Ryde Town Council agree to take lead on possible Ryde Theatre development

The town council unanimously agreed to submit the Expression of Interest and to take the lead in continuing to explore all options for the future ownership, operations and management of the building

Ryde Theatre from the street

At a packed meeting on Monday evening, Ryde Town Council Members considered whether the Town Council should submit an Expression of Interest to the Heritage Horizons Fund in respect of Ryde Theatre.

This bid, if successful, could see this iconic building and the town as a whole benefit from in excess of £6 million of lottery money.

Taking the lead
Following a proposal from Councillor Tim Wakeley, ward member for Binstead, the Town Council unanimously agreed to submit the Expression of Interest and to take the lead, with the support of the Isle of Wight Council and local community groups, in continuing to explore all options for the future ownership, operations and management of the building.

The Town Council also agreed that adequate resources will need to be in place at the Council to take this initiative forward.

Lilley: Amazing opportunity for community of Ryde
Ryde Mayor, Councillor Michael Lilley said,

“I am delighted that Ryde Town Council has unanimously supported the Expression of Interest to the Heritage Horizons Fund to enable the development of Ryde Town Hall and Theatre.

“This is an amazing opportunity for the community of Ryde. I cannot wait until the doors finally open in years to come.

“I thank all my fellow councillors and community for starting this journey.”

News shared by Lisa on behalf of Ryde Town Council. Ed

Thursday, 10th October, 2019 11:59am


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9 Comments on "Ryde Town Council agree to take lead on possible Ryde Theatre development"

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Er, was the theatre not sold off into private ownership years ago because the IWC didn’t want to repair it?

Someone explain how that’s going to work, please.

Phil Jordan
Colin, Today, an EOI (expression of interest) was submitted to Historic England for a funding bid to acquire, renovate and restore this building back into community use. The bid is a 90% funded offer from grant funding and we have bid for around £7.5m. There are many, many ways that the entire building can be brought back into community use and they would have to provide a… Read more »
Rhos yr Alarch

Also the town hall in Merthyr Tydfil, wonderfully restored after many years when it was mouldering and rotting…

Phil, All that I understand. It was the fact that the theatre is now in private ownership. I do hope that RTC is not going to be paying any more than was paid to sell the building off by the IWC not many years ago. Does the owner want to sell? I think a figure of £350,000 was paid. What figure has been submitted to Historic England… Read more »
Phil Jordan
Hi Colin, The EOI doesn’t require that detail at this stage so an estimated (very conservative – no pun intended) value of the building was included in the overall £7.5m funding bid. That figure comes from a number of ‘informal’ sources that have professional experience of these types of building and in one case direct experience of this building. So, the ‘owner’ is prepared to sell the… Read more »

Hi Phil. I don’t think anyone should forget the price that the building was sold for. The sheer incompetence of those responsible for selling (or giving away as you rightly put it) should not br forgotten. Can you remind us exactly who was responsible for the disposal of this building? Whilst you’re here, what’s happening about the IWC’s planned disposal of another Ryde asset, the harbour?

Phil Jordan
colin, Not suggesting forgetting what happened at the time in 2013 …. it was eddie giles by the way, using delegated powers, a few weeks before the May 2013 elections. Along with Winter gardens for £1 and VBG for zero plus a one off payment to the new owner of roughly £235,000 to accompany the transfer it as the start of wholesale disposals of assets. The point… Read more »

IWC sells to private individual.
Private individual sits on it and it becomes an eyesore.
Ryde residents and Ryde Town Council can’t bear it, so Ryde taxpayers will buy it at massively inflated price.
Lottery funds might do it up.
One private individual profits massively from public money.
Shame on that public individual and shame on the IWC.

I hope it will not be just a Theatre. Here is a great opportunity to develop an arts centre as they have created up in Kendle – The Brewery Arts Centre which is theatre, music venue, art gallery, cafe, cinema and much more, it has become the go to place. It would be wonderful Ryde’s gained such a reputation that people travelled from Portsmouth. This would help… Read more »