Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (Robsten) Back On The Isle of Wight?

Are the love birds back on the Island?

This time last year VentnorBlog were the first to report the story that then went worldwide, when Hollywood stars, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, were spotted holidaying in Ventnor.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (Robsten) Back On The Isle of Wight?Well, according to reports on Facebook, it appears that the love-birds might just be back on the Isle of Wight once again.

Earlier this evening ‘Robsten’ as they’re more lovingly known by fans, were apparently spotted on the Isle of Wight Hovercraft travelling across the Solent.

Upon arrival, it’s reported they ran across the footbridge and popped into the Hong Kong Express on the Esplanade. We gave HKE a call, but they had no idea who the couple were so weren’t able to deny or confirm the rumour.

Fans across the globe are already picking up on the news and going into excitement overdrive.

If they’re looking for something to do on New Year’s Eve, there’s plenty to choose from.

Hopefully Robert and Kristen will be left alone to enjoy the delights of the Island, without being hounded by paparazzi desperate for a cheap shot.

Happy New Year!

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Thursday, 30th December, 2010 11:18pm



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Email updates?
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Bright Wight Images

Great to see them returning to the Island. Shows the Island does have some attraction in this time of cuts and closures.


They were at Boniface Arms a couple of hours ago!


Exactly the sort of tip we are looking for, but unfortunately she didn’t get in contact with us 10 hours ago :(


Is that DT from brightwightimages after tips again. VB have their own resident pap now. Onwards and upwards for 2011


Don’t tell the paparazzi! Let them enjoy it alone!

Polka Dot

There are NO papz on the island, just a couple of warring school leavers thinking they are big shots LOL


polka i’d be lying if i say i dont wanna a pic but i would rather for a fan ask them for a pic than someone taking one without their permition.

i’m sure they would take a pic with a fan if asked,they did last time they were there.



David Slack

Who the cares.Who are they? Have they found a cure for cancer or anything else useful?


They are a huge Hollywood couple, who could earn me alot of money this weekend ;)

I believe they have a huge fan following and are part of the Twilight films.

J.H Photo

Is good news that they are over for new years, hopefully they have fun!

Have been busy today and spent my evening sending my nice clear result to my contacts – will hopefully make an appearance in the papers tomorrow :)

Happy New Year to All!

the good fairy

knew exactly where they were lasy new yrs, the same as a load of us ventnorites were, and thats probalby where they will be this year too… and no cameras or paps, thats why they keep coming back,…sorry BWI, i could have snapped for hours, but respected that it was there new yrs too. :)

Polka Dot

saw them too GF, and all of the ventor posse. we are just keeping mum….so what they are huge in holywood, here they just fit in, no papz required indeed… is not everything, and the only people out to make money off them is low life photographers that have no idea of privacy or respect for an individuals free time.


polka when you saw them?today or last year?


I know where they were last year too, so hopefully they will be there again Friday night.

As for photographs, for some people it is a living. One photograph won’t ruin their evening, but could mean a new car for a photographer.

Without journalists, news wouldn’t be told, and no one would know anything.

J.H Photo

Exactly DT, I expect that if any of my photographs make it into tomorrows paper I will have enough spare cash to be able to purchase a new car…. considering the quality of the images I would say they are guaranteed to be somewhere tomorrow.


TO j.h did you got pics of rob and kristen arriving today?or you are hoping you will get some?

Im glad they loved it enough last year to get come back again. I remember Kristen was asked about it in an interview last year about New Years here and simply said they had a wonderful time. Pretty cool that out of all the ritzy places they once again chose here. Im sure photos of them will pop up within the next couple days, hopefully they are… Read more »

Could J.H Photo or anyone who has any actual evidence that RK are on the Island please contact Euan Stretch – former Isle of Wight boy – now staff reporter for the Daily Mirror. 07712 775 971


I’m sure we will soon see in the morning if this happens or not.

