Steve Beynon, IWC Chief Executive, to leave before election

As predicted yesterday by OnTheWight, he’s leaving ahead of the election, which, as recently as November, he had stated he had “no intention” of depart before.

Further to our report published yesterday that Steve Beynon would be leaving the authority earlier than he has previously stated, the budget strategy report, released today by the council, confirms this is the case.

The chief executive had told OnTheWight last November that he had no intention of leaving prior to the May elections, but today report – delayed from its expected publication yesterday – reveals plans to remove the role of chief executive following a re-structure of the organisation.

A council press release which followed release of the Cabinet papers states,

“The current chief executive Steve Beynon – who had already announced his intention to retire this year – will leave at the end of the current financial year, when the post will be made redundant, in order to give a full-year saving in 2013/14. It is proposed that the Head of Paid Service responsibilities are undertaken on an interim basis by the strategic director for resources until a permanent appointment is finalised in May.”

Dave Burbage will take on the responsibilities of Head of Paid Service.

The report which is due to be presented to the Cabinet on 12 February, goes before Scrutiny Panels next week where the relevant Strategic Director and Cabinet Members will give an overview of the current position.

All the recommendations made by each scrutiny panel will also be discussed by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee on 7 February 2013.

Image: Kevin Walters under CC BY 2.0

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Friday, 1st February, 2013 11:21am



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  1. Is this good or bad? How will we be able to tell? I suppose Mr Beynon will leave with a healthy dose of our money in his pocket too.

  2. Island Monkey

    1.Feb.2013 11:43am

    So basically we now have well known pensioner and [part of comment removed by moderator] sub contractor – Dave Burbage Ltd in charge?

    Could someone ask Pugh how much Beynon has taken in enhanced salary package? And if he has indeed done a ‘deal’ in Kent to transform their education as he did ours?

    How odd that the dear old CP has chosen to almost ignore this story?

    The council’s press office knows when to pull a few strings. I wonder if they did a deal with this one?

    • Billy Builder

      1.Feb.2013 12:24pm

      I believe that Steve Beynon has already out-source large chunks of the Education directorate to Kent, and has lined up Sue Rogers from Kent Council to take on the ‘Head of Schools & Learning’ post.

      What isn’t clear in the Councils committee report is what how the post of ‘Head of Schools & Learning’ post will fit with the ‘Deputy Education Directors’ post, the incumbent of which is currently suspended.

      • Why is the Deputy Director of Education still suspended ? and how much is this costing us.

        Assuming both the Deputy Director of Education and the other officer are still suspended on full pay, and there are a similar number of officers of similar rank working on the investigation, this must be costing £25K per in salaries alone. These individuals are either guilty as charged, or the investigating officers are not very good at fishing. Can the Council provide an update ?

      • Simon Perry

        1.Feb.2013 3:53pm

        The IWC press office have just told us, “There are currently no financial arrangements between Isle of Wight Council and Kent CC”, when we asked, “can you let us know what range of services are that Kent CC will be providing to IWC”.

        They also asked for “evidence to substantiate the claim”.

        • Billy Builder

          1.Feb.2013 4:17pm

          Perhaps I was being a little unfair to the Council here, I believe that the current financial arrangements are between Kent CC and the Cowes Enterprise Trust. However, I have been informed that Sue Rogers has now bought a house on the Island, and that she will be a shoe-in for the new job as ‘Head of Schools & Learning’. I also believe that Sue Rogers is a very close friend of Steve Beynon, but I’m sure there be no linkage between the two.

          • Simon Perry

            1.Feb.2013 4:29pm

            Thanks for clarifying.

            You might find it interesting that the council press office chose to ignore our questions about Sue Rogers.

            We have, of course, re-asked and are awaiting a reply.

          • Not sure the Sue Rogers ever sold her house on the island. She has a long history with Steve Beynon, Chris Vieler Porter (anybody remember him?)and others in the island education service.

          • If memory serves, she also spent a short time as a head at Swanmore.

        • “The IWC press office have just told us, “There are currently no financial arrangements between Isle of Wight Council and Kent CC”

          Note the weasel word “CURRENTLY”!

