Social distancing measures heading to other Isle of Wight towns

The Town Clerk has revealed in his latest newsletter that residents will soon get an opportunity to experience major changes similar to those in other towns

newport high street - social distancing measures

Large white dots painted onto footways, the removal of some on-street parking and the widening of pavements are social distancing measures that are making their way to towns around the Isle of Wight.

Newport, Ryde and Cowes town centres have all been treated in one way or another in preparation for the opening of non-essential shops.

Heading to Ventnor
The Ventnor Town Clerk has revealed in his latest newsletter that residents will soon get an opportunity to experience major changes similar to those in other towns.

David Bartlett said,

“Changes will include; removal of on-street car parking apart from loading and disabled bays, extension of the northern pavement by the use of barriers, a 20mph traffic limit, white dots on the pavements at two-metre intervals, cancellation of the Boots Bus Stop and signage.”

Details of when these changes are expected to take place were not included, but with non-essential shops permitted to reopen today (Monday), it probably won’t be long.

Image: © Isle of Wight Council

Monday, 15th June, 2020 1:52pm



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Painting white dots on the pavements is completely bonkers. What an absolute waste of public money. I guess we will have to pay to have them all removed again eventually.


The Boots bus stop might well need to be moved but to both ‘cancel’ it and remove the on-street parking isn’t going to help Ventnor town centre to recover.

Justin Case
The people who are concerned that this will damage the high street may just end up changing their minds. The high street should be primarily for shopping, not transport. Moving the bus stop and removing the parked cars wii make the usable pavement wider, safer and much more pleasant to walk along. It’s possible that more people are willing to shop in Ventnor from out of town… Read more »
They are already in Yarmouth, and very nice they look too. According to the ‘experts’ the ‘R’ has to be below 0.65 to prevent a second wave. We are told the R is currently fluctuating between 0.9 – 0.7, with some areas above 1. No doubt when the second wave hits we will be told it is all the fault of BAME protesters. Of course the public… Read more »

The story could perhaps have been clearer that the imperative for councils to implement social distancing measures in high streets comes from the UK government, and the details to be introduced across the island have been decided by Isle of Wight Council.


As if its not bad enough … another bash over the head for Ventnor’s High Street businesses. Sounds rather like their idea of removing the parking from before Coronavirus, which people were objecting to. So here it is introduced through the backdoor …


“The opportunity to experience major changes”.
Aren’t we lucky!


Surely ‘suffer’ would have been a more appropriate word than ‘experience’.

Removal of on-street spaces just forces people to park in already overcrowded back streets and puts lives at risk as drivers are distracted looking for non-existent spaces.

Rather than improve safety this measure, er…, ‘experience’ will drastically reduce it.

Please think again and look at the wider impact.

Slightly confused as to why this is attracting so many downvotes. Are people opposed to the suggestion that the measures might cause more problems than they solve? The issue is not whether or not people should be driving or going to the shops – that is a whole other discussion and involves mental wellbeing, practical issues and a lot of heated opinion on both sides. This is… Read more »

They are shutting down your High Streets folks and with that will go the community.


Tinfoil hats at the ready folks!


so nice coming from the the ultimate in tin foil hats, a dalek.

Justin Case

Spoken like a retailer jon101 who wants to keep their car parked on the high street and not like someone who wants a better shopping experience so that retailer incomes can have a chance to go up.

The point is that the High Street will be opened up. For the dull of mind, that’s the opposite of shutting down.


“Spoken like a retailer”
Are you aware it is ‘retailers’ that operate the shops ?

Benny C
Pretty clueless retailer. Customers should be prioritised, staff should park away from the shop to free up spaces for generating trade. Basic business common sense. The shopping isn’t run for retailers , it’s run by retailers for customers. If shops struggles it’s almost always because the offer is wrong. Here’s a quick way to check for retail capability. If you don’t understand retail you won’t be making… Read more »