Did you see the UFO over Ryde last night? Here’s Chris’ detailed description

OnTheWight reader Chris is convinced he saw a UFO over Ryde last night and he’s described it in detail. Did you see it too?

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OnTheWight reader Chris Shaw was sitting out in his garden at around 2.30am this morning (Friday) when he spotted what he believes was an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) in the skies above.

Once Chris had recovered from the shock of seeing the UFO above Ryde, he shared his experience with us.

He explains,

“My god, just seen a UFO!

“I was in my south facing garden in Ryde having a smoke. I was looking over at the point at the top of Culver Cliff, at a light on top of the hill, far left of it, at around 2:30am.

“I started looking up at the stars ahead of me and then all of a sudden it looked like a festival spotlight was above my house. The light was in and above the clouds.

“The light was duller than a normal spotlight you would see and it had like a light outer rim. Didn’t look like it had any different colors, but it did it was going so fast I didn’t know what colours was happening.

“It had no beam behind it like a spotlight and it was directly above my house on a straight path as if it was moving slightly from left to right, as if it was pushing the force of air in front of it so much, it was flying in its own little pocket of frictionless air like a puck on an air hockey table with no sound.

“I think it left a pattern in the clouds and a white path, sort of like a light trail the size of the UFO, as if it was trying to catch back up with itself, or it was going that fast the light trace didn’t know what or where to go or do. Neither did the cloud or the disturbance in the air it just made, if that makes sense.”

What it looked like
He goes on to say,

“The light was so fast I saw it, then it was gone within a flash. It flew above my house towards Sandown. My hair and heart went on end.

“Was a round shape, black with a light rim, massive mothership size. It must of been doing Mac 10, 20, 50 or warp speed.

“I’m shocked.”

Still in shock
Chris says he’s seen other UFOs before, but this one was different.

He finished by saying,

“I’ve seen the star-sized UFOs on the Island. This was bigger than the moon and sun.

“My god, I heard a noise after it, but I didn’t know whether or not it was my imagination. It was on the same level as if like a fire-burning ripple sound, like a jet engine sound, but different, more stealth, like not echoish like a normal jet or plane, following after the UFO, upwards up into the atmosphere, off to space with a hell of a lot of force power speed, but no sound. As if on simmer, just slowly trying to catch up a few seconds after the light and I could hear it burning-up and chasing the craft, high up in the air.

“The noise to light speed distance I would say, would be if the sound was on the Island the craft would be off now gone, space, moon next galaxy.

“I swear on my baby’s life, I am gobbed-smacked. I’ve had a couple of shots of Whiskey
and I’m still shocked.”

Image: laurenprofeta under CC BY 2.0

Friday, 8th January, 2016 12:29pm


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Wingnut Charlie

I’d like some of whatever Chris was smoking :-)


This guy Should be admitted to the cracker factory!! “Just having a smoke” haha

Sarah marriott

I want what you’re smoking!

I'm Not From These Parts

Dash it! I missed that. Coincidentally, I was driving along in Ryde at around 2.30am this morning when one of my hub caps spun off into the air. It really went flying.

Nanoo Nanoo.

I remember tracking “UFOs” on radar decades ago. They also reached “warp speeds’ and suddenly disappeared off the plot (into outer space?) Problem was that apparently they echoes across the horizon picked up by the radar beam being reflected off a layer in the ionosphere. The leverage of the echo to receiver path made them appear to go so fast. But “There are more things in heaven… Read more »

Why was my comment removed it supports Chris’s claim. This is a ufo sighting in space at the same time. h


wingnut Charlie – are you suggesting this article has any connection to illegal drugs
the police do now have helicopters with heat seeking cameras to find illicit cannabis factories so – I am told – there is less of the drug around
police helicopters with lights? ufo’s? is there a connection?

One thing which I would like someone to explain. If aliens exist and they fly around earth, why are they so secretive? Why go to all the trouble of flying from their home base millions of miles away to earth to do nothing? Why not make contact by simply dropping on the M6 at 4.30pm on a Friday afternoon. I guarantee some Brummie would notice. I read… Read more »
Ive just driven back from sandown to newport road and both me and my partner just witnessed what we believe was a ufo. My partner even felt dazed by what he saw and confused. When I asked him what he’d just seen…he saw same as me. It appeared to be a long but triangular shape that was maroon in colour and had red lights but white dotted… Read more »