      • Simon Perry

        4.Feb.2013 9:14am

        The IWC press office tell us, “The council has no plans to recruit Sue Rogers to the authority”, when we asked, “Is it expected that Sue Rogers will be joining the council?”

        • @IWC Press Office”The IWC press office tell us, “The council has no plans to recruit Sue Rogers to the authority”,”

          More weasel words!

          Remember the statement in May 2002 from Dubya/Rumsfeld/Dubya/Bliar and Jack Straw “We have no plans to invade Iraq”? A few months later troops were in Iraq!. Obviously an invasion on a whim!

          Also remember in political PR the real meanings of the words used are directly opposite to the usual meaning- thus “robust” means “weak”, “searching enquiry” means a quick glance, “learn the lesson and move on” means business as usual and “I’m sorry” means “I’m sorry I got caught!”.

          • Mmmm! A down arrow!

            Maybe the IWC Press Office does not like its language to be deconstructed to reveal the likely truth?

            Another down arrow on the way for this note? :-))

          • Billy Builder

            5.Feb.2013 1:15pm

            I think its a case of lies, damned lies and IOW Press Office statements !

        • Billy Builder

          4.Feb.2013 10:09am

          I take it then, that if in a month or so’s time, when the dust has settled, and Sue Rogers is appointed to the post of ‘Head of Schools & Learning’, the Press Officer will recognise his failure to impart knowledge accurately and will fall on his sword. We can live in hope.

  3. Billy Builder

    1.Feb.2013 12:02pm

    So, its finally been confirmed our much loved CEO Steve Beynon is to made redundant, no doubt with a large severance package (well he is worth it). What is better than expected, is that it will be Dave Burbage that takes up the reins (in the short term), which is a better outcome than Mr Love doing that role. However, will this mean a greater spend with ‘Dave Burbage Consulting Ltd’.

    I assume Dave Burbage will only be caretaking the role, so who will come to the fore ? is Mr Love history or is he still waiting in the wings ? can we identify other senior officers currently working in the council who could take the lead, or should we look elsewhere ?

  4. Island Monkey

    1.Feb.2013 5:49pm

    If Dave Burbage Ltd becomes CX in all but name, how will he ever terminate his own contract?

    As for not being paid any extra – you know the press offices sometimes dances on the head of a pin with its answers?

    I’ve got an idea. Maybe Dave Burbage Ltd is on a fixed cost contract as Chief Financial Officer – so Dave Burbuge Chief Executive (in all but name) Ltd will now invoice us for the difference?

  5. Matthew James Martin

    1.Feb.2013 6:35pm

    Keep up the great work Simon and Sally r.e Mr Burbage … your on the right track ;-) Have a great weekend everybody

  6. Black Dog

    1.Feb.2013 6:35pm

    Can’t wait for regime change. I think evidence of improper and unprofessional practices will be unearthed, some will lead to prosecution others will have future career implications.

    Seize the day in May, Isle of Wighters

  7. Seeing that he is not being replaced is this not absolute proof that he was a waste of our money from the start.

    Now that others are able to pick up what work he did, is this not absolute proof that they are under employed and therefore a further waste of our money.

    To put this in some sort of perspective,the Armchair auditor informs me that the total expenditure on Public Conveniences over 5 quarters (11/12) totalled £154,921. Beynon was paid something in the region of £150,000 every 4 quarters.

  8. prewitt parrot

    2.Feb.2013 8:07pm

    Is Beynon sitting in that chair in the picture? If so they should give him a couple of cushions.

  9. I suppressed an observation I made when looking at the office chair heading the first topic about this: the seat had obviously been raised, as chair arms need to fit under the desk, so the user can be close to the computer screen; whereas these were almost above it…..

  10. Don Smith

    2.Feb.2013 9:33pm

    This ‘Greed’ culture that is rife in our Councils, Westminster and the House of Lords etceteras, must be nipped in the bud, before it escalates beyond our control.

    These public servants are their own paymasters and there is no one to say ” Enough is enough”. They do just what they want.

    Foe example: take the Peers in the House of Lords; £300.00 a day allowances [Just sign in and the money is yours] that is equal to £1500.00 for a five day week.

