Ryde Theatre: Council Confident Of Bright Future

There are two parties interested in taking on Ryde Theatre and according to the council, both plan to keep it as a “theatre/live music venue for the foreseeable future”

Five years ago on this date, the IW Council held a meeting in Bembridge Village Hall to discuss the future of Ryde and Shanklin Theatres.

Ryde Theatre:VB reported live from the meeting and followed up with details of the outcomes.

Fast forward five years and despite Ryde Theatre having been empty for many years with the previous Platform One sale falling through, the future is looking bright for the iconic music venue.

Two “excellent proposals”
The theatre went up for sale again back in May and the council confirm that two interested parties are bidding, with a view to keeping Ryde Theatre as a live music/entertainment venue.

George Brown, Isle of Wight Council cabinet member responsible for the economy said: “Following a marketing exercise, two excellent proposals have come forward. We are currently evaluating these and we are confident they will be welcomed by the public when we are able to give more details shortly when a delegated decision report is published.

“Both proposals, as we understand them, keep the building in use as a theatre/live music venue for the foreseeable future, this is despite there being no conditions imposed on the use of the building as part of the marketing exercise. In addition the adjoining public toilet block in Lind Street will remain open, public access to the organ will remain and the council will retain responsibility for the war memorial.”

Choice will be based on ‘best value’
He went on to say, “We continue to evaluate both bids to make sure that the one we accept is that which offers best value for the Island both in terms of a capital receipt and with appropriate assurances about the future use of the building as theatre/live music venue.

“With the building coming off the at risk register and with firm and exciting proposals to take it forward, I am confident that the theatre has a bright future.”

Tuesday, 10th July, 2012 3:39pm


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4 Comments on "Ryde Theatre: Council Confident Of Bright Future"

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Excellent news but where the council is involved on the Island we’d better not count our chickens !

Great if it’s restored to former glory though.The Island is losing too much of it’s heritage and charm and the theatres are part of that.

Island Monkey

Oh dear,now I’m worried.

The council say it has a bright future – we might compare this message of support with a football club owner giving his manager ‘full backing’ just 24 hrs before sacking him.

old and grumpy

Hmm maybe it could be used as a car park for the festival, but not fair on the local residence but who would worry as you only just to look at this years musical joke to us all maybe they should be looking at the 2020 festival now

Ryde a Wight Swan

“musical joke” I take it you didnt go to the fabulous festival that tens of thousands enjoyed. I’ve also been to some cracking gigs at Ryde Theatre too so I hope it can be saved.