Stunningly beautiful drone compilation of the Isle of Wight from the sky (video)

After watching this two minute film you’ll never want to go on holiday anywhere else again

drone shot of Ventnor poo palace

IOWightDrone, aka 30-year-old Stephen Perfect, has been flying drones for around six years.

He’s been regularly sharing his stunning aerial photos of the Isle of Wight on his Instagram and Facebook accounts, but Steve’s latest offering beats them all.

Two-minute staycation teaser
This two-minute staycation teaser is packed to the brim with absolutely gorgeous footage of the Island from the skies.

It provides a unique way of seeing what the Island has to offer, and after watching the two minute film, you’ll never want to go on holiday anywhere else again.

Sit back and enjoy this fabulous compilation of aerial drone footage

From hobby to business
Steve says flying his drone started as a hobby, but has now developed into a a small business. He offers aerial photography, videography, action sports, real estate, agricultural, marine, roof and gutter inspections and so much more.

Find out more about what Steve can do for you by visiting his Instagram, Facebook or YouTube pages.

Friday, 26th March, 2021 4:52pm



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9 Comments on "Stunningly beautiful drone compilation of the Isle of Wight from the sky (video)"

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Benny C
Come on, folks. Emperors new clothes. This is old Skool. it’s just an advert for a drone dude with a fairly basic lens and some terrible cheap muzak pasted in. It’s ok but it’s ultimately not that creative, not exactly telling a compelling story, it’s just not special enough. It’s something even IOWC would do better. I know this will be unpopular but the island has to… Read more »
Rhos yr Alarch

Once upon a time “staycation” meant remaining withih ones own four walls and not venturing beyond the front gate – I wonder when that changed? Likewise with “hospitality” which used to mean inviting people in without expecting payment, but now seems to simply refer to making a profit…

Mark L Francis

When I was a lad going on holiday in Britain was called “a holiday”. A “Staycation” was my mum telling me that if I wanted to go to the seaside, cross the road & go to Sandown Beach.


If anything is going to put me off visiting somewhere it’s the possibility of encountering the incessant high-pitched whining of drones.


Some people just like to criticise. These are some splendid views, but we do not get enough time to view them before they disappear to be replaced by the next one. Its a very good and interesting venture, but does need some improvement.


I have to agree with Benny C.It moved too quickly and was not very colourful. There was a much better, longer one shown here recently.

Angela Hewitt

I look forward to viewing the amazing efforts create by Benny C

Benny C

Keep looking forward.

Benny C

We can’t expect the island to move on and make the most of it’s potential (which will generate jobs, locally captured wealth and long term prosperity) if we are happy to accept average stuff like this. Fact.