    Then they, the [Honourable Peers] have the cheek and audacity, to expect the taxpayers to pay for their meals.
    These upper crust bandits are a law onto themselves.

    Even Chief Executive Officers [CEO] of all our charities are on salaries of at least £100.000.00 per annum, plus perks and expenses; is it any wonder the country is going bankrupt.

    Just what package Mr Beynon will receive is decided by who? Yes! ‘Black Dog’: ‘Seize the day in May, Isle of Wighters.’ But will they? I fear not, far too much complacency in our society today.

    • All the more reason to get more of the Island population reading OTW – if we could only find a way of easily referring to it in conversation! (“Read about it on On The Wight” ??)

  11. If you can face reading far through the document, you come to the confirmation that the Chief Executive will get redundancy pay from the change.
    yes, he said he’s going to retire this year – at no cost – but instead he’s being made redundant a few months early and being paid redundancy.
    So come on IWC – how much redundancy pay and pay in lieu of notice will the Chief Executive get – and how does this compare to the amount of slaray he would have got if you just let him retire a few months later as he’s already publically said he will do.
    You never cease to amaze us IWC!

    • steephilljack

      3.Feb.2013 9:32pm

      Redundancy pay is usually 18 months salary on the table without any income tax deductions. Nice one.

      • What is your source for saying that, shj? The & citizens advice sites say statutory is 1.5 weeks’ pay per year employed in the job, for a person of his age.

        A lot of council employees had their contractual right on this reduced to statutory terms a few years ago. There will be some very unhappy bunnies if it turns out he was an exception!

        • steephilljack

          4.Feb.2013 7:49am

          If this council has gone for the minimum statutory redundancy pay, you would be right Tryme.
          I was involved with some lucrative public sector deals some years ago when times were better.

    • retiredhack

      4.Feb.2013 1:45pm

      Quite right. There will be an opportunity for these questions to be publicly asked – and answered – on Thursday (7/2) when the matter goes before the Overview and Scrutiny Committee. That committee has as members some honourable people who are not members of the ruling cabal. If they don’t get straight answers to these question – especially apropos payment in lieu of notice – we shall know that something is definitely up.

      Beynon has been extremely careful never to give a date for his retirement, because if he had, that could have been deemed to amount to notice of resignation, and would have detroyed any right to redundancy compensation. But there still doesn’t seem to me to be any good reason why any payment in lieu of notice – very substantial for a man on his £150k salary – should be made.

      Why can’t he work his notice like everyone else? Why couldn’t this decision have been made three or six months ago so he coiuld have left in March at the end of his notice? Why has it suddenly been decided that he must be out of ther way before the election?

      It couldn’t possibly be, could it, that in a couple of months Pugh is going to need someone to blame for all the criticism of his record – especially on education – that’s going to come his way; and that a pay-off from public funds that may run well into the high end of five figures is a no-brainer for all concerned. Except, of course, the public.

  12. Island Monkey

    3.Feb.2013 3:30pm

    The council ALWAYS sends its Chief Executives packing with a large cheque in their pocket. The Tories have paid off quite a few since they took office. The total is certain to be several hundreds of thousands of pounds.

    Unfortunately we will never know exactly WHY they are so generous with our hard earned cash, particularly if we believe the post holder has failed dismally.

    • Well, I hope we at least find out How Much.

      I hope to see him suffer the same stringency in his pay-off as he has been justifying in respect of the pay & conditions for frontline council staff. Not to mention services for the general public.

  13. prewitt parrot

    3.Feb.2013 3:37pm

    Will they be ceasing the culture of bullying now or will he be returning as a consultant?

    • Please god not, he’s already given of his best…

    • Fortunately, Steve B has populated the upper tiers of council officers with like-minded individuals, so the culture of fear and intimidation will continue as before. If fact Steve B and boy blunder massaged the employment rules last week by changing the appeals procedure for grievance and disciplinary, and modified the recruitment rules making it easier to get the ‘right caliber’ of people.

      So Steve B’s regime will live on !

      • Black Dog

        4.Feb.2013 10:12am

        The real Puppet (Muppet) Master is George Brown, who has manipulated this entire regime with the Boy Blunder. These two consider themselves to be beyond reproach.

