Some councils could be asked to take on running costs of libraries

Changes to the library service are part of a number of possible ‘savings options’ outlined in the budget strategy that could see some local councils taking on the running costs of local libraries in exchange for community use of the buildings.

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** Other possible headline – Looming cuts could spark changes to library service ***

The council say they could save £280,000 over the next three years by making proposed changes to the library service.

A combination of moving the HQ to the Lord Louis Library in Newport and local councils taking on running costs of thee existing library sites could see the savings realised.

The proposals would need to be approved by the full council when they vote on budget proposals in February, but on Tuesday evening, the Isle of Wight council Executive approved the budget strategy for the next couple of financial years.

Library proposals
The two proposals relating to library changes read:

A proposal which will seek to work in partnership with local councils to take on the running costs of three existing library sites in exchange for the buildings being made available as community venues 24/7.

Full year effect of savings from April 2016 and it is assumed that changes are implemented by October 2015.


Libraries HQ moving to Lord Louis: The libraries headquarters will be moved to Lord Louis library allowing for the vacation of space within the corporate stores building.

This proposal requires an element of capital investment at Lord Louis library to accommodate this change. Full year effect only likely from April 2016. Assumes change to be implemented by October 2015.

Full details, along with other possible savings options can be found in the appendix below. Click on the full screen icon to see larger version.

Article edit: Figure to be saved changed from £700,000 to £280,000

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Stewart Blackmore

SOME Councils? I wonder how the choice will be made.

Whatever, if SOME town & parish councils do take over their local library they will still have to be paid for, only this time through an increase in the precept – which means of course that the council tax payer still pays in the end.

Plus ca change!