Tonight’s ‘pink’ Supermoon will be the brightest of 2020

Don’t miss the chance to see 2020’s largest and brightest moon tonight, as the April Supermoon makes its appearance

jamie russell supermoon

Look out of your windows this evening and you should be treated to the biggest and brightest full moon of the year.

The April full moon is always nicknamed the pink Supermoon but is not in fact pink. According to the Old Farmers’ Almanac it was called the pink Supermoon after pink Phlox flowers.

Closest moon to earth this year
The pink Supermoon appears so large due to its proximity to the Earth (which changes during its orbit).

Overnight (Tues-Wed) the moon will get as close as 356,907km (221,772 miles) to Earth, and will be the brightest full moon of 2020.

When to see it
According to experts you should be able to see the Supermoon all night. It will rise at 6.55pm (before sunset) and its fullest point is going to be at around 3.35am Wednesday morning and will set at around 7am.

Those around the coast will see higher tides over the next couple of days following the Supermoon.

Image: © April Supermoon from 2018 by Jamie Russell / Island Visions Photography

Tuesday, 7th April, 2020 8:39am



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So tonight you have to curtsey to the Moon, turn round 3 times whilst turning a silver coin between your fingers. Very olde custom.
Beware of werewolves if you go out tonight Moon watching.


What a shame it’s clouded over this afternoon. After weeks of sunshine, it’s sod’s law that we may not be able to see the biggest full moon of the year! But the light from the moon will make the night so bright you won’t need a torch to go out into your garden – or take your daily exercise at 3.35 am, if you so wish.


It was spectacular yesterday morning – not quite 3:35, but before dawn.
The afternoon before, it was bright enough to see in the blue sky (I didn’t look yesterday).

Mark L Francis

I saw it about 2am (nobody else around)and it was fantastic through a light cloud cover which it was bright enough to penetrate.

Wow! I did see it, despite the cloud cover. At 1 am I went out and it was so light. The full moon was playing ‘peekaboo’ through small gaps in the cloud. Even when the moon is covered over, the light still shines through and you can go for a country walk, away from street lights, without a torch. It’s especially lovely watching the moon over the… Read more »