TV’s Nick Baker celebrates Isle of Wight’s UNESCO Biosphere status

TV presenter and Isle of Wight fan, Nick Baker, crossed the Solent for a cycle tour to visit his favourite spots and find out more about the Island’s exciting environmental initiatives

Nick Baker explores the IW by bicycle

In celebration of the Isle of Wight’s UNESCO Biosphere status, Wightlink invited wildlife-lover, TV presenter and Isle of Wight fan, Nick Baker, to cross the Solent and take travellers on a cycle tour to visit his favourite spots and find out more about its exciting environmental initiatives.

Wightlink has invested in the production of the video as part of its promotion of holidays on the Island.

Keith Greenfield, Wightlink Chief Executive.

“We were delighted to host Nick Baker on the Isle of Wight. His enthusiasm for the Island’s natural beauty shines through in this video and we’re pleased that Nick had such a terrific time.

“Cycling is one of the best ways to explore the Island’s country lanes and bikes go free on all of our ferries, so viewers can easily hop on and follow Nick’s trail.”

Included in the footage
In the video, Nick travels to the Island on Wightlink’s hybrid flagship Victoria of Wight and cycles along the coastal trail. He speaks to experts from the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust about plans to reintroduce beavers and Forestry England about the return of spectacular white-tailed eagles.

Nick also stays overnight in a cottage in Ventnor, visits the Needles, meets red squirrels and enjoys a meal at The George in Yarmouth.

Baker: Loved every minute of first post-lockdown getaway
Nick says,

“The Isle of Wight has always been a very special place to me and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Wightlink to highlight to visitors how easy and enjoyable it is to access the Island and to experience a break that’s quite unlike anywhere else in the UK.

“I’ve loved every minute of my first getaway post-lockdown and hope to inspire others to do the same.”     

News shared by Karen on behalf of Wightlink. Ed

Tuesday, 4th August, 2020 10:20am



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4 Comments on "TV’s Nick Baker celebrates Isle of Wight’s UNESCO Biosphere status"

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I wonder how drilling for oil or whatever sits with the biosphere status. Also the proposed four days of motorcycle racing; does that fit in with the biosphere status too? However,that aside, this is more the sort of thing the Island should be promoting, so well done to all involved.

Angela Hewitt

Nick Baker came to the Isle of Wight last year and opened our new wildlife education centre and pavilion Naturezones, Blackwater. He was great, mingled and got thoroughly involved in the day, pond dipping, looking under the microscope wit the children and chatting to everyone. Great to see him back.


What a great video- thanks Wightlink for bringing attention to the IOW’s UNESCO biosphere status, as well promoting cycling as a way to get around.

Lets hope that the Biosphere status and road safety is taken into consideration by the isle of wight council when they are considering applications for new housing developments, new traffic schemes, oil rigs and the TT race.

Mason Watch

I hope someone contacts UNESCO to explain why the Council inevitably allow the building on farmland at Ryde. This is a joke award otherwise. Time for a stand to be made against greed and the destruction of green land where there are numerous brown field sites. Quirk and his buddies will pay for their greed, it’s just a matter of when.