Save Vestas Public Meeting This Friday

More than 500 people will lose their jobs when Vestas closes it’s factories next month. A mass public meeting has been organised for this Friday.

News reaches us that a mass public meeting being hosted by the Cowes Trades Council to oppose the closure of the two Vestas wind turbine factories on the Island will be held this coming Friday (3rd July 7pm) at the Riverside Centre in Newport.

Save Vestas Public Meeting This FridayThe meeting will be a chance for Islanders to show their support for the campaign against the closures, as well as an opportunity for environmentalists to make contact with workers at Vestas, to cooperate to keep turbine blade production on the Isle of Wight.

More information can be found on the Workers Climate Action

Monday, 29th June, 2009 10:36am



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adrian nicholas
whilst worthy and some basic truths contained on the WCA site, i am somewhat bemused as to how people camping can get the scandanavian owner of Vestas and the local planning decisions that contributed to this local employment catastrophe to re-consider, surely the local economic and knock-on effects on the island were presumably already known (not rocket science!), although since most THWART members and campaigners were independantly… Read more »
Steephill Jack
Well, you can’t be a NIMBY about wind turbines and then expect there to be employment in your back yard as well. You pays your money and you keeps your jobs. The IoW Council policy is not sympathetic to wind turbines: “Statement from Cllr David Pugh, Leader of the Isle of Wight Council,[4th Sept.2008] regarding the Island Plan and wind turbines: “The 2005 Conservative manifesto stated that… Read more »
Tony Kelly
I do not want to be a know all, but the issue of turbines on the Island has little to do with Vestas trying to move the factory off the Island. The factory according to their own figures is profitable. What a rotten way to measure peoples work. The owners decided that more profit can be earned if they go to America. Evidently there are more incentives… Read more »
Steephill Jack
I know what Tony Kelly is saying and I agree with it, but in a global economy what happens here impacts somewhere else. The development plan for Ventnor Golf Club depends entirely on grants and funding from ‘the state’ for the proposed wind turbines. No turbines, no development. I think that the Golf Club development would be good for Ventnor and the Island, even though I live… Read more »

“I think that the Golf Club development would be good for Ventnor and the Island”
In what ways, Jack? Care to be a bit more specific?

Steephill Jack
I spent a lot of time looking at the Golf Club development plans and had many concerns about the impact on wildlife and the environment which I raised with the Club Manager. In the end I felt I had to make a difficult decision in favour or against. I have no objection to wind turbines. I think the expansion of the course and club facilities will bring… Read more »