Speedway: Last race wobble for the Warriors

A disappointing night for the Wightlink Warriors as the speedway team fell to a last heat defeat.

3 aug Chris Widman (B) Heat 1 start ian groves

Rob shares this latest report from Island Speedway. Ed

Isle of Wight Warriors 44 Buxton Hitmen 46
Isle of Wight ‘Wightlink’ Warriors speedway team fell to a last heat defeat at the hands of Buxton Hitmen whose high scoring duo of Matt Williamson and Max Clegg took maximum points in the final heat of the night to turn the result in the visitors favour right at the death.

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 Portwood (B) Halder (W) Widman (R) by Ian Groves

Pre-match the Warriors were hindered by the withdrawal of Scott Campos following news of a family bereavement that required his immediate return to the mainland and whilst the Warriors were permitted to operate the Rider Replacement facility in his absence, this added unwelcome pressure to the home reserves who were forced to ride against more experienced opposition and this rather played in to the Hitmen’s hands.

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Williamson (W) Cockle (R) Sealey (B) Ht5 by Ian Groves

Home reserve Adam Portwood battled gamely for his six points but fellow reserve Jamie Sealey again struggled to find any consistency with just one point to his name. Contrast this to the 13 point haul from the Buxton number seven Ryan Kinsley that included three race wins and the visitors match winner was there for all to see.

Last week’s maximum man Connor Coles was again top scorer for the Warriors, however many in the stadium felt the unluckiest home man was Chris Widman (pictured) who appeared to have held off Kinsley in a photo finish to heat eight only to be denied by the referee who awarded the win to the visitor.

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Cockle (R) Clegg (W) by Ian Groves

A disappointing night
Barry Bishop (Warriors Co-Promoter) could not hide his frustration at the result. Speaking after the meeting he said,

“What a disappointing night to be a Warrior. Last week we were silky smooth, we just couldn’t find a rhythm.

“We knew Buxton had two of this leagues leading riders in their side and we had plans to counter them, however the loss of Scott skewed that plan and we just couldn’t find an answer to their heat wins from unexpected sources.

“The team frailties from need addressing and I will be talking these issues through with our team manager Jackie Vatcher so that we come back strong next week.”

Wightlink Warriors: Ben Wilson 8, Chris Widman 8+3, James Cockle 9+1, Connor Coles 12, Jamie Sealey 1+1, Adam Portwood 6+3.

Hitmen: Matt Williamson 14, Lee Geary 1, Tom Woolley 5+1, Jamie Halder 2, Max Clegg 10+1, Ryan Kinsley 13+1, Ben Woodhull 1 + 1.

Next match
The Warriors are next in action on Tuesday (8th August) when Reading Racers bring a select side to the Andrew Younie stadium for a challenge fixture.

The postponed meeting against Cradley Heathens at home has been rescheduled for Thursday 21st September.

Image: © Ian Groves

Friday, 4th August, 2017 11:22am


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