Transit Of Venus: Overshadowed By Jubilee Celebrations?

Watch out for the Sun being eclipsed by Venus at sunrise next Wednesday morning. It’s the last time it’ll happen in our lifetime.

VB reader David Craddock has been in touch about an event happening next week that seems to have been overshadowed by the Jubilee celebrations.

Venus approaching the SunAs North Americans settle down to their evening meal on Tuesday evening next week, Venus will be passing directly between the Earth and the Sun.

David tells us, “These Venus eclipses (transits) are extremely rare astronomical phenomena and only six such events have occurred since the invention of the telescope.

“They occur in 243 year patterns with a pair of them eight years apart and the last transit of 2004 was visible for six hours.”

Someone tell the BBC
David is surprised that not more is being made of the phenomena.

He said, “On the BBC news today we have the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and NASA saying our universe will hit another in four billion years, but no mention at all that our Sun is to be eclipsed by Venus – right over the top of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee! Have the astronomers have forgotten to tell the BBC?”

According to the experts, here in the UK you can see the eclipse take place around sunrise on Wednesday 6th June.

David warns anyone planning to view the eclipse that eye protection is essential.

For those with an interest in astronomy, read more information about the Transit of Venus here or on the NASA site.

Image: NASA Goddard under CC BY 2.0

Friday, 1st June, 2012 9:53am



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Kimmi Piggott

What time is sunrise at the moment? #imamassivefanofthesnoozebutton


It’s a Diamond Jubilee, not Golden


Many thanks to David for bringing this to our attention, but surely he knows the difference between a universe and a galaxy?

I would speculate that, if we crash into another universe, all complex matter other than hydrogen will be annihilated as local spacetime collapses. The end of everything. Now that would be news!

steve s

But, of course, in models derived from string theory, multiple universes with values of fundamental constants largely unconstrained, almost anything is possible. :-s

Steephill Jack

But so much depends on the length of the string that you start with.


Another me was saying exactly that, just the other day to an evil other Steve S. All he said back was
“Ha ha ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. HA. HA. HA!”.

He is evil, after all.

(You weren’t really expecting a serious discussion on theoretical physics, were you, Steve?)

steve s



the bbc knows about it – i think there’s a special tv programme on the horizon, so to speak.

google for it, if interested.

front row on radio 4 ran a feature about creative transitions –

and if you want to pop down to leicester – you can get in the transit groove at the space center there.


and a story on bbc radio 4 tonight :