Ryde Harbour: Public encouraged to support town council purchase

Ryde residents are encouraged to attend Monday night’s town council meeting to show support for the Ryde Town Council to purchase the Harbour from the Isle of Wight council.

Ryde harbour by Les Lockhart

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Plans for the future of Ryde’s popular harbour will be discussed at a meeting of the town council on Monday night (28th January) from 7pm at the Garfield Road Methodist church.

It comes after Isle of Wight council approved a plan to sell the site, arguing it could not afford what it claimed would be £1.3million to maintain it.

Buy the Harbour?
The Isle of Wight council is offering to sell the harbour on the open market and campaigners are hoping the Ryde town council will take up the offer.

Ryde Society’s Jonathan Dent said that the harbour, an essential part of Ryde’s heritage, attracts 26,000 visitors a year and even makes a small profit.

Mr Dent added,

“There was no consultation about the sale and it could mean that whoever buys, it could build on it or just leave it derelict like so many other important sites.”

Make huge difference to future of Ryde
Stella Davis, chair of the Ryde Society said:

“Our members, their friends and family who can make it, will be in the role of supporting and encouraging the Town Council, particularly in clarifying the next stage of what could happen to Ryde Harbour and the land around it, one of our amazing local assets.

“The strength of the Society lies in the community it is – the people who care about their town – and there are an awful lot of them. You are important and by attending these meetings, you can make a huge difference to the future of this town.”

Ryde Harbour options paper
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To find out more about The Ryde Society visit their Website,

Article edit
Correction to section about purchasing harbour on the open market – had said “Isle of Wight council is offering to sell the harbour for £1”.

Image: © Les Lockhart

Sunday, 27th January, 2019 4:27pm


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Fully support the proposal RTC should purchase the Harbour – however, the Harbour needs sgnificant investment, due to at least a decade past of under investment and very poor management by the IWC – nothing new there I know, but, dredging for a start is needed, urgently, and that alone will cost tens of thousands of pounds, but without seaward access to the Harbour being improved, the… Read more »