Sale of Whippingham School Approved

School site to be sold off and become a private school

Following the delegated decision yesterday to sell off surplus school sites, a related delegated decision has been made today.

The latest delegated decision report, approved by Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for the Economy & the Environment, Cllr George Brown, reveals that Whippingham Primary School will be sold a buyer who intends to run it as a private school.

The school is currently occupied by the Queensgate Foundation Primary School.

All proceeds to be reinvested in remaining schools
The report also confirms that any sale proceeds from the sale of the any surplus school property assets will be ring fenced and reinvested in the School Reorganisation Programme for the benefit of the remaining schools.

The delegated decision report is embedded below for your convenience.

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Friday, 8th July, 2011 1:16pm



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Email updates?
Steve The YAK

‘A private school’- brilliant! Now we can get some MEN back into teaching, who will teach the pupils about the history of their own country. Young male pupils need men teachers, and they need disipline, leadership, and their brains need stimulating with active sports and mechanics. Not brainwashed with ‘global warming’ and ‘political correctness’. No wonder this country’s gone soft!

Steve The YAK

It’s alright, Gran agrees with me! Drink your tea up, love.


I am just glad it’s remaining a school (in whatever capacity) and not going to be demolished. It is a warm, welcoming and beautiful building.


So, kick out the primary kids where most of them would have been happy and settled, send them long distances to other schools and then sell the building for private school kids. This reminds me in the politics of snobbery, elitism and working class discrimination of the past.


Er, no. The Queensgate Foundation Primary School which occupies the building at the moment is currently split over two sites, which is hardly ideal.

The school is moving to a single new premises, not ‘send(ing) them long distances to other schools’.

And, really, this VB article should have made that clear.


The information was taken from the report, I had no idea that the Queensgate was split. Personally, I am pleased that the building will remain a school and agree that it would be better for pupils from Queensgate to be on one site.

In the Know

Well, its historic connection and the idea behind it’s foundation protect it from being sold off as a development site.
That’s got to be a good thing-at least the building will be preserved but it was one of the best schools on the Island and it’s a sad day to see it go.
RIP Whippingam School.

Ryde Queen

My local, Ryde private school could do with some competition.


Anyone else uneasy about negotiations taking place before the sale of surplus school buildings was agreed as Council policy?

Seems to whiff a bit to me!


Like most of their decisions, it was not in their 2009 manifesto.


Anyone fancy Billingsgate?


Another Council gift to the “Academy” world?


Wasn’t Priory school looking for new premesis?


This is just plain immoral!


Can you explain how it is ‘plain immoral’ to bring together a school which is currently split over two sites into one site so that all the teachers and children are together in the same school?


I remember being in the first cohort of pupils in this refurbished site in 1983. So exciting walking through the doors for the first time. Many very happy memories.


I was too….beautiful memories lovely school

Fred Karno
Here we go – George Brown yet again. Can’t we ship him off to outer Mongolia or something? In my view, the man is a menace. Never mind Pugh , Brown is the puppetmaster and he is pulling all the strings. He is an asset stripper – nothing less and he is the problem. I could say a lot more, but the comment would be pulled off… Read more »

Brown is a Freemason and is probably quite an influential figure in the movement. Perhaps this is the reason why he and Giles are the puppet masters of County hall and are pulling the strings.

I wonder whether Pugh will try and become a member one day unless he has already been black balled.


more stupid comments & guess work.. Island Freemasons donated £20,000 to the Air ambulance last week


You often reply to other people’s comments by saying they are stupid. Perhaps you should read some of your own comments N0.5 as they are often more stupid than many of those you moan about.

Are you some kind of Freemason as well because everytime the subject is mentioned on VB, you always seem to object or condemn opinions other than your own.