Support The Vestas Workers!

Support for the ex-Vestas workers continues.

Many thanks to Peter Milne from Newport for sending through this ode to support the ex-Vestas workers. It sits really well alongside this great illustration from Island artist David Knight.

Support the Vestas workers
Their cause is just and right
It’s more than just wind power
On the Isle of Wight

It’s not only job losses
Though that is so unfair
It’s all about the working class
And showing that we care

You fat cats who are in power
You’re really a disgrace
Just thinking about your pockets
And not the human race

The future of our planet
Means we must all be green
So closing a wind turbine factory
Is really quite obscene

To all you – Island wide
We really must unite
The future of our planet
Is really worth the fight!!

Support The Vestas Workers!

Illustration: David Knight

Tuesday, 25th August, 2009 10:12am



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