Ryde Arts Festival 2016 in full swing – what will you see?

Today (Saturday) offers a great range of events taking place as part of the 2016 Ryde Arts Festival.

Ryde Arts Festival

Ryde Arts Festival has been officially kicked off and is now in full swing.

Head to Ryde today and over the next week to catch a wide variety of arts events, from theatre, to live music, art exhibitions and more.

Details of all events can be found on our sister site, Events OnTheWight and the official Ryde Arts Festival Website will have details of any last minute changes.

People in the Basement
Please note that the live music event hosted by Puzzle Muteson, People in the Basement, advertised in the printed programme as taking place tonight (25th June) will in fact take place Saturday 2nd July.

Instead, tonight The Depozitory welcomes a new comedy performed by puppets for local people who like local things.

Ventnor Exchange’s riotous new comedy explores the high glamour of local news as we go behind the scenes at Diamond Radio. Not afraid to tackle the big issues over breakfast or afternoon tea with a side helping of crumpets, classic tunes, hilarious anecdotes and award winning banter. It’s bound to be a hit, just like the tunes!

From little SEEDS
Head to The Depozitory today for the opening of the SEEDS exhibition.

Curated by FOAL Arts, this exhibition of smallscale works, sketches and maquettes by selected artists, has already received a great write-up from the Arts Council.

Join the Mardi Gras
Part of nationwide Shakespeare 400 Anniversary celebrations, and taking place today (Saturday 25th June), the New Carnival Company presents, A Shakespeare Mardi Gras: All the World’s A Stage – starting at 3pm and running until 7pm.

And there’s more
Head to Ryde this week and you’ll find plenty of Ryde Arts Festival events taking place around the town.

Support your local arts scene, a little bit of beauty and joy in your lives can make the world of difference.

Images: © Julian Winslow

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6 Comments on "Ryde Arts Festival 2016 in full swing – what will you see?"

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Isn’t the point of Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) to be the final day of excess before the start of Lent (aka Shrove Tuesday or “Pancake Day”)?

Today is neither a Tuesday nor part of the run up to Easter!

9th Feb was Mardi Gras this year.

Perhaps “Samedi Inutile” might be a better name?

Chris Newman

Very Sadly, the biggest Mardi Gras Arts Parade (34 Floats, 750 participants) was called off just before we were due to start, because of the 2 thunder and lightning storms and horrendous rain falls.

It was agreed by NCC and all the Leaders of the Groups involved that it would be too dangerous to continue under these conditions.

Chris Newman

DaveIOW – Don’t be so pedantic, to quote Shakespeare (the event’s theme this year) “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” – Romeo & Juliet. ~ What does it matter what it’s called?


By “pedantic” I presume you mean “accurate”?

I was actually being flippant, something that often gets lost in the written word, but even so by what right do you presume to tell me not to be pedantic?

It rather smacks of arrogance. If I choose to be pedantic (accurate) I will be so.

I don’t think the word ‘pedantic’ can be regarded as beyond the pale. To my mind it does indeed refer to someone who is being accurate, but to a degree that is irritating to someone else and may also be beside the point. I don’t know if Chris Newman was associated with all the hard work getting the event together, only to have it cancelled at the… Read more »

Chris, Good points raised by Nico. If you are indeed involved in organising the carnival and my flippant comment has exacerbated your entirely understandable irritability about the short notice cancellation, then I offer you a sincere apology.

My intent was humour, not to irritate.