Stuart Love moving to Southampton City Council

The Strategic Director will be leaving the Isle of Wight council after seven years on the Island.

Board table and chairs

Stuart Love, the council’s Strategic Director for Economy and the Environment will be leaving the Isle of Wight council.

Mr Love joined the council in November 2006 from Westminster City Council around the same time as former Chief Executive, Joe Duckworth.

It’s reported by the County Press this morning that Mr Love will be joining Southampton City Council as director of economy and environment, although it’s not known when.

It’s strongly rumoured that Mr Love will not be replaced.

News was broken at the end of last week when Southampton council briefed their staff about Mr Love’s impending arrival.

Previous job share with Southampton
Readers will remember in January 2012 the Isle of Wight council agreed to share Stuart Love with Southampton City Council in the role of Director of Environment.

The arrangement didn’t last very long, by May 2012, it was announced that Mr Love would only continue working with Southampton City Council until July 2012.

His departure follows the news on Friday that Ian Anderson, strategic director for community wellbeing and social care, would be leaving the council this month following a restructure of services.

OnTheWight is awaiting a response from the council and will update here once we hear back from them.


Image: Incase under CC BY 2.0

Monday, 7th October, 2013 11:04am



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  1. This is a great result for the Isle of Wight.

    May well mean we have an interesting few months of finding out what’s underneath the carpet in Mr Love’s office though.

    I’m thinking it’s not just going to be sweet wrappers and small change.

  2. Don’t get over excited there are more still there.

    The question is who and how will he be replaced?

    The executive is not elected.It is not part of the democratic process. Councils in Britain are good examples of where the executive is split from the legislature. Executives are part of the state.

    How are they selected and appointed and how can they be removed? As far as we are concerned their individual politics does not come into it despite the fact Love and Burbage are Tories.

    Can we afford them? Do we need so many? Could they not be selected internally by the workforce on ordinary salaries?

    Love is making a canny move, he knows that the dissolution process of Isle of Wight Council is underway. The plan is to centralise first towards Hampshire. He leaves behind much damage caused by his former colleagues led by Beynon.

  3. mittromneylovesiow

    7.Oct.2013 12:30pm

    Isle of Hampshire looms ever closer.

    Wouldn’t mind owning a sign business right now as there are an awful lot that’ll need changing. Parking machines, letterheads, buildings, bin lorries, highways vehicles, and they’ve only just had them sign written.

  4. Will the skeletons in the closet be going with him? Or perhaps we should keep them, an ossuary to remind us never to let it happen again.

  5. Billy Builder

    7.Oct.2013 1:34pm

    The big question is, did he jump ? or was he pushed ?

    If he was not pushed, then we are all in trouble, as who would leave a position where you we the apparent a heir elect.

    Assuming he was pushed – lets look on the bright side – then who will be making the strategic decisions that are so important for the islands future, who is there with any credible ability

    • But he made the strategic decisions of the past, or at least he was thick as thieves with those he did.
      Although rest assured he will soon be back earning mega bucks as a consultant still telling our hopelessly inexperience newbies where the thumb-screws are kept.

      • The sinking ship going down the rats are jumping before the truth comes out his inexperience was starting to cost the council serious money ? Hopeless bad decisions where catching him up the thumb-screws where on him and the rat pack was starting to turn on him,

  6. Billy Builder

    7.Oct.2013 1:36pm

    OnTheWight wish list – the ability to recall a posting to correct typo’s

  7. Man in Black

    7.Oct.2013 5:44pm

    Whether he was pushed to chose to go I don’t care, so long as he’s gone. I can think of at least one more officer than needs to go still. Wonder when that’ll be announced?

  8. Another of the “PFI gang” cutting and running?

  9. Black Dog

    7.Oct.2013 6:23pm

    I for one am glad that this over rated officer is going. He is a walking nightmare. almost every strategic decision he has made has had issues the last one being Ecoisland, I suspect we have issues coming up with the DMO and the Solent Tidal Energy Project to name a couple

    Issues with CEC and the refurbishment of County Hall has helped us get rid of this unpleasant bully. We have one more director that needs to go and before people think it Mr Burbage it is not.

    My dealings with Mr Burbage have always been informative, helpful and I truly believe that he (given the right amount of support from elected members) will be a useful asset in the short to medium term.

    There are many junior officers who can fill Love’s position and actually do the job efficiently, without the need to bully anyone.

    Southampton Council – Good Luck and Thank You

  10. recycleman56

    7.Oct.2013 8:16pm

    I am sure Mr Burbage is the only Director left. Pray tell who you refer to Black Dog.

  11. steephilljack

    7.Oct.2013 8:43pm

    Could it be that, given the reduction in funding from central government,and the need to reduce expenditure, that the Council is now dispensing with expensive executives in order to maintain the front-line staff who deliver ?

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