Somerset NHS Trust take on Isle of Wight community dental services

All staff currently providing community dental services will be transferring to Somerset Partnership and all clinics will be in the same location.


This in from Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. Ed

Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, a leading provider of community dental services in the South West, is to be the new community provider of these services on the Island from next month.

After a tender process run by NHS England, Somerset Partnership won the bid to provide community dental services but that will be the only thing to change on 1 April 2015. All staff currently providing these services are transferring to Somerset Partnership and all clinics will be in the same location next month as they are currently.

Andre Frullo, Somerset Partnership’s Director of Human Resources, said:

“We are delighted to be providing community dental services to the Isle of Wight. We are proud of the community dental services we provide in the South West and we are pleased to welcome the staff currently providing this service, into our Trust. They have been working hard with us to make sure we provide a seamless service from day one.

“We are also working hard with Isle of Wight NHS Trust to ensure there is a smooth transfer and no disruption for patients.”

Natalie Jones, Dental Contract Manager, NHS England said:

“NHS England is pleased that Somerset Partnership will continue to deliver high quality dental and orthodontic services to patients previously seen by Isle of Wight NHS Trust, and that this change in provider has been managed to ensure as little change to patient care as possible.”

Image: wonderferret under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 17th March, 2015 5:09pm



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Email updates?

“Tendering” and “Bidding” it all points to the plans to further create the conditions for privatisation and profit making dental services that belong to the NHS.


at least something to get our teeth in to

Mark Francis

Something else the IOW cannot run.


You are right Mark, outsourcing, privatisation, it is all being given away.

Victorian values are Whitehouse/Turner Tory values. Kids with bad teeth, foodbanks where there used to be the Parish. Homelessness due to bedroom tax. People in rags because clothing recycled again and again through charity shops. Poor shoes because the poor can’t afford the buses. People getting sick because they can’t see a doctor or get into hospital because the NHS is being dismantled. Only private Schools available… Read more »
Steve Goodman

Preferably Green, for people & the planet we depend on.


Ther are no Socialist parties these days- only Tory carbon copies like New Labour, LibDem and UKIP. :-((



For those who believe they know what socialism is, they may be interested in the following:


The site is under repair, Mark.


You couldn’t make it up Milly! :-))