollywood actors were partying fairly locally to me last night (if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be here obviously!) but the level of over-investment in these two shown here is quite scary.
    [comment removed by moderator]

  77. and guess what?? the picture now is in just jared..the papz site..***** how much money did you get? [comment removed by moderator]

  78. 175 comments and counting. over the fact that 2 vaugly famous people are on the island. If it were Tom Cruise i could understand it. Everyone knows who he is. As for the papparatzi, theres some bloke up there who says hes never been asked to stop taking photos, I wonder if its ever occured to him to ask permission first?? of course not because he would be refused more often than not.

    Anyway, some of the discussion here has made me smile purely for the way 2 people made famous by doing one set of mediocre films can stir people up so much. As I say, if it were someone like Tom Cruise who has a full career of mostly good films, the excitement would be understandable. For these two, I really dont get it.

    • Seriously?

      1.Jan.2011 2:06pm

      I was mildly interested to start off with – bit of NYE excitement for the Island and all that jazz, but now I just can’t get over how angry and bitter some of the people who have been commenting are. It’s sort of fascinating, but sort of worrying at the same time….

  79. Sally Perry

    1.Jan.2011 1:57pm

    Happy New Year everyone.

    Just a reminder that abusive comments will not be tolerated on VB.

    Please refrain from making personal or offensive comments against other individuals.

    [site admin]

  80. They were in the Spyglass last night. Photos have been sold as an exclusive, I believe.

  81. spotted him having lunch with mates in the Boathouse part of the SpyGlass yesterday

  82. You stole all the details of this article from my facebook status and I’m not happy about it

  83. Robert has some *really* psychotic loser delusional fans who continuously post physical threats against Kristen on the net for one sole reason…he fell in love with her(and she with him) and is a devoted boyfriend after 2 years together. They can’t stand it and are seething with jealousy. And we wonder why she seems hesitant when some girl approaches them when they are without bodyguards? She is a tiny girl who is very shy by all accounts and must wonder when some loony toon is going to attack her or Rob. People leave them alone in their private life!

    • Let’s not even talk about the nutjob Kristen fans who constantly bash Rob & wish he would die in a plane crash or get cancer or call him a manwhore for even being in the same room with another. Yet they fantasize about Kristen with her other costars like Garrett or Jesse or Ryan and even Rob’s best friend Tom. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  84. I didn’t realize the Ventnor blog turned into Ted Casablanca’s AT.

  85. RT @pinkoona: Spotted Robert Pattinson having lunch with mates in Ventnor Pub, Isle of Wight


    The girl next to rob could be kristen,..anyway all I see is a bunch of dudes

  86. romeantique

    1.Jan.2011 3:58pm

    Of course I feel the same way about A-ole (Andrew Turner and Carole Dennett)and I really cant believe how some could find them unattractive. I’m sure its just bitter jealousy of their well deserved celebrity status.

    Please just leave them alone, A-ole are two young lovers trying to snatch a moment of normality hidden from the mad glare of the 24/7 media spotlight.

  87. Where’s the paparazzi who said he had pictures of RK in IOW?

  88. when they will show up the photos


    • Travelling

      1.Jan.2011 9:41pm

      It was okay for her to pass judgement on someone she does not know but we can not pass judgement on her based on her own words….Interesting

    • RK madness

      1.Jan.2011 11:11pm

      Welcome to Kristen’s world. This is what Kristen experiences everyday 24/7. This rude and ungrateful so-called fan has only experienced it for a few hours. I bet your friend will choose her words wisely next time. It sure isn’t nice to be called vile and rude names is it? Karma sucks doesn’t it?

  90. Well, if they are here, my guess is that unless everyone stops bothering them, they’ll bugger off somewhere else next year! I must admit, if I was worth a reported 20 million, Ventnor wouldn’t be my first choice holiday destination. Or second. Might not even make my top ten, TBH!!

  91. Ok they are famous but not royalties. If they did not want to give a picture they should not have done. After all they are aware that there is something called internet and that picture would be published within seconds with todays technology. So no need to bash HBActress.

  92. For those bashing the lady who took the pic, get your facts straight. She said she met them got a pic and then she was bombarded with ppl asking for the pic. She was called a liar and was hounded to post a pic. And to PROVE she wasn’t, she posted the pic. I don’t know this girl from a hole in the wall but if anyone is to blame for such fame-whoring its those who NEEDED and HAD TO HAVE proof that she was legit in what she stated online. Come on people, what has this world come to? At anytime, Rob and Kristen know they could be seen or spotted by anyone. Doesn’t take a genius to know that. They are fully aware when a fan or a non-fan sees a chance to get a pic with a celebrity, they will. Its just they way “celebrity” works.

    I have pics of celebs, quite a few actually, and yes, even one of me with Rob and Kristen, but I do not post them online, nor will I ever. They are my private collection and for me to enjoy. My friends and family know I have them and that’s all that’s needed to know. Rob and Kristen were very sweet the day I spotted them and no, I’m not telling you where exactly, only that it was when they were in Canada, filming Eclipse. I told them upfront that in no way was I ever going to post these pics online and I promised that to them without them asking that of me. I just wanted them to know that not everyone wanted to cash in at their expense and they appreciated that. I only wanted to have a pic for myself to remember the experience of meeting two wonderful and talented people.

    People need to stop hounding others who have pics of celebs just so they can get “their fix”.

    I posted this on another site and people really need to just take a step back and quit lynch-mobbing another person who posted the pic at the insistent hounding of others.

