Serendipity Diamonds: Where you can buy ethical, conflict-free, 100% traceable Diamonds

Serendipity Diamonds in Ryde offer fully traceable Diamonds, with the assurance of 100% ethical standards. Find out why their ethical Diamonds go way beyond conflict-free.

CanadaMark Diamond

We live in a society where it’s becoming more common to question the origins of the food we eat, the clothes we buy and of course, if you’re thinking about investing in Diamond jewellery for yourself or your loved ones, where your Diamonds and precious metals originate from.

Traceable Diamonds and Fairtade Gold
There aren’t many jewellers who know the true origins of the Diamonds they sell, but Mark Johnson and his team of experts at Serendipity Diamonds in Ryde, have spent a great deal of time sourcing traceable Diamonds for their jewellery range.

Rough diamond

As well as the Diamonds they use being traceable, they have the assurance of 100% ethical standards with the CanadaMark brand. Not only that, but Serendipity also use Fairtrade Gold.

Goes way beyond conflict-free
You’ll be reassured to hear that Ethical Diamonds go way beyond conflict-free, but you might be asking that does this mean in practice?

Mark explains,

“An ethical Diamond should be 100% traceable and part of a system that gives rock-solid proof that nobody in the supply chain has been adversely affected by the journey of the Diamond from the mine through to the end buyer.”

CanadaMark Diamonds in Serendipity Diamonds packets

Protecting the workers and environment
However, he says it’s not just about the diamond’s journey through the supply chain,

“Truly ethical Diamonds should also help to improve the lives of those working within the supply chain and do no harm to the surrounding environment.

Where do they come from?
The traceability of the CanadaMark brand means that when you present you loved one with a piece of jewellery holding a CanadaMark Diamond, you’ll be able to say exactly where and when the diamond came out of the ground.

CanadaMark Diamonds in Serendipity Diamonds engagement ring

All their Diamonds come from Canada’s Northwest Territories, mined from the Ekati and Diavik Mines. This short video below gives you a flavour of the journey from the ground to the jewellers and who’s involved in that journey.

Fairtrade Gold
However, it’s not just Diamonds that Serendipity realise need to be ethically sourced.

The team in Ryde also use Fairtrade Gold. Again, choosing this option you’re reassured of a fully audited system, where the movement of mined gold is fully recorded, with smaller mining communities being particularly helped through the scheme.

GIA certificate

As well as measures being put in place to work towards safer working conditions for miners, reducing the harmful effect of chemicals on the environment is also key.

High standards
As you would expect when investing in Diamonds, Serendipity work to extremely high standards.

As well as being able to provide reputable Diamond-grading certification they have professional membership of prestigious organisations, including The Gemmological Association of Great Britain and The National Association of Jewellers.

Finding Serendipity Diamonds
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Phone: (01983) 567 283
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Serendipity Diamonds in Ryde High Street

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