Swish Swedish loos for Isle of Wight town

The Town Council agreed to demolish the current toilets, which were not very environmentally friendly, causing high utility bills, with the building now dated and worn, and replace with this pre-fabricated block from Sweden

New toilet block

Public toilets in Yarmouth look set to become pay-to-go loos.

Two planning applications have been submitted to update the facilities

In applications submitted to the Isle of Wight Council, Yarmouth Town Council is looking to modernise and upgrade the toilets in Bridge Street and on the High Street, by the Common.

Working with Swedish company Danfo, who have helped other parish, town and community councils on the Island, the town council is set to make the new toilets pay-to-use if approved.

Disabled toilets still free
This means for people wanting to use the facilities, a payment must be made to enter the cubicle before it can be used. However, the disabled toilets, where a baby changing unit will also be installed, will be free to use.

On Bridge Street, proposals (20/01042/FUL) will see the conversion of the existing cubicles to unisex ones, eliminating the male entrance, which will become a store room.

Bridge Street toilets

No historic or architectural importance
In one design and access statement, included in the planning documents, it is said the existing brick built conveniences are of no historic or architectural importance and is in need of an upgrade to allow for wheelchair access.

Another statement from Danfo, said the facilities were not very environmentally friendly, causing high utility bills, with the building now dated and worn.

Pre-fabricated Swedish building
On the High Street (20/01501/FUL), the plans are to demolish the existing structure and replace it with a pre-fabricated building, which will come from Danfo’s head office in Sweden.

High Street toilets

Instead of the cubicles there now, it is proposed that there is one disabled toilet, with baby-changing facilities, which will be free to use, and one unisex cubicle which will be pay-to-use.

Replacing with modern, hygienic and environmentally friendly toilets
A design and access statement attached for the toilets application says the interior fixtures and fittings are in poor condition and need replacing, as well as high maintenance and utility bills, which is why Yarmouth Town Council thought it best to demolish the building and replace it with the modern, hygienic and environmentally friendly toilets Danfo supply.

Both toilet blocks are said by Danfo to be a great addition to the residents and visitors of ‘the beautiful town of Yarmouth’.

To view and comment on proposals, you can visit the Isle of Wight Council’s planning portal.

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Jenny Smart

Everyone will use the disabled toilet surely?

Geoff Brodie

You need a RADAR key


you only need to purchase the key as referred to, cost under Ten pounds and carry it for use

Most public toilets on the Island are outdated and need replacing, Yarmouth is no exception so in principle this sounds like a good idea. Many places have pay to use, so not a problem as long as they are kept clean. General public behaviour is poor in this country, one only has to look at the amount of rubbish dumped on the beaches recently to realise that… Read more »

Don’t the disabled person’s loos usually need a special key?

Benny C

At least this is a service we need delivered to a good standard. Unlike the cr*p service and standards we endure persistently from our frustratingly inept Cabinet of curiosities – which drives up our rates bills and damages our island.


Do they come with those pictorial instructions like Ikea furniture?


In London they had those self cleaning toilets. They found out they were proving very popular with the ladies of the night who used them with their clients, because after 15minutes the door would automatically open. True story.


The external cladding has the appearance of Timber, timber Burns all surfaces should be Class One, Non Flammable and Not of Timber

Steve Goodman

Charred timber cladding is resistant to fire, rot, and insects, and is durable and low maintenance (varying with species, size, and burn style); timber is one of the sustainable building materials we can/ should/ must make better use of for sound environmental and economic reasons.