    • I think the majority of people who are angry at this young lady are not angry that she posted the pic, but are angry at her rude comments towards Kristen. Of course she is entitled to her opinion but to call Kristen a nasty name like ungrateful cow was rather rude and offensive. And considering that Kristen did agree to take the picture after all, it was adding insult to injury. I think her rude comments about Kristen, someone she obviously doesn’t know, said more about her than it did Kristen.

      • But what started this whole thing was the hounding of other posters to either prove it or not. Whether she likes Kristen or not is a moot point, it was the total disrespect of someone sharing their pic that they didn’t have to, and then lynching that person for in what she took from that experience, and voiced her opinion. I couldn’t give a flying rats ass if she did or didn’t like Kristen, or Rob, the fact is posters asked for the pic and started this whole melee. Disrespecting her by calling her a liar in the first place. Geeesh…what is wrong with people? Any comments she made was on HER facebook page. Her page, her choice, as if Kristen is going to read it, run away sobbing because someone had something unfavorable to say. Trust me, she’s above all this.

  93. I don’t know who they are.

  94. The rulers of Ancient Rome managed to stay in power (when they were not being assassinated, deposed, or over-run by Barbarian hordes) by diverting the populace with circuses and other trivial pursuits.

    Now, as the Island’s infrastructure crumbles around us, we have dozens of bloggers behaving like paparazzi, enthralled by the movements of two actors setting foot on our Island before it sinks into the sea. Leave them alone, give us a break, and get a life.

  95. Better Red than Bled

    2.Jan.2011 2:53pm

    It is a sad reflection our times that, when this site host discussion on the destruction of the local amenities for people, the removal of care for the needy and the closing of facilities for youth, the most commented story by far is about two people who will make no measurable difference to anybodies life at all.

    I hope the posters here are going to be so vocal in support of the real world which is currently having a stake driven through its heart!

    • Sally Perry

      2.Jan.2011 5:25pm

      I suspect most of the ‘commentors’ are global rather than local.

      • Better Red Than Bled

        2.Jan.2011 7:45pm

        I suspect most of the “commentors” are half-wits rather than global but I take you your point!

        • gobsmacked

          2.Jan.2011 10:32pm

          Blimey, I couldn’t believe it either…half way down I was starting to think it was all a joke. The world’s in meltdown, the country’s about to step back 2oo hundred years and the Island is about to lose all of it public services and there’s 241 commnents about 2 people who are here for a break. For crying out loud people, get real

  96. Trina, well according to you, HB actress is entitled to her opinion and we’re not? She attacked Kristen by calling her an ungrateful cow even after Kristen obliged to her request. And now there are people who are attacking HB for the fact that she did just that. Regardless if she posted the picture or not, HB deserves to hear our opinions of her just as she shared her opinion of Kristen.

    • So she posted something… that YOU are taking offensive to in relation to Kristen?! Oh come on. Were you there? Seriously, who made you all Kristen’s “protectors”? As I said before, she’s above all this insanity and doesn’t factor it in. She doesn’t need fans speaking for her, she has a mind and a mouth of her own. And trust me, she has her opinions and they are not always what a person wants to hear…blunt and to the point. No different then what this girl had to say.
      I’m out, its like talking to a bunch of brick walls. Go.. be merry, go protect thee idols you so worship, and attack anyone who has an honest opinion, whether its good or bad. Totally laughable.

  97. They are in Cowes right now! Waiting for the RedJet but there is police in the parade.

  98. I’m still none the wiser as to who these people are.
    Perhaps they’d like to come back later in the year and go for a swim on our non-lifeguard,non-blue flag beaches.

    Oh, what joy it’s going to be!

  99. Pattinson’s friends are nothing but abusive, stuck-up know-it-alls.

    He isn’t so nice himself. Started shouting at me.

    • That was New Years Eve. Next day (Saturday) he was a totally different person.

      Something happened? Or just annoyed that the paparazzi had arrived… but OK with ‘fan pics’.

  100. What did he shout at you? I get it was their vacation, but they must have the brain capacity to understand that if they weren’t staring in the twilight movies, and voluntarily on the covers of vanity fair, Elle mag, interview mag, details mag. No fans or photographers would be bothering them. You can’t make millions upon millions and star in inmemsily popular blockbuster movies and be like leave me alone. It doesn’t work that way. It was one photographer, no need to be abusive on Roberts groups part.

  101. Embarassed Islander

    3.Jan.2011 4:42pm

    I sincerely hope that neither Robert nor Kristen read the comments on this blog or I doubt they will ever visit the Island again. They seem like a sweet couple and I hope they managed to enjoy at least some of their time here without being harassed.

    Just because they are ‘famous’ does not give people the right to pick them apart like vultures. For goodness sake leave them alone. How would you like it if your friends or relatives were treated that way?

    • To be honest and no disrespect here but who cares if they do come back? They come over, hide and go again anyway! Its not like they come over and support the Island by sponsoring a charity or anything is it!

  102. DT paps are pond scum and you my friend are lower still because you want to be one.
    You do know this is classed as social networking. And if what ive read is true your asbo ban’s you from doing just this. Does it not mean prison time if caught ?

    I do hope someone will pass this along to the right people.

  103. Tina - Islander

    4.Jan.2011 3:57pm

    I have just read the above. Yes it took me a while.

    I’ve got to say it was really uncomfortable reading.

    1. Leave them ALONE!!!

    2. Our beautiful quaint local website VB has been overrun by goodness knows who from god knows where. In places it sounded like a load of brattish seven year olds all arguing over a Barbie Doll in the school playground.

    3. I’ve no doubt the ever-friendly people of Ventnor made them feel welcome (I applaud all said by The Good Fairy) but I do hope the actions of ‘the few’ haven’t scared them off from ever returning.

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