J.H Photo
Indeed we will, if not tomorrow I will be out again taking more photographs anyway. My contacts seem sure these photographs will be seen so any extras from tomorrow will be a bonus. DT, if you manage to get any snaps, how do you plan on getting them seen? I’ve been told my contact has no other professional photographer leads on the Island and knows of no… Read more »

not hard to get them seen. most national papers have contact details. don’t need special contacts for that


Polka Dot

Anna, last yr, and i doubt very much if both young DT OR JH were even remotely close,in fact, im sure of it lol, they were NOT at the venue in question.
We in ventnor know how to keep quiet, they could do with taking a leaf out of GF’s book, if nothing else, it will eventually open doors out of respecting other people.

J.H Photo

Just to add I took a series of non-intrusive but clear photographs today, I made sure not to bother them at all and they looked as if they were enjoying their day. I always make sure I do not bother anyone when taking photographs and would always leave if asked to although never in 8 years of taking photographs has this happened.


alright J.H we will see if you are telling the truth if those pics surface in the next few days…

Sounds like you were respectful! I understand celebs want for privacy and also understand a photographers doing their job. Its nice when photos can happen in a respectful way without annoying or trumping on the celebs’ privacy. Cant wait to see your pic of Kristen and Rob. When can we expect to see it? And i really really hope they have a good time on the Island,… Read more »
J.H Photo

Any photographs taken could be anywhere over the coming days, really is no way to tell if/when they will be used. I would put copies online to show but I have made that mistake 1 too many times before for the photographs to just be stolen!

the good fairy

you ever hear of watermarks ?? there are ways to put photos online, i do it all the time, and if they get stolen they are useless, reduce the size, to say 640 x420, then watermark them right across the centre…useless, your a photographer, and should know this.


i doubt there will be any pics,i think he is lying.

just sayin

JH a canadian pap made a lot of money from robsten’s PDA pics in montreal. what does your pics look like?


its not even a clear pic. very grainy but i hear it costs over US $100,000. the PDA made it gold. hopefully you get a better deal with your pics. hey business is business.


X17, radar online, TMZ and splash news are your friends JH. Your pics will make your new year a very happy one.

erica terral

well will we see these pictures? And also did they seem to be love?


But your 16! 8 year old photographer? oh come on, not big + not clever

Polka Dot
JH….please, anybody can take a snap and send it away to a papz, its not rocket science, even the cp would give there eye teeth for an exclusive random happy snap….come of it mate. There are plenty of talented photographer here on the island, and plenty of agencies in the phonebooks. The thing is, you will need to be invited to the do, and as the saying… Read more »
J.H Photo

Polka Dot I don’t think I have mentioned being at any party tomorrow night, sorry if it came across this way – I did not planning to attend any party for a photograph. If they turn up to where I will be doing Photography work tomorrow night then they may well be photographed, but the chance is very slim!

Have a good new years eve :)


The grammar from Polka Dot is just obscene. Please, were you taught anything at school?
Your, you’re. Their, there, they’re…
Honestly… Ignorance isn’t bliss.


Oh my, the grammar nazi is out past his bedtime :P c’mon dude it is gone 1am, give the guy a break!

Polka Dot

Ive had a few rum toddies tonight, so apologies for the gramma. My fingers arent what they used to be, and these new keyboards are slippery.


@JH were they with friends when you saw them or alone?


A pic would be nice. Does no one own a camera ? Lol really?! Is she there with Garrett Heflund from Tron, I heard they are now dating.


you are pathetic kiko,there is no garrett only in your delusional mind,kristen is in IOW with her boyfriend robert pattinson an his friends.

oh and fyi your garrett is GAY.


Are you slow Passme? The REASON Kris is even in England is for Rob.


oh she knows mary but she cant help to troll around every gossip site with her fanfics about kristen dating garrett,taylor,dakota..etc..anyone but rob.

she has no life.


I’m not kiko, damn. It was an honest mistake all I know is that she dates hot guys. Sheesh you people !


stupid troll,you are not fooling anyone some here know who you are so give up.


If you are not Kiko, you are Peanum, same person with another name, psycho from hell with OCD and multiple personalities.


