Ryde town councillor puts her hat in the ring for Whippingham IWC seat

Cllr Lucioni says that having lived and worked in the area she’s “excited at the opportunity to make a difference in the wider community”.

Karen Lucioni

Karen shares this latest announcement. Ed

Ryde South Island Independent councillor, Karen Lucioni, today (Thursday) announced her plans to stand for Isle of Wight councillor for Whippingham and Osborne in June’s by-election following the resignation of Labour’s Julie Baker-Smith.

Lucioni, who recently spearheaded several important initiatives through her Respect Ryde Project, believes she can lead the way in bringing change to the area.

Lucioni: Have lived and worked in the area
Speaking at the announcement, Cllr Lucioni said,

“People across Whippingham and Osborne have a lot of great ideas and a lot of frustration.

“Sharing our thoughts and feelings is just the beginning of the collaboration, as we work towards developing solutions that change our communities for the better. I have lived and worked in the area; I am excited at the opportunity to make a difference in the wider community.”

Community approach to politics
Cllr Lucioni, who has been a town councillor for Ryde for six years, has brought significant grass roots change to Ryde with her community approach to politics.

She is known for:

  • Running a successful petition to keep free parking on Ryde High Street;
  • Establishing a sponsored community improvement program;
  • Providing fast and continual road improvements;
  • Leading the cleaning of five miles of beach.
  • Tackled fly tipping and dog fouling with a “we are watching you” campaign

Get in touch
Cllr Lucioni, who operates on open door policy with constituents, invites anyone with their own ideas, questions or concerns to contact her via Facebook, email karen.iow@icloud.com or Phone 07506 930 109. 

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Email updates?

Plenty of councillors don’t have any experience on the IW Council till they are elected ….. I expect her electioneering will be a personal dialogue with the people of whippingham and Osbourne as it should be.


So long as the road to nowhere at end of Kingston road gets fix I don’t care if Kermit the frog is the councillor. Terrible that this situation has dragged on for as long as it has.

Many Councillors do not live in the areas they are elected in. It makes little difference how they represent those who elected them as long as they are familiar with the areas + problems those areas face. The Isle Of Wight is a relatively small place, many towns + villages have similar issues. Island residents deserve a Councillor who speaks, acts + represents them. Councillor Lucioni has… Read more »

Lovely lady but her track record is simply a list of minor issues in Ryde and no experience at IW Council.

Osborne and Whippingham need an IW Councillor who lives in the area.

Cllr Michael Paler has already proved himself to be an excellent East Cowes Town Councillor and will no doubt represent the Ward to the same high level on the IW Council.

Geoff Brodie

Why does Cllr Paler not have a Declaration of Interests on the town council website ?

But my understanding is that Michael hasn’t lived on the island for very long. Is that true? You don’t have to be a caulkhead necessarily, but nice to live here at least five years or so full time before dipping one’s toe into politics. I have no idea who I would support. And, as we know, the officers at the Council need to go. Who can we… Read more »

This is a local election to represent the residents of a local Ward, so vote for a candidate who is a local resident, yes to represent you against all the ‘problematic’ situations at County Hall.

Geoff Brodie

Whomever is elected, the Tories will still be mis-managing the IW Council. One person cannot change things.