St Mary’s roundabout plans set to go ahead

Despite the concern raised by members of the Scrutiny Committee, it looks as though plans to replace St Mary’s roundabout with junctions and traffic lights will go ahead.

st marys roundabout

Plans to dramatically reshape the traffic system in Newport look set to be approved, despite concerns from councillors further consultation is needed.

Proposals to replace St Mary’s roundabout with junctions and traffic lights were debated at last night’s scrutiny meeting.

Part of £9m scheme
The revised plans are the first phase of a £9 million government-funded project to redesign the road network between ASDA and Camp Hill.

Tim Thorn, from Cycle Wight, questioned whether appropriate consideration had been given to walking and cycling provision.

He said:

“Is it appropriate for the significant revised scheme to proceed without consultation and engagement with users of the scheme, such as Cycle Wight?”

Jones-Evans: Improvements can be made
Scrutiny councillors questioned cabinet members about whether further consultation on the project could take place.

Councillor for Newport Central, Julie Jones-Evans said:

“I think there are improvements that can be made on these main junctions.

“It will give a comprehensive sweep of options for people to walk and cycle.

“The issue we get with public health — it’s those short drives that people make by car, that can be made by other methods, that’s where you get the most improvements with congestion and people’s health.”

Leader: Enough delays
However, cabinet members said they did not want to delay the decision any longer.

Responding, leader of the Isle of Wight council, Cllr Dave Stewart, said:

“Eighteen months ago the government gave us a substantial sum of money to undertake a piece of work. We have had the time for consultation.

“We will have an ongoing dialogue with the ward councillors, Cllrs Brodie and Jones-Evans. We are not going to do something that is not wanted because, actually, it affects all of us.”

Garratt: More consultation needed
Scrutiny chairman, Cllr Andrew Garratt, said more consultation was required, given the changes to the scheme.

He said:

“It is not a tweak, it is a significant variation on that. Why is a public consultation not being considered?”

Ward: “We had a consultation”
However, cabinet member for transport and infrastructure, Cllr Ian Ward said ongoing delays would not achieve anything.

He said:

“We had a consultation — if all these issues were out there, why weren’t they brought to the consultation there and then and we could take them into account?”

Hutchinson: “Alternative ways to get to and from Newport”
Deputy council leader Cllr Stuart Hutchinson added:

“If this traffic scheme does what we want it to and improves traffic flow to get in and out of Newport, one of the downsides would be that more people would use it.

“We understand we have to give people alternative ways to get to and from Newport.

“We will take into account any other specific views, but it has to be a view founded in fact rather than opinion.”

The decision will go before cabinet tomorrow (Thursday).

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Email updates?
Ah, good old Cllr. Ward who knows best again. I’m sure you read these columns. The whole plan is a shambles waiting to happpen. Have you looked 3 times at the problems this is going to cause? You haven’t got a clue because you do not listen to those who use the roads, and the congesstion will be much worse after the changes. And if you are… Read more »

Oh and as for Cllr Hutchinson it will shortly be a fact and not just an opinion that your plan is a disaster; about 5 minutes after it opens and the queues stretch for miles each way and Forest Road traffic is at a standstill.


I can fully understand the compulsion not to lose any central government extra funding but this reduces to two simple questions.

1. Where and how is the existing roundabout failing and

2. Will this be an improvement.


The elephant in the room is Coppins Bridge so Cllr Ward why don’t you fix that first instead of making the dual carriageway a slower moving carpark?


I should have added – or is this an attempt to distract from the Floating Bridge fiasco?

Can we rename the new junction to ‘Ward’s Folly’? I’ve lived in the area for nearly 20 years. From experience, the roads around the area are busy during the week days for around 90 minutes a day (08.30 – 09.00 and 17.00 – 18.00) but the traffic flows through because of the roundabout and the lack of traffic lights. Remember, traffic problems are a result of traffic… Read more »

In the town where we live, the council has just spent 18 months removing 5 sets of traffics lights (and street furniture) and replacing them with roundabouts!
What was once permanent gridlock now runs smoothly at all times of the day! It seems a simple idea to me, for IOWC to do the opposite…..?!


Maybe say which town so the numpties at IOWCC can go and take a look…


Just a suggestion… make the left hand lane going towards Coppins left turn only towards Ryde and block the left hand lane at the traffic lights….. Or make a third lane( left turn only) by widening the bridge…

Do you mean after St Mary’s roundabout, heading towards Newport, chartman? That means you are funnelling ALL the traffic going into Newport or through then out to, ASDA, Sandown, Shanklin, etc into one lane. It is bad enough already at either end of the working day (and some weekends) – this would probably take the queue back past St Mary’s Roundabout and block up the road from… Read more »

A blind man on a galloping horse could see that the major change that is needed is to allow traffic flowing from St Mary’s towards Coppins and heading for ASDA, Sandown etc to use the outside lane on the dual carriageway in addition to traffic headed for the town centre, and leave the inside lane for the Ryde slip road and Staplers.


so what numpty voted down? haven’t you ever sat in the ‘correct’ lane and watched all the frustrated Sandown direction drivers pulling out into the town centre lane, and then cutting in again after Farelee????

I can’t agree rockhopper. if you were to watch at the lights by the Ryde turn-off on the dual, you would see that the cause of the blockage is all those vehicles in the inside lane which are going stright on which block the exit to Ryde. The inside lane should be for Ryde only and then the other lane would split into the other destinations later.… Read more »

That would work…but the entrance to the up carriageway has two lanes before the lights :(


Yes, blocking one lane at the nights was not well thought out, but the extra left lane only to Ryde has to be an improvement? Not that that will ever happen…

Ward does not known what to do next and just because the Government has given IWC some of our money does not mean ti needs to be spent – It could be given back. Traffic light 24 hours a day means traffic at a standstill, not moving and polluting 24 hours a day. Roundabouts alow traffic to move freely when the volumes are low (most of the… Read more »

One further thought;

It is far easier for a ‘blue light’ ambulance to gain preferential access to a roundabout than for it to be stuck in a line of traffic at a red light.


Well said… and they’ll always get blocked going South to North which has to be the majority of their ’emergencies’.Bet the council didn’t think of that one…