Save Our NHS campaign group call public meeting

A public meeting has been organised for Friday 26th May to discuss the campaign to help protect the Isle of Wight’s health services from further cuts.

Waiting to set off on march

Members of the Isle of Wight Save Our NHS Facebook Group have organised a meeting to build support for the campaign to help protect health services on the Isle of Wight.

If you haven’t come across it before, the purpose of the Group is,

“To establish an Island-wide organisation to secure the future of the Island NHS and recognise that health and social care is a right for all”

Set up in response to the Sustainability Transform Programme (STP), the group say,

“The Isle of Wight has more than most to lose through this programme. We also aim to stop privatisation of any form of OUR NHS.

“The group promotes cross Party working and also encourages open and honest opinion.”

Where and when
The meeting will be held at the brilliant Aspire, Dover Street, Ryde on Friday 26th May 6.30 to 8.30pm.

The organisers are asking for a £1 donation per person to cover the cost of the hall.

To confirm your attendance follow the link to the EventBrite Page.

Visit the Save Our NHS Facebook Group for more detail.

Location map
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Monday, 15th May, 2017 4:01pm



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  1. The entity formerly known as Prince Suruk (the Slayer)

    15.May.2017 5:55pm

    Listened to Jeremy Hunt lying through his teeth on Radio 4 PM this afternoon. He intimated that the ransomware “attack” on the NHS was targeted praised the NHS cyber security team for quickly bringing it under control.

    The reality is that it was a random attack that affected both private individuals and institutions worldwide. Microsoft patched the vulnerability that this malware used back in March, so only affected Windows 7,8 and 10 machines that were not updated, or Windows XP and Server 2003 machines which are out of support.

    Hunt was warned that these machines were vulnerable in 2015, but vetoed both paying for extended support for XP from Microsoft, and upgrading them to Windows 7 or higher.

    So this situation is largely down to his incompetence. If an NHS employee had made a mistake that resulted in a similar level of disruption they would be sacked on the spot, and so should Hunt.

  2. NHS, Prisons, Education, Immigration, all gone to the dogs – Yet Mrs May wants to legalise fox hunting again. Talk about priorities.

    Once again looking after the sordid needs of the few. I could never support any political party that wants to kill animals for pleasure. This barbaric pastime should remain illegal.

    I wonder how the Tory candidate for the IoW would vote if the legalisation of fox hunting were ever given a free vote in The House? I have asked him for his opinion on this issue, however, no response to date.

    PS: All the other IoW candidate did inform me that if they were elected they would vote against the legalisation of fox hunting. There fore you have a choice, which is more than the fox will have if fox hunting is ever legalised again.

    • The entity formerly known as Prince Suruk (the Slayer)

      16.May.2017 11:56am

      I always work on the principle that a refusal to answer answers the question.

      I think Seely’s lack of comment on this tells us all we need to know.

      Just as when Hunt refused to answer questions on whether he knew about the vulnerability of the NHS to “cyber attack” and whether he refused to fund updates that would protect against it (Radio 4 PM)

      Just as when Theresa May was asked what she was going to do about the problems in the NHS when pressed about the issues at QA Cosham (BBC South Today).

      Neither answered the questions put to them. Therefore my conclusion is that Hunt *did* know and *did* refuse to fund the updates and that May will continue to under-fund the NHS.

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