‘Supremely confident’ second vaccine will be given within 12 weeks, says CCG boss

For those concerned they might not get their second Covid-19 jab within 12 weeks of the first, the head of the Isle of Wight CCG says there is “no risk of not being able to deliver it at this point”

Covid vaccine by DKphotography, Isle of Wight

At tonight’s Policy and Scrutiny Committee for Health and Social Care meeting, the question of Islanders getting their second Covid-19 vaccination was raised.

Of those who are eligible, there has been a 93 per cent uptake of the Covid-19 vaccination on the Isle of Wight.

Concerns over second jab
Cllr John Howe (Island Indie) said that he’d lots of people raising concerns about when they would get their second Covid jab.

Alison Smith, managing director of the Isle of Wight NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, explained that achieving immunity across a wider group of people first was the most important thing.

She went on to explain that plans are still in place to provide the second vaccinations on week 11 from first jab. It is their intention to ensure the second jab is done within 12 weeks of first jab.

Ms Smith said,

“I am supremely confident we will be able to deliver both. The way our primary care teams, who have done the majority of the vaccines on the Island, have stood up and delivered in some quite testing circumstances has been incredible.” 

Fallen through the gaps
Cllr Cameron (Con) mentioned that nationally some people had fallen through the gaps for their first vaccination and asked whether the Island was planning a local team to chase up those people who had refused it here.

Ms Smith said that very few people had declined the jab, but that plans were being put in place to call and encourage them to pick up the vaccine.

Image: © DK Photography Isle of Wight

Monday, 1st March, 2021 5:58pm


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The question she needs to be asked is why the progress of the vaccination programme on the island is slower than so many other areas of the UK.