        One must ask about their motive. I am sure regime change in May will revel where all the bodies are buried and there will be a number of officers coming forward with information that will lead to legal examination of their deeds. There is already one officer standing by.

        • Billy Builder

          4.Feb.2013 12:14pm

          Hi Black Dog,

          There are two aspects to regime change, one being the removal of the corruption that is endemic in the IOW Council [part of comment removed by moderator], the second is the change in the political makeup of the council. Whilst I believe that the majority of readers of these postings will want corruption in the Council to be stopped, about 50% will not want to see a change in the political makeup. We should therefore concentrate on what I believe is the bigger win, and remove the [part of comment removed by moderator] and [part of comment removed by moderator] of this council, and officers such as [part of comment removed by moderator] and co, rather than pressing necessarily for political regime change.

          The only way we will achieve this is to ensure that the Council leaks like a sieve, and that those leaks are published on these pages. If you know of anyone who knows where bodies are buried, then encourage them to post the information anonymously here.

          For all of you hard done-to Council workers, speak out or you’ll aways be living in fear of your jobs !

          • Martin Stones

            4.Feb.2013 8:44pm

            Hi Billy,

            I quite agree, we need to make this non-political, as we are all concerned about the state of our council. There are a number of people at the top of the Council, who I personally believe we would be better off without, members such as George Brown and Alan Wells who will be his replacement in Cowes if the electorate vote him in, and officers such as Stuart Love, John Metcalf and Gavin Foster. I am sure that others will have their own views.

  14. Forget whether you think he is any good or not. That isn’t the issue. The issue is that the guy has said he’s retiring, but despite that IWC now intend to pay him redundancy and presumably pay in lieu of notice to leave a tad earlier.
    No-one in their right minds would do that.
    To lose your Chief Executice in eight weeks time is bonkers. Unless you thought he was inept (which they can’t do) they would have a sensible handover period.
    I bet his notice is at least six months, maybe three, maybe twelve. At two months I suspect he’ll be getting a payment for pay in lieu of notice, which is bonkers.
    This all smells of some kind of deal – so come on IWC – how many weeks pay in lieu of notice, and how much redundancy. Then tell us what day he intended to retire on, and we can work out how much you are saving or costing us through this starnge action.

  15. Will Pugh leave before or after Beynon? Voters need to know!

    • Island Monkey

      4.Feb.2013 7:13pm

      Who knows where he’l turn up next?

      Speaking of which – will would-be Mp David Pugh now try and get himself elected in Eastleigh?

      I hear there’s a by-election coming up.

      • Sally Perry

        4.Feb.2013 7:20pm

        We asked David this afternoon and he gave this reply, “Certainly not! This endless speculation about whether I will be going for a parliamentary seat is completely without foundation.
        “I am not a member of the Candidates’ List, nor have I ever applied. I also have no intention of doing so.”

        • retiredhack

          4.Feb.2013 10:11pm

          The shrillness of the denials increases as the local elections draw nearer. Of course it’s a delicate time for this sort of speculation to re-emerge, but I suspect that, however he and his party fares in May, all bets will be off afterwards as far as the Tory greasy pole is concerned.

        • “No intention…” is different from “Not going to….”

  16. Island Monkey

    4.Feb.2013 9:45pm

    Shame – if you believe him, it looks like the Island is the only place he plans to be.

    Only the ballot box can save us!

  17. Too many skeletons in the cupboard, he would be humiliated by the opposition with a valentines day massacre. His party will be going all out for Eastleigh. An uneducated boy from the backwoods doesn’t quite cut the mustard.

  18. Black Dog

    5.Feb.2013 9:26am

    Come on David I know you all too well. Do tell us which ward do you intend standing in? Why are you so scared of declaring your intention? Do you think the competition you will ultimately face will be too much for you?

    The skeletons will be reveled there are officers already lining themselves up to spill the beans.

  19. Billy Builder

    5.Feb.2013 10:22am

    Hi Black Dog,

    As I said yesterday, now is the time to bare all. If you know where bodies are buried, or no of people who do, then release the information. I you don’t feel able to yourself, then email me and I will collate, verify and release said information.

  20. Will he and others last much longer…

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