Summer shade outside County Hall to disappear due to rot, say Council

The Isle of Wight council say that rot has been found in two of the three trees and they must be removed

Trees outside County Hall

Two of the three trees outside County Hall in Newport, that provide much-welcomed shade in the summer, are to be cut down and removed say the council.

IWC: “Reached the end of their lives”
In a social media post on Facebook yesterday the Isle of Wight council explained,

“We have been inspecting our trees and sadly two of the three shady False Acacias outside County Hall have reached the end of their lives, with rot being found in them.

“We will be taking them down in the next month or so. They will of course be replaced with young trees that should, we hope grow up to provide shade again in the future.”

Replacements unclear
When asked what they will be replaced with, the council replied,

“Haven’t decided yet but we’re looking at options – it’ll need to be suitable for this very public place near to a road and building, so most of the bigger species are out.”

Church Litten Horse Chestnut
Newport resident, Jane Edmunds, said she was still waiting for a response over a tree that was removed from Church Litten Park in 2019.

She said,

“I hope you do replace them. I was told that you would be replacing the tree that was cut down at the entrance to Church Litten Park last year.

“You were quick to let me know why you had cut it down, but after two emails to ask where and what you replaced it with I have had no reply.”

Where is the replacement?
OnTheWight has seen an email (dated 19th April 2019) to Ms Edmunds by the Strategic Manager for Recreation and Public Open Spaces, which explains the Horse Chestnut was removed due to rot.

He said,

“The Council will replace this tree and we will be working with local partners on its type and location.”

OnTheWight has asked the IWC for a response to this and will update once we hear back.

Image: © Isle of Wight Council

Wednesday, 19th February, 2020 8:46am



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Steve Goodman
While it may be true that removal may be required sooner or later due to unspecified ‘rot’, that shouldn’t be the first option – even more so now because of the acknowledged environmental emergency and the recognised value and benefits of established trees for people and wildlife. It’s just over two years since the council said that the iconic and historic East Cowes umbrella tree was infected,… Read more »
Steve Goodman


“One of the first trees to be planted in the Original Kew Gardens was a False Acacia tree, planted in 1762 and still standing today. Planted over 250 years ago and now supported by metal bands, this tree is expected to live for at least another 50 years.”

This is very disturbing. I implore that the Council, immediately 1) Make public the full details of the survey that advised the felling of these beloved trees. 2) As the current plan appears insubstantial, please consider obtaining a second opinion from a qualified specialist who is also able to advise you fully on suitable re-planting should this be the absolute outcome. There currently appears a certain penchant… Read more »

Both native crab apple and rowan would be appropriate replacements