Snow Alert: Island School Closures Friday 8th (Update 11)

Details of which schools will be closed on Friday

Last updated 10:34am Friday

* all primary, middle schools and high schools closed Friday **

Decisions on school closures for tomorrow (Friday 8th) are starting to arrive now.

Check back and reload this page to see the latest version or check the VB Twitter stream (what’s Twitter?).

**No school services will operate on Friday 8 January 2010. Roads are still impassable on school routes at present.**

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* all primary, middle schools and high schools closed Friday **

Primary schools closed
All Saints
Arreton St Georges
Bembridge CE
Brading CE
Carisbrooke CE
Chale CE
Chillerton & Rookley
Dover Park
East Cowes
Gatten & Lake
Holy Cross
Love Lane
Newport CE
Nine Acres
St Boniface
St Helens
St John’s Sandown
St Margaret’s
St Mary’s Catholic
St Saviour’s Catholic
St Thomas of Canterbury
St Wilfrid’s Catholic
Sandown CE
Shanklin CE
Yarmouth CE

Middle schools
Bishop Lovett
Downside (inc Kitbridge Campus)
Mayfield CE
West Wight

High schools
Cowes – School will be open on Monday for modular exams

Secondary schools
Christ the King College
IW College
Ryde Private – School will be open on Monday for those taking A-Level exams

Special schools
Medina House
St George’s
Thompson House is open at 12noon for afternoon sessions. Only accessible from Carisbrooke end

Children’s Centre
7:19 updated
The follow are closed
East Cowes
Cowes (Baby Clinic on Saturday has been cancelled)
Shorwell Youth Centre – Challenge and Adventure session this evening (Friday) cancelled
Ryde – Saturday Dad’s group at Ryde High has been cancelled
West Wight

Thursday, 7th January, 2010 1:58pm



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Hi guys, Sandown High has confirmed on their website school closure for Friday .

Red Rita
Why doesn’t the LEA just get on with it and announce that all Island schools will be closed tomorrow as from now and stop keeping us hanging on! I need to organise a child minder so I don’t use up any more of my hard-earned leave. Who wants to take a bet that not one school will be open tomorrow, seeing as it is a Friday (rather… Read more »

Well in all the years I have been Involved With Schools I have never yet found anyone capable to make a decision re school closures during the winter at County Hall,leave it to the headteacher that way if anything goes wrong it is not our problem,we can pass the BUCK.


does anyone know about christ the king college in newport being open or shut, because i cant seem to find anything about that? Help!


C.O.C.K. still makes me laugh outloud



Sounds like you should have gone to school yourself No5 … surely Christ the King College is CTKC?


Ahhh the best days of my life and I can’t remember them.

It was a joke made last year before the current form had been decided


yeah when it used to be
‘college of christ the king’


Sal – looking forward, any news on when they will confirm the situation for Monday? Considering the forecasts for the weekend, not sure that they should be saying that they will definitely be open for exams on Monday!

Great reporting as always, especially as IWC website is so slow due to volume of traffic and that stupid table!

Red Rita
Right. That’s it. I’m taking it as read that Medina High will not open and booking my mum to look after the kids. I work for the Council and I have to get to work tomorrow. Just a thought….why can’t we utilise the teachers that are currently having “free” days off to come and look after our kids, so we can go to work to save using… Read more »
Rita you seem very angry,this is a very rare occurence and I think it would be very complicated arranging childcare in this way and Teachers are exactly that not Childcare Providers. How lucky you are to have your mum on hand to offer support and how nice for your children to be with their Grandparent. You could always retrain to be a teacher if you think the… Read more »
Red Rita

Okay. So what are the teachers doing when they are not in work? Why can’t they be ordered into work to do some snow clearance so my kids can get back into school and I, and my mum, can get back to work.

Hello Rita you still seem really angry, I think the majority of teachers and other staff are quite willing to go in, but as Terry says many staff would still have childcare issues- Also I wonder at how many parents would be blaming the school if a child slipped and broke a leg etc in an area cleared by staff- it is a sad fact that we… Read more »
Aaron Jacobs

Any news about lake middle school yet?

J McInnes

The Deputy Head has confirmed Lake Middle will be closed tomorrow.


If teachers reported for work in the school most local to them then more schools could be kept open.

terry p

Hi, just wanted to say, the schools are not closed because the teachers cannot make it into work, they are closed for the safety of the pupils.

I work at a local high school, we went into work under these conditions last year, when a pupil slipped up and cracked her head open outside the school.

Childcare is an issue for teachers as well as Rita.

Red Rita

Terry. See my comment above. If teachers really want their schools to be open, then why dont they grap a shovel, a brush and some grit and clear the snow/ice? Simple really? In one of my earlier posts I predicted that not one Island school would be open tomorrow….and, guess what, I am right. They are like a bunch of lemmings,

Sailor Sam

I remember the winter of 1963 at which time I was in what you would now call year 1 and my school still opened in those conditions which were a lot worse than these!

Hey everyone, Well I have had so much fun so far. 2010 Has been wicked, and yes before anyone starts I did crash my car but hey smile on my face coz its me own fault for trying to go shopping lol only a small dent in bonnet and no one else hurt so lesson learnt. Went up to ventnor downs today I REALLY MUST SAY WHAT… Read more »
Wendy V

Made same point to my son when he was grumbling about me insisting we go out again after lunch. Could be a once-in-a-generation chance to enjoy proper snow on the island! I’ve had a plastic sledge sitting in the shed waiting to be used since 1991 (when we had snow in London). So good to be able to finally use it.

Red Rita is right. Why don’t teachers go in and help the grounds staff clear the paths? Answer, because they’d rather stay at home doing what the do for a third of the year. My solution to the time and work missed is simple. Make teachers and pupils go in for a few extra days either half term or at the end of term, that way nothing… Read more »
terry p

Mmm…..not quite sure why some on here are teacher bashing (frustration i would imagine)

maybe the teachers could could empty all the bins on the island also..

get real people…most teachers spend their time off doing paperwork, preparation, marking etc

some of these opinions are, unfortunately from the 70’s

have a nice weekend

love terry

I cannot believe that so many people are having a go at teachers!! They do a sterling job and I am glad to have my children at home safe and warm… Yes ok childcare wise it is a nightmare and mine and my husbands work is both being affected but we are doing the best we can and getting on with it, instead of moaning and taking… Read more »

At last someone who remembers they are the responsability of the parent’s

The two teachers I know have spent the past few days at home, in the warm watching movies. Anyone who thinks the majority are doing prep and marking live in a fantasy land. I stand by my comments, get them in and helping clear snow. I heard one daft headteacher today say ‘it’s too dangerous to allow children in’ Not because of the snow and ice, because… Read more »
Apparently the law says it’s got to be 30 to 1 for elf n safety reasons. If this is true, it’s crazy. One teacher should be able to supervise 40 – 50 maybe 100 kids in an emergency situation? This weather is a weather emergency. Is the real reson a total breakdown in school discipline? I believe children unable to get to school should go to the… Read more »
It is a teacher’s job within the UK to educate a child in a safe environment… It is a parents’ job to look after their children in a emergency, be it weather or anything else. At the end of the day every parent made the decision to have children so why are we teacher bashing here! It is our responsibility as parents to look after our children;… Read more »
terry p
Shobba, when was the last time you supervised 100 children? what an incredibly simplistic viewpoint – teachers are educators, not childcare The idea of students just walking into the nearest school to be ‘taught something’ is ridiculous and shows little understanding of how a modern school works. once again – the decision to close schools is not made by teachers… we are not in the blitz ….it… Read more »