Some drivers waiting 20 minutes to pay for parking at St Mary’s

Isle of Wight NHS say patients no longer have the worry of their parking ticket running out if their appointment overruns, but some say they’ve had to wait 20 minutes to pay for parking.

new parking machines at st mary's

Queues are continuing to form at St Mary’s Hospital, five months after the new parking system was implemented.

Following a consultation, an automatic number plate recognition system replaced the old ‘pay and display’ machines. Visitors to the hospital using the main car park now pay before leaving, rather than upon arrival.

20 minute wait for some
However, queues continue to form — leaving some visitors waiting for up to 20 minutes to pay and leave.

A spokesperson for St Mary’s Hospital said an adjustment period was needed to allow people ‘to be completely comfortable’ with the new system.

They said they found some visitors needed more assistance than others, and delays could occur at busy times of the day — such as when clinics are held, or when people come in for blood tests.

‘Real benefits’ to the new system
They added:

“We are continuing to support patients and visitors with using the payment machine and are working with APCOA to improve the payment process and introduce other ways to pay.

“Patients no longer have the worry of their parking ticket running out if their appointment time overruns which is a real benefit of the new system.”

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Email updates?
I had a 3pm appointment,left home early as I was meeting a friend at the hospital. At this stage I wasn’t aware of the new system. Drove around the whole car park looking for any space, any space, even though I am a Blue Badge holder. Got gridlocked in at the North Car Park with many cars following me, eventually we all managed to reverse out. Drove… Read more »

For a start, why do they still have ‘pay and display’ signs up when the system is designed for ‘pay on exit’ ? And what happened to the 10 minutes free? I parked for 8 minutes and had to pay £1.40 :(


One can’t help wondering whether a bloke in a box wouldn’t be more efficient.

The whole Blue Badge system is an absolute disgrace, especially as this is a HOSPITAL, not a supermarket or a ‘normal’ Car Park! I eventually had to park as far as possible from the main entrance, slowly walk to reception with my blue badge, wait 5 minutes to speak to the receptionist who then jotted down my registration number on a scrap of paper before I struggled… Read more »

Welcome to caring Conservative government!


Welcome to needless overuse of personal transport!


Welcome to a poster who doesn’t understand the NEED for personal transport by an increasing number of users.

More WANT than NEED in the majority of cases, that is why the Island is more gridlocked all the time, the majority of cars are occupied by just a driver, no car sharing, purely selfish. More and more people are straining the health system because of downright laziness and over indulgence. Obesity and it’s associated health risks are crippling the NHS. I spy with my eye something… Read more »
Dear greatergood, I do hope you never get sick. I do hope you manage to get through life without having to eat your words. I’ve just spent the best part of two weeks parked at the hospital, and paying dearly for it, while my beloved hovered on the brink. at a time like that, when my life is on hold and I cannot think about anything other… Read more »
Thanks for your concern tr2015, but you should have said get unwell (again) you obviously have wrongly assumed I have never been sick. I usually only post comments on certain subjects close to my heart. I do not have to explain to you my ailments but on this occasion I feel I really need to. I consider myself indeed lucky, probably more than some others are. I… Read more »

Queues could be because there used to be 3 machines before.
Also if you have a ‘short’ 4 digit registration the machine will not accept it!

With regard to Blue Badge holders parking in North Car Park. If they manage to park there and their appointment is in Cardiology, they have to take their Blue Badge to the Main Reception, show their badge and give their car registration then walk back to Cardiology, a long haul because I had to do it. I have asked at reception as to when the car park… Read more »