Ryde Theatre to be sold for £400,000

It will remain as a theatre ‘for at least the short term’ the report states.

Ryde Theatre from the street

A delegated decision report for the sale of Ryde Theatre has been released today.

Cllr George Brown is being asked to approve the sale of the council’s freehold interest in Ryde Theatre / Town Hall for the sum of £400,000, the best offer received.

The document states, “It will also result in the building being retained as a theatre for at least the short term, the public toilets maintained at no cost to the council and public access to the organ maintained.”

Full details in the document embedded below for your convenience.

Wednesday, 19th September, 2012 12:27pm


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“for at least the short term” = “I’m retiring soon”

More family silver sold, then.


On casually scanning this article and spotting the phrases ‘the council’, ‘public toilets’ and ‘ access to the organ’ I mistakenly assumed it was about Cllr David Whittaker.


Having been one of the last people to play at the Theatre, I very much doubt anybody will ever perform there again until at least twice the amount quoted here being spent on it..and it has remained empty for a couple of years since then


R.I.P. Ryde Theatre its going to be flats offices for sure the telling words are it will remain a Theatre for as long as its viable.Keep paying your Council Tax only an extra two and half percent next year even more the following year after the Local Election as David Pugh said vote for us were doing such a good job.