Snow Wight: Travel, school and service updates

Most services appear to be running as normal this morning. Check for updates.

Snow drift Thorley

As predicted by the Met Office, snow has been falling on the Isle of Wight overnight.

Police and the Isle of Wight council are advising drivers to take extra care on the roads. There have been several road accidents reported already this morning.

Shanklin Community Library is closed today due to the adverse weather.

Islandline Trains are suspended with a bus replacement service running between Shanklin and Ryde. It’s not clear whether this is snow related, although we have heard that one train has now left Ryde heading for Shanklin.

The Hover, Wightlink and Red Funnel services appear to be working as usual and all buses are running to schedule.

Schools and public services
At time of publishing (7.35) all schools on the Island are expected to open as normal, and waste collections will continue as scheduled.

Image: © Thanks to Rachel Holmes for this shot of the snow drift in Thorley this morning

Monday, 11th March, 2013 7:37am



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  1. Bah! it’s only a dusting! Off to work and school you go while I go back to bed for another hour of dozybyes.

  2. neil clark

    11.Mar.2013 8:19am

    Yarmouth Primary is not on your list.

  3. neilclark1971

    11.Mar.2013 8:30am

    Or Shalfleet school maybe you need a better list.

  4. neilclark1971

    11.Mar.2013 8:33am

    Thanks Sally I found the slider cheers.

  5. The school bus drivers for (315&316) were unable to pick up children from Niton for Medina or Christ The King Colleges this morning due to their concerns regarding getting the buses safely up Blackgang Hill.

  6. Is your list meant to be dated 18th Jan?

    • Sally Perry

      11.Mar.2013 10:10am

      No! Updated now, thanks James P.

      • School buses are all running up in Lancashire.
        A slight dusting of snow in the IoW and everything comes to a halt. Shame/Whimps!

        • Sally Perry

          11.Mar.2013 11:37am

          There might be a light dusting where you are Don, but it’s much heavier in other parts of the Island. There have been many road traffic accidents this morning already with collisions, overturned vans and cars etc. It’s not good out there!

        • Quite right Don. When I was at school in the 1950’s and 60’s we had dreadful winters. Snow up to the windows but we never missed a school day. Schools closing was unheard of. If they can’t drive, they get up earlier and walk.

          • But there were more of them! Schools that is, not winters (although it probably felt like it).

          • That’s very true Brian. I was in the countryside on the mainland, without much traffic to keep roads clear…& schools were much farther away there than they are here, JamesP! But the school bus always got through by hook or by crook, late but triumphant! Not to say it was necessarily worth all the trouble, mind….

  7. Were any roads gritted last night? There seem to be a lot of accidents this morning, even on main roads, with suggestions of ice as main cause.

  8. Much debate on Medina Facebook (parent voice) page about children waiting for buses that didn’t show up and buses that (apparently) gave up because there weren’t any children!

    I know the schools get a lot of flak when they don’t open, but there does seem to be some lack of communication, and they’ll probably have to send them home early now!

  9. Gritting happening now, apparently – about 6 hours late…

  10. well my ‘other half’ managed to drive into newport at 09:15 this morning and apart from being stuck behind an idiot driving at a genuine 5mph ALL the way, she had no issues at all. On the other hand she was stopped from driving to Ocean View because of the ice! Being northerners we tend to have no fear of a bit of snow but most Islanders haven’t seen proper snow and dont know how to drive on a slippy road. It’s not anyones fault, it’s a geographical issue. Watching folk trying to pull away in 1st gear whilst spinning the wheels is quite amusing, unless you are stuck behind them of course, try pulling away in 2nd with low revs and see the difference! Its all about being smooth, and not trying to melt the snow with spinning tyres! It looks like we are in for another round of snowfall this afternoon so everything may well be shut for another day or so! Let us hope it warms up soon!

  11. blackiebernard

    11.Mar.2013 5:14pm

    What a bunch of wimps. I remember a snowstorm in London around Feb 14, 1990 of few inches that stopped the City cold. I seemed to have the only pair of rubber boots (galoshes in US English) that made the city wonderful.

    OK, take few days off, have a pint, and enjoy climate change.

  12. It’s about time the use of dipped headlights,not just sidelights, was made mandatory when driving in snow, rain or any bad visibility,seen so many idiots driving around with no lights on in blizzard like conditions,it makes you wonder if they should be driving at all.

  13. Lovely photo for this topic…

  14. Seeing that this photographer was local got me wondering whether OTW likes to use as many of these as possible, whether for Island or non-specific & abstract shots…. That would add a very welcome extra dimension to all the great things OTW already brings.

    • Sally Perry

      12.Mar.2013 7:45am

      Yes, we already try to use as many local shots as possible from those that add their pictures to our Flickr Group. We can only use shots with a Creative Commons License or with permission from the photographer though, so sometimes limits us from using local shots if we can’t get hold of the owner.

  15. Victor Meldrew

    12.Mar.2013 10:10am

    School bus cancellations failed to mention 332 as there are no buses serving Merstone! Would have saved youngsters waiting in poor conditions for a bus that never came.

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