The Times They Are A-Changin’

We’re working on another project this week, so won’t have the usual 10-15 stories going out on VB. Do stick around to carry on with discussion and send us your news which we’ll try and share for you.

A heads up for all VB readers who are tuning in for their daily dose of Isle of Wight news.

Giant pocket watchThis week, Simon and I’ll be working behind the scenes on another project, more details of which will be revealed on VB shortly.

This means that we won’t be able to maintain the normal ten+ stories a day.

We will have some items going out over the week, but not with the same regularity as usual.

Keep the news a-comin’
Do carry on sending us your stories and news, which we’ll try to post when we can and continue being involved in debate.

Rest assured, we’ll be back to usual busy service in a few days time and hope you’ll be able to bear with us.

It’s going to be worth the wait!

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Times are a Changin by Bob Dylan from Jason Garriott on Vimeo.

Image: Mykl Roventine under CC BY 2.0

Monday, 26th September, 2011 11:51am



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11 Comments on "The Times They Are A-Changin’"

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Stephen Slominski


Chris Whitehouse

Good luck with your plans which will hopefully deliver an even better Ventnor Blog to the good of the whole local community. You are an invaluable organ of the media.

Best wishes.


Thanks for reminding me about donating. You should send people who have donated in the past a reminder.

Hope your project goes well, sounds intriguing.


Looking forward to hearing more about the other project. Thanks also for the reminder about donating. It’s been a while since I last did, so you should see something in your bank account this afternoon. Thanks for all you do. Not sure what we’d do without the blog.

Amanda H

Have missed my VB fix today. Hope the project goes well.


Nobody does it like you guys. Ventnor Blog is ace, hope the project has something to do with your mention earlier in the year of great plans for the future. Donation on its way.

Arnold Tate

You’ve had me thinking all day what this might all be about. Any clues?


Me too. You are a tease VB, keeping us thinking! Best of luck with getting your new project finished.

Michael G

You provide such an invaluable service to the Isle of Wight, I’m sure I’m not the only one who would be incredibly sad to see you go. Keep up the good work chaps and fingers crossed for lots of donations.

Mr J

Are the council sending you both on a positive spin news course?

clive johnson

I really enjoy the Ventnor blog and well done to all those involved in it. I am a newcomer to the beautiful town of Ventnor and have a lovely shop at 50 High Street which I want to rent out to someone who will run a retail business that will be a welcome addition to the High Street and help enhance the area. Thank you Clive