Isle of Wight Motorcycle Club riders take on Winter Trials Championship

Simon Newnham

Riders from IOWmcc took part in the fifth round of the 2017 Winter Trials Championship at Apes Down, Calbourne on Sunday.

Tuesday, 21st March, 2017 9:06am

By Wayne Brodie

Vectis Isle Pioneers: Final round of the 2016/17 Championship

VIP 2017 Sweetwater James Craven

The final round of the Vectis Isle Pioneers motorcycle club’s 2016/2017 trials Championship was held at Sweetwater Brook, Calbourne last weekend.

Friday, 17th March, 2017 11:45am

By Wayne Brodie

Riders take on 12th Round of 2016/17 Championship

Harrison Crickmore

There was some superb riding during the Vectis Isle Pioneers Motorcycle Club at Haslett Farm, Shorwell last weekend.

Tuesday, 21st February, 2017 7:46am

By Wayne Brodie

Riders take on Shorwell Chalk Pit for the Spring Cup

Simon Newnham

Wayne brings us the latest report from Isle of Wight Motorcycle Club - The Spring Cup at Shorwell Chalk Pit.

Tuesday, 14th February, 2017 2:46pm

By Wayne Brodie

Riders compete in The Mercury Cup at Lee Copse

Ben read

The Mercury Cup at Lee Copse provided a very enjoyable trial for members of the Isle of Wight Motorcycle Club.

Wednesday, 25th January, 2017 8:04am

By Wayne Brodie

Motorcycle trials for the New Year Shield take place at Sweetwater Brook

Nick Symes

Riders returned to Sweetwater Brook for the Isle of Wight Motorcycle Club for the New Year Shield.

Wednesday, 11th January, 2017 3:54pm

By Wayne Brodie

Riders compete in final round of 2016 Winter Trials Championship

jos wright on a motorcycle

The Isle of Wight motorcycle club held the final round of the 2016 Winter Trials Championship on Sunday 4th December at Knighton Sand Pit, Newchurch.

Thursday, 8th December, 2016 8:53am

By Wayne Brodie

Riders take on penultimate round of Isle of Wight mcc’s 2016 Winter trials Championship

Harrison Crickmore

Wayne reports back from thee penultimate Winter trials Championship and reveals that eleven times British and two times European Trials Champion, Sammy Miller.

Tuesday, 29th November, 2016 8:11am

By Wayne Brodie

Riders take on ninth round of Vectis Isle Pioneers mcc’s Championship


Vectis Isle Pioneers mcc’s 2016 met for the ninth round of the Championship on Sunday 20th November at Knighton Sand Pit.

Monday, 21st November, 2016 7:52am

By Wayne Brodie

The Matt Russell Memorial Trial: Post-trial report

Andy Scott-jackson

The annual Matt Russell Memorial Trial was held at Nodewell Farm, Totland last weekend. Wayne shares this report from the day.

Wednesday, 9th November, 2016 5:00pm

By Wayne Brodie

Riders battle it out for The Medina Cup at Shorwell Chalk Pit


With one rider returning after a few years away, and a young rider taking part for the last time in the 'small wheels' class before moving up (Happy Birthday Alfie!), members of the Isle of Wight Motorcycle Club gathered for the The Medina Cup.

Monday, 26th September, 2016 9:35am

By Wayne Brodie

Winter Series trials Championship kicks off at Sweetwater Brook

Mark Coombes

Members of the Isle of Wight Motorcycle Club took part in the Winter Series trials Championship last weekend at Sweetwater Brook, Calbourne.

Friday, 9th September, 2016 7:55am

By Wayne Brodie