Chairman of Barclays announced as new Mountbatten Chair of Trustees

Sir Ian says he’s been sharing his time between London and the Isle of Wight for the last 20 years and believes that Mountbatten is not just a local, but national asset

Nigel Hartley and Sir Ian Cheshire

The chairman of Barclays UK, Sir Ian Cheshire, has been appointed as Mountbatten’s new Chair of Trustees.

Sir Ian, 60, will bring extensive business experience to the role, following a career which includes seven years as chief executive of Kingfisher, the owner of B & Q and Screwfix.

He takes over from outgoing chair Sara Weech following last night’s (Thursday’s) AGM.

Cheshire: Very proud to become new chair of Mountbatten
Sir Ian, who also sits on the board of BT and until recently was the lead non-executive director for the Government. said,

“I am very proud to become the new chair of Mountbatten.

“Mountbatten has a fantastic reputation, not just locally but across the country and it really is a national asset.

“Its work to promote conversations around dying and bereavement is something I feel, along with mental health, is really important.

“For me, this is the perfect time to join this institution and I am certainly looking forward to getting more involved and doing all I can to help.”

Cheshire: Used to commute from Bembridge
Alongside his business background, Sir Ian has experience in the charity sector, including chairing the Heads Together campaign and the Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund.

“I have been used to running at 24/7 as a CEO and when I stepped down, I always intended, health permitting, that I would keep busy until I am at least 70.

“I have been sharing my time between London and the Isle of Wight for around 20 years.

“I also used to commute from Bembridge to Southampton for B&Q, so I am very familiar with the areas we work in.

“It has been a little strange getting to know the organisation virtually in these times but Mountbatten has a great team, so I am excited about working to support them and very pleased to be joining.”

Weech: Confident Mountbatten is in safe hands
Outgoing chair Sara Weech said she had been ‘immensely proud’ and ‘honoured’ to have served as Chair of Trustees for the last seven years.

“Mountbatten has grown from a great local hospice to a significant health and care provider in the community, both on the Isle of Wight and in Hampshire, bringing outstanding care, compassion and relief to so many dying and bereaved residents. 

“Leading this organisation has been made so much easier because of the great team who live and breathe our values every day, from our Chief Executive and senior managers to our volunteer drivers, shop workers, fundraisers and doctors and nurses. I thank you all.  

“I know, with the continued support of the local community and our excellent Board of Trustees, Sir Ian will be able build on all the fantastic existing work so the group goes from strength to strength. 

“There are certainly challenges ahead but I am confident Mountbatten is in safe hands and I am now looking forward to supporting the charity in different ways.”

Paid tribute to Sara’s commitment
Mountbatten CEO, Nigel Hartley, has welcomed Sir Ian to the role and paid tribute to Sara for her commitment to the charity.

He said,

“Sara joined the organisation during difficult times and has seen it grow and develop during her time with us.

“I would like to thank her for everything and wish her well for the future.

“We are very fortunate to have Sir Ian join us at a time when there is much to be done and I look forward very much to working alongside him.”

News shared by Matt on behalf of Mountbatten. Ed

Friday, 7th August, 2020 10:36am



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‘Banker’, and ‘safe hands’, are not two things many think harmoniously go together.


Strikes of saying something just for the sake of it. If you read the man’s cv you will see that he has been involved in a lot of different businesses and one hopes his financial expertise will help the hospice.


If you do your research you’ll discover that on the global stage Barclays is a bit of a basket case.


Barclays has had its problems that is true. I don’t think that the hospice is planning to become a bank though. Why not just be appreciative that a retired businessman is taking on a role to help a local charity? Why the need to disparage?


Please name the men in the picture.
Which one is Sir Ian Cheshire?


Nigel Hartley is the one who looks a bit worried, Sir Ian Cheshire is the one who looks like he’s won the lottery.