Save Puckpool for the people campaign launched

A campaign to ensure that Puckpool Park is protected for public use has been launched

A campaign Website “to save Puckpool for the people” has been set up.

Readers may remember that developers for the adjacent Harcourt Sands, revealed their plans for the site last month. They intend to build 100-150 houses on the site of the former holiday park.

Concerns for the future of Puckpool Park were raised after developers ZeroC announced, “We also want to bring to the public design workshop the challenge of Puckpool Park, next door to the Harcourt site, and the seafront ‘bridge’ into Ryde and Seaview.”

Confusion over challenges
Residents could not understand why there would be a “challenge” for the developer in relation to Puckpool Park and say that questions put to the developers during the public consultation failed to “remove worries about the future of the park”.

The campaign Website has some great detail about the history of the park and highlights concerns of those campaigning to ensure it remains “as a free, public access park for Isle of Wight residents and visitors alike”.

Image: © Save Puckpool Park

Tuesday, 11th September, 2012 2:36pm



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I attended both meetings regarding this development. I don’t remember there being any threat to Puckpool Park. What was mentioned was the possibility of developing the potential as this is a historic site and making space for additional parking. This is all at a very early stage and undoubtedly there will be much discussion. Maybe it’s a little too premature to panic.

Chris H
I attended the initial ZeroC presentation, the workshop session and the presentation the following day. I saw and heard nothing that was going to threaten Puckpook Park. ZeroC’s first thoughts after to meetings were to use the part of the Harcort sands site next to the entrance to Puckpool to provide an additional car park for Puckpool at their, ZeroC’s, cost (that part of the site is… Read more »