Was Ryde beach missing boys search a hoax or completely innocent? Parents urged to get in touch

Police say they are keeping “an open mind” and urge parents of the ‘missing’ boys to get in touch.

Ryde Beach

Details of several agencies being involved in a widespread search following a report of two missing boys on Ryde beach yesterday (Monday 19th August) has reached the national news.

Two boys reported missing
The media were alerted to details of the search after police were called for assistance by HM Coastguard at 1.21pm yesterday.

It was reported that over 50 people were involved in the search including many holiday-makers and locals as well as HM Coastguard, Ryde Inshore Rescue and Police officers and staff.

The man and woman who made the call said they’d last seen the two boys (aged six and eight years old) at around midday going into the water between the Ryde Inshore Rescue building and Appley Tower.

Widespread search
Whilst the Coastguard and inshore rescue teams were searching the water, police officers and staff checked tourist attractions, nearby hotels, as well as an address given by the parents, which turned out to be incorrect.

At around 4.15pm, several hours after the search had started, the Coastguard called off their search, saying there was, “no further information to suggest two children were in danger”.

An innocent explanation?
A great deal of speculation followed on social media networks, as well as on national news Websites after it was suggested by HM Coastguard that this may have been a hoax call.

Police went on to advise that they were not able to confirm that the call received about the missing boys came from the parents, or that the boys were brothers.

They reiterated this morning that they’re keeping “an open mind about the circumstances of this report” and urged the parents of the boys to get in touch.

It’s highly possible the boys were found by the parents, who failed to inform the police.

“There is no evidence at this time to confirm a criminal offence has been committed deliberately. There could be a completely innocent explanation for what happened. Nothing can be ruled out as we assess all the information available.

“We are renewing an appeal for the parents or any relatives of these two boys to contact the police.”

Get in touch
Police are urging whoever made the call to get in touch with them today. Anyone else with information is asked to contact Newport Police Station by phoning 101. Alternatively, call the independent Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555 111 if you wish to remain anonymous.

Image: Ron Saunders 47 under CC BY 2.0

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Tuesday, 20th August, 2013 10:11am


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  1. Friend of mine had an idea (always dodgy)…….maybe this was a scam that gets most of the emergency services concentrated on one side of the island whilst on the other side a boat sneaks in with an illegal cargo. Unlikely I thought, but then…………..?

    • Mason Watch

      21.Aug.2013 6:59pm

      Interesting theory but UKBA are not reliant on the police or Coastguard for coastal operations. Any dodgy cargo delivery would be dealt with “in house ” – remember the Boy Green and his being observed by covertly hidden officers……….. It was only a matter of time…….

  2. Strange how it takes masses of calling and bothering the police about a break-in in progress, or similar, yet they’re happy to charge in with the Coastguard with thousands of pounds of spending of our money due to what appears to have been the slightest whiff of a couple of missing children.

    Did NO ONE bother physically finding the parents before all this was set in train?!

    Utterly ridiculous situation and very worrying misuse of resources we pay for.

    • woodworker

      20.Aug.2013 11:27pm

      so what if there HAD been missing children? What if they had been YOUR children missing?

      Would you have preferred the police waste time finding you and checking with you whilst your kids are potentially drowning?

      Have you ever actually had to phone the police about a break in in progress? I suspect they would respond rather quickly if that was reported.

      • Yes, I’ve called the police about break-ins, so has my wife.

        I’ve called them three times through the early hours about a guy wandering around the neighbourhood with a baseball bat, too. Only on the third call did they respond.

        I have kids and I am disgusted at the suggestion that the police did not immediately check out the home address (which apparently was FAKE?!) and that the police did not apparently organise to meet up with the parents immediately, wherever they were.

        As a parent, the first thing I’d want to do if I thought my kids were missing (aside from frantically searching for them) would be to meet someone from the police to show them a photo of the missing children (most people have a photo of their kids on their phone) to help other people help me!

        Confirm identities and locate the people who can give you a good description of the missing people before throwing thousands of pounds of resources at something – that’s just common sense!

        They found my mobile phone number quickly enough when my car rolled off its handbrake, I’m not buying that they couldn’t find the people here.

        This whole story stinks – from the alleged family, to the response and details given out by the police.

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