Someone said they were heading to ventnor (sp)

We are all freakin out about the news saying Robsten are “sick of each other”, that they are “breaking- up” and Kristen spent her Christmas Eve with that ugly skunk Garrette Hedlund at the Soho Haus! We are all disgusted and beginning to send hate mails to that actor Hedlund! If Robsten are indeed in Isle of Wight, owwwwww…. thank you! thank you so much! Now we… Read more »
Wait.Wait.Wait. Didn’t a bunch of ya’ll freak out because some people apparently didn’t want K at the WfE premiere and they were going to write emails to the studio? Weren’t ya’ll attacking random people online for doing such things calling them ‘*****’, ‘psychos’ and other choice synonyms? But ya’ll are turning around sending Garret hate emails because he’s friends with his co-star? Ya’ll are 110 percent certifiably… Read more »
sane rk fan

As a sane RK fan, I want to say sorry to the people of IoW for the crazies that will bombard your lovely blogs,websites ect ect. We all are not nutjobs. ie. above posters.

Vicky Pollard
Gosh VB. For a minute then I thought I was in the middle of an episode of Little Britain! Great laughs you give us guys, looking forward to more spurious stories and unfounded rumour in 2011. P.S are you doing a look back at 2010? If so, I think the number one slot should go to that great photo of the ‘big cat’! Great bit of work… Read more »

looks like J.H photo lied,still there are not any photos


Ofcourse he was lying. I’ve have a number of newspapers and agencies on the phone wanting photos… no one has any.

Going to head over to Ventnor later and crawl the town looking.


I hope we get some pics! I remember last year where no1 got their pic except a little girl! Where is she btw.. Sure she can deliver the pic!


Have I stumbled into an episode of Home and Away?

As for not being hounded by the paparazzi, fat chance, I bet Jay Kaycappa (or whatever name he is using at the moment) will be in going into a feeding frenzy.

You know what they say about men with big camera lenses, or was that big cars?


Time to go to Ventnor and see if I can find them. Got a few businesses looking out for me.


Any news?



Starting to think it was a rumour that has got out of hand.

Come on people – You must know where they are or are going tonight?

Might go plonk myself down on the seafront now.


well i found this

Richard William Booth
Robert Pattinson is making a guest appearance at Cowes Yacht haven tomorrow night for the Countdown


Cowes Yacht Haven have no information on this. There is no reason to suggest he is going there, therefore we all think it is a rumour, and purely that.


Maybe they really not here this year…. they can’t be invisible :)


They have been seen by others. Just a pap trying to make money off them hasn’t found them. There was only a single picture taken last year by a little girl.


Maybe this pap who seems to have given up should stick to what he is known for doing best; sitting outside his local primary school taking photo’s of the kids as they leave.


I dont know if anyone cares but they’ve just been spotted in Sandown.

Having a drink with Elvis.

And Jesus.


what you saying?with Elvis? lucky they!!! :)


I can’t believe they got on the Hovercraft and came over to Ryde Esplanade and no one recognised them or took a photo.

Unless someone posts some clear evidence, this looks like a wind-up!


you better belive it,last year it was the same,tons of sightings but just one pic taken by a 12 year old girl.

the good fairy

last year they were here, i can vouch for that, and so can most of the ventnor underground. no rumor.,but enough respect to warrant a return visit. ; )

I'm Blue If I Were Green I Would Die
Or maybe people were making up sightings because of wishful thinking/they like making fun of the insane R/K fans who believe Robsten rules the world (which it does not. Robsten has not cured cancer and did not cure the gentleman in Germany who was HIV positive). I’m going to create a twitter account. “Rob and Kristen spotted in mars. Having tea with the Queen and Head Martian… Read more »

Just because you don’t want Kristen to be with Rob doesn’t make it untrue.

I'm Blue If I Were Green I Would Die

Oh there we go with that.
I never said I didn’t think they were together. I just said they may not be in IOW.

Way to show your insanity.


