Southern Vectis introduce price rises on multi-day tickets

Do you agree with Southern Vectis when they say the “small changes will have minimal impact on customers”?

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This week Southern Vectis have raised prices for bus travel on the Isle of Wight.

Multi-day, Freedom and Advance fares have increased. The daily cost of an Adult 30-day Multi-day Bundle has changed from £3.45 to £3.70 a day, costing a total £111 for the 30 day fare. That’s an equivalent increase of £90 per annum.

The 7-day freedom pass has been increased to £27 on paper and the Key – That’s an equivalent increase of £100 per annum.

However, Southern Vectis say you can still buy for £25 via the mobile app.

Single fares and the 24-hour Rover tickets remain unchanged.

Full details of the ticket prices can be found on the Website.

Southern Vectis: Small changes will have minimal impact on customers
Nikki Honer, Southern Vectis head of communications, told OnTheWight,

“We think very carefully before making changes to ticket prices, and we introduce them very rarely. We do have to consider the cost of running our services across the Island when deciding on fare prices. 

“In this instance, the majority of increases are for our multi day tickets – which were introduced originally at offer prices. They are still significantly cheaper than they would be if people bought tickets individually, and they offer excellent value-for-money. We are confident these small changes will have minimal impact on our customers.

“For some fares, this is only our second rise in ten years – and our ticket prices still compare very favourably with others across the country.”

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Tuesday, 19th November, 2019 11:53am



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Fares were increased in March this year – so that’s 2 price rises in 1 year. Lots of other bus companies ensure your rover expires in the early hours of the following morning, not like SV whose rovers expire at midnight. Public transport shouldn’t be run for profit. They have the monopoly on the Island and can get away , it seems, with charging what they like.… Read more »
Completely agree with all that. There seems little justification for it other than we’re doing it because we can. Yet another example of a company being gifted de facto monopoly status because something, something, capitalism (and/or you know, *reasons*) People harp on about the links to the mainland, but what really needs fixing is the internal public transport. Just imagine how much better lives, the environment and… Read more »
Stuart George

Who did Southern Vectis receive the £9 million of public money from? The Isle of Wight Council gives them no subsidy at all, unlike most other counties.

I never used the word subsidy. Go South Coast Ltd, the trading company of Southern Vectis received £9 million from IW Council in 2018/19. Which is all public money, despite what others seem to think. It’s published on the IW Council web site. They have received subsidies in the past, the last appearing to be paid on the 2nd November 2018 for £13,000. The last significant subsidy… Read more »

so to be frank, are you saying that 3.70 a day is indeed excessive


Ah, it’s not that simple though is it? You can only travel for £3.70 a day if you spend £111 upfront. That is certainly excessive and puts it out of reach for people on low incomes.


fuel cost up, drivers wage up, cost of new bus up, maintenance cost up, equals fares up. should the £111. be put on the credit card the saving would more than pay the low interest payment I still think unlimited travel all day for 3.70 is a gift, that’s a single pint of beer.

Good grief, nobody should have to pay for public transport by going into debt by using a credit card. It appears you have no idea what it is like to be in poverty. Many such people won’t have access to such things. Besides £3.70 – even ignoring the massive upfront cost to get that price – only seems cheap because the single fares are criminally expensive. The… Read more »
This inflation busting 7% increase means that the 30 day pass has increased £21 in three years that’s over 23%. it also means that, for my personal daily commute, this “great value” ticket is much more expensive than a season ticket on the train. Complaining to SV had no effect they merely claimed (as always) that their costs have increased and that fares haven’t increased for some… Read more »
Many IOW bus stops provide no weather protection because shelters are poorly designed, inappropriately positioned or else non-existent entirely. Some existing shelters have no seating or even a basic perching facility, causing immense difficulties for mobility impaired residents for whom standing long is physically painful. On fares: A SV journey of 4.3 miles is currently £4.50 or £9.00 return & the minimum fare to depart an area… Read more »

I’m clearly not one to apologise for SV but I’m pretty sure that bus shelters are the responsibility of the Council – or nowadays Island Roads.

I assume it’s because *in theory* other operators could use them, but in practice it’s another part of SV infrastructure that’s paid for by taxpayers.