From @BethHaaarper on twitter :

robert pattinson and kristen stewart have just bought a house in the isle of wight, which is like 10 minutes from me LOL


Still no photographs of them. The story continues though…


Perhaps they’re here for media training?

Certain people on the Island seem to have become quite adept at gaining and using contacts in the media to limit the damage of unfortunate events…


LOL troll alert

media training during the holidays break?suuuuuuuuuuuure


What do you mean Chris?

Media training? LOL. It’s pretty simple if you have followed Rob and Kristen at all. Rob has come to the Isle for at least 3 years straight with a whole bunch of his friends. It is a tradition, and since Kristen is his girlfriend, she has accompanied him for the last two years. There is photo evidence that he was there last year with Kristen (and his… Read more »

Yep they’re over here alright. Got a picture with them both. He was lovely and very chilled…she was different. However I’m very happy that i got the opportunity to meet them both.


to HBActress can you share the pic?you can block your face if you dont want your face online but plz share the pic we fans want to see them:(


well if true you meet them and got a pic i suppose you wouldnt mind sharing with others fans right?


You said Kristen was different. Most who have met her said she was tiny, shy, nice, etc. What do you mean by different?


At this point…I’m not opposed to begging. It has been MONTHS since we’ve seen them and we just want one little glimpse at our favorite couple. Please post it :(


Please post the pic! You’d be a here to R/K fans.


So, it was you who called Kristen “ungrateful cow” after intruding their personal space and time during New Year celebration? Very classy, indeed… For how much did you sell this photo after trashing Kristen? It’s already published on JustJared… I guess, ungrateful cow it’s you and you look like one.


They were hanging in Cowes. I hope they had a fabulous New Year’s day.


Got a pic too. He’s super nice. She’s…well he’s super nice.


Is anyone with pics going to post them for fans to see?People are mentioning pics but not saying if they are going to post them.


then post it,otherwise you two are lying.




You are lying.
you do not have a pic.


Post the pictures, pleaseeeee!
POST THEM. POST THEM. We all want to see them.
If you post the picture it is evidence of your words so you can’t be accused to be a liar…
We will be very happy R/K fans <3

queen of the hill
I think you ppl that say you have pics just want to feel important probably live in idaho and never heard of isle of wight until rob and kris why boast about having a pic if your not gonna post it couldve just kept the fact that you have a pic to yourself but no you come here and say you have one just so ppl can… Read more »

I’ve just said to look at my facebook. I don’t know how to upload them on here


ok what is your fb?post a link to your fb here then


Oh and i’m not sad enough to lie about a photograph LOL Whats the point. I personally didn’t see it as a big deal but if you can’t be arsed to click on my facebook link that i posted to check if i’m telling the truth (Like i care about your opinions anyway) then don’t slag people off. It was only a photo!


i’d love to look at your fb for the pic but you didnt posted any link here:(


How do we find your facebook?


Can you please make it bigger or make your FB public for a minute so we can see it bigger?


Okay search ********* on facebook coz my link isn’t showing. Feel free to add or gander i honestly do not mind.


Thank you!!!


i send you a friend request


i would like to see your pic on fb. could u post your fb link so we can look?


oh nevermind u posted as i was posting my coment


‘HBActress says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
Today at 3:27 am (4 minutes ago)’

It keeps saying that when i try and post my link. Basically I’m *********, search under portsmouth coz i’m from the Isle of wight but it doesn’t give my that option on fb lol

info please?

what do you mean by ‘she was different?’


Please explain why you said Kristen was different. Are you implying that she wasn’t happy to take a picture while on vacation?


i found it. thanks for posting.if u post it somewhere else let us know please. its hard to see cause its small

Thats okay robkrisfan I honestly wasn’t trying to screw anyone over by lying. I didn’t know how to post it on this page. I dunno really. Some people say she’s rude but i mean it was New Years eve so it was pretty intrusive of me to ask for a photo. I just didn’t want to let a moment like that go if you know what i… Read more »

“different” is a polite way of saying rude. god you’re all dumb.


can u tell us anything? like what were they doing